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Fast Break (爆砕勝負 Bakusai shoubu?) is the 55th chapter of the manga it is also the fifth and final chapter of the Breaking Point Arc.


Ranma uses the Saotome Secret Technique, which is to run away and think about what to do. Ranma uses the recoil from a tree limb coupled with his Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken to finally inflict some damage.

Plot Overview

Ranma uses his Secret Technique... to run away from Ryoga...

Akane, the old ghoul and Ryoga all wonder what Ranma's "Saotome Secret Technique" could be. They don't have to wait long, as Ranma avoids Ryoga's attack quickly followed by facing away from Ryoga. Ranma then yells "Fast Break" and runs off. Leaving everyone confused, except for Genma who has an impressed expression from Ranma's use of the technique. Ryoga, however, soon becomes angered by Ranma fleeing so chases after him.

As Ranma runs through the trees in the nearby woodland, he thinks about Genma's description of the technique and how it "is founded upon the tenets of "Motion", "Contemplation" and "Opposition"". When Akane learns of this description, she says to Genma that basically the technique is running away to buy yourself some time to think about how to fight your enemy. Genma, in response, holds up a sign saying "Bingo!". This causes Akane to angrily ask Genma what short of technique it that, to which Genma retorts with a say signing "it's harder than it looks!".

Back with Ryoga and he's in the woods looking for Ranma, noting that running into here won't make any difference. Just then Ranma shouts to Ryoga that just because he's gotten a little tougher, it doesn't make him invincible. Akane, Genma and the ghoul watch as Ranma uses the recoil from the branches he's standing on to increase his speed as he punches Ryoga.

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have an effect on Ryoga, who punches Ranma away telling him that his punch just tickles. However, after he does so, Ryoga notices that it does hurt more than Ranma's previous hits. Ranma quickly picks himself up and smiles at the fact his punch tickled Ryoga (which is more than his previous attacks have done). The ghoul, meanwhile, comments that the recoil from a branch shouldn't do that.

Akane notices that Ranma is actually hitting the same spot repeatedly in quick succession.

Angered, Ryoga tries to hit Ranma again, but Ranma launches another punch, only this time without using any branches to pick up speed. As Akane watches, she realises that Ranma is actually hitting one spot hundreds of times, but is doing it so quickly it just looks like a single punch. The ghoul then notes that it seems like the speed training she gave Ranma is paying off for him now. At this moment, Ranma launches his final punch on Ryoga and knocks back into some trees. Ranma pants and wonders if he's won.

The ghoul spurts out that the longer this fight goes on for, the more likely Ranma is to lose. This confuses Akane, since Ranma seems to have already won. Just then, Ryoga gets back up. As he rubs his chin, Ryoga tells Ranma that he at least made the fight worthwhile. Ranma is shocked that Ryoga is still standing, and describes as a monster.

Ranma uses the last of his strength to finally defeat Ryoga.

Ryoga runs towards Ranma again, causing Ranma to stop him with another flurry of punches. As Ryoga goes back, he tells Ranma that he seems to be breathing a little heavily, he then goes on to launch another attack on Ranma. As Ranma desperately tries to dodge Ryoga, he decides he's only got one good round of punches left in him; so he'd better make it count.

Just then Ranma falls onto the floor, which Ryoga takes advantage of by trying to use his Bakusai Tenketsu on Ranma. Ranma, however, moves his head a few inches from Ryoga before he makes contact, instead destroying the ground beneath them. Using the elevation caused by the explosion, Ranma launches his final batch of punches on Ryoga's chest and manages to render him unconscious.

Ranma is glad he finally managed to defeat Ryoga, but doesn't have long to celebrate as he notices that Ryoga's Bakusai Tenketsu created a large hole and the pair fall off the cliff which they were on. The ghoul and Akane look on as the pair fall.

Luckily, Ranma and Ryoga landed in a river, allowing Ranma to take the two of them to shore downstream. As Ranma lies extremely tired on the bank, she asks the still unconscious Ryoga (now in his P-chan form obviously) why did he have to be so much trouble. Just then the ghoul appears and comments on her disappointment that Ryoga was unable to win and take Akane.

Ryoga gracious accepts defeat and leaves again, although P-chan has returned to Akane.

Seeing the ghoul, Ranma angrily questions her why he taught Ryoga that dangerous technique. In response, the ghoul pokes Ranma's forehead and asks if she means that "Bakusai Tenketsu". The ghoul continues by explaining that the technique was developed for the construction industry, so only works on rocks. Unfortunately Ranma isn't listening as she's in shock from being touched by the technique which she believed could destroy her. P-chan, meanwhile, has regained consciousness and snorts angrily at the old ghoul.

Ryoga leaves Ranma by telling him that he accepts his defeat graciously this time. Ryoga also tells Ranma to say goodbye to Akane for him. Back in Furinkan, Ranma annoyingly asks P-chan if he wasn't meant to be going somewhere. Akane, however, tells Ranma to stop it as P-chan has just come home.

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