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Eyes on the Prize (ゴールをめざせ Goru o mezase?) is the 60th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Martial Arts Takeout Arc.


The race begins and Shampoo propose that if she can beat Ranma that he'll go on a date with her. Being the overconfident guy that he is Ranma accepts and watches as Shampoo eliminates almost all the other girls from the competition as she tries to destroy Ranma's bowl of ramen.

Plot Overview

The announcer declares that the "Miss Anything Goes Takeout" race is about to begin. They then the competitors to get on their marks and then starts the race. From the start Shampoo and Ranma quickly head to the front of the pack. As the two of them run side-by-side, Shampoo tells Ranma that they should make a bet. Shampoo puts the terms as if she wins, then Ranma will have to go on a date with her as the only ones with a chance of winning are them.

Shampoo asks Ranma if she's willing to make a bet with her.

Just then Akane appears (using a Skateboard to keep up with the two of them) and reminds Shampoo that she's in this race too. Akane then says that she's going to win the race as well. This causes Shampoo to that note that there are no rules, so she can attack the competitors. She then launches an attack at Akane using only her index finger, but Akane manages to narrowly avoid it. Shampoo's finger then contacts another competitors delivery and manages to destroy the food inside it's carrying case.

Ranma and Akane are confused at just how Shampoo managed to achieve this feat. Suddenly the old ghoul appears and says that it's her own patented "Box-Blower Blow". She then tells Ranma that when it comes to Martial Arts Takeout, not even he can defeat Shampoo. Ranma retorts by telling the ghoul that talk is cheap and she didn't want a win that was too easy.

Shampoo then asks Ranma if this means he agrees to their bet, to which Ranma says she agrees so long as Shampoo beats her. Without a second thought, Shampoo tries to destroy Ranma's delivery, but Ranma is too quick. Shampoo launches even more attacks on Ranma, but misses repeatably but destroying the other competitors deliveries. Akane (now the only person with an undamaged delivery, along with Shampoo and Ranma) looks on as Ranma and Shampoo run ahead, she then thinks about how Ranma is such a sucker of these sorts of things.

Meanwhile, at the Kuno Estate, Kuno is still waiting for his either Akane or the pigtailed girl. He then thinks about how he can't live without either of them, but still must choose the winner. As Kuno begs forgiveness from Akane and the pigtailed girl, his phone rings. Kuno answers it and is told that his home was chosen as the destination for the Martial Arts Takeout race. Unfortunately, Kuno is too self indulged to be thinking about other subjects, so shouts at the caller telling them they are not who he'll pledge his love. This obviously leaves the caller very confused.

Shampoo is still cashing after Ranma, crossing several rooftops. Eventually Shampoo shouts to Ranma if he really doesn't want to date her this much. Ranma just tells Shampoo not to be stupid as all she has to do is make him spill his bowl of Ramen. With the both of them now stationary on a large rooftop, Shampoo launches more attacks at Ranma's delivery. She finally manages to make contact, but Ranma sneakily took out the Ramen so Shampoo's technique wouldn't work.

Shampoo pretends to cry so she can get a better chance of knocking Ranma out of the competition.

After all her waisted effort, Shampoo looks up at Ranma and asks her if she really hates her that much. Shampoo continues by crying a flood of tears. Panicking, Ranma tries to comfort Shampoo, telling her she doesn't need to cry. However, this was just a ploy as Shampoo tries to hit Ranma's delivery yet again.

Unfortunately for Shampoo, Ranma narrowly avoids her attack yet again. However, this time Shampoo makes contact with the water tank behind Ranma. The tank then explodes and covers both Ranma and Shampoo in cold water.

With Shampoo now as a cat and firmly attached to her face, Ranma's ailurophobia quickly sets in and she runs around screaming. Ranma ends up jumping off a rooftop, which Akane fortunately happens to be nearby. Akane manages to grab Ranma and take Shampoo off his face. She then throws Shampoo into the air before slapping Ranma a couple of times. Lastly, Akane asks Ranma if she's okay, but Ranma doesn't answer as she's just remembered about her Ramen.

Akane takes Shampoo off Ranma before slapping Ranma to return her to normal.

As Ranma goes after her falling Ramen, Akane protests about her saving Ranma only for her to use it for an easy victory. Ranma manages to rescue her Ramen and begins to fall to Kuno's house, as Akane rapidly Skateboards towards it at the same time.

Akane slams the door open and declares she has a food delivery. However, Akane soon notices that the recipient is Kuno and that Ranma and Shampoo (back in her human form) have arrived at the same time. The announcer appears as well and declares it to be a three-way tie. The old ghoul notes that this is when the "Martial" part really begins, as Genma (in his panda form) holds up a sign saying "To be continued!".

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