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Fathers Know Best (親父の逆襲 Oyaji no gyakushu?) is the 69th chapter of the manga it is also the seventh and final chapter of the Happosai Intro Arc.


Ranma has a tough time dealing with Happosai since the Woman Repellant is now suffocating him. Soun and Genma decide that they have finally seen enough and are going to have to bring Happosai to justice.

Plot Overview

Happosai attempts to get the bra onto Ranma, but she pulls out Happosai's photograph collection as a distraction.

Happosai tells Ranma that she's a fool for falling for her own ploy like this. Ranma, with streaming from her eyes, tells Happosai that the effect of the Woman Repellent only lasts for a couple of hours and will be gone soon enough. This prompts Happosai to take out a camera along with a bra and jumps towards Ranma while saying that he'll make sure to take a picture of her in the bra before that happens.

As Happosai lunges towards Ranma, she reaches into her shirt and throws out a large collection of photographs (all containing teenage girls getting dressed), which Happosai instantly recognises as being part of his collection. This gives Ranma an opening to kick Happosai, but having Happosai so close causes the smell of the Woman Repellent to become almost completely unbearable. Desperate to stop the smell, Ranma begins trying to tear off the patch which Akane sowed on but can't remove it. Ranma then asks herself how something that looks like it was sown on by a third-grader be so difficult to pull off.

At that moment, Akane appears (wearing an oxygen mask) hits Ranma over the head with a kettle and tells Ranma that next time the "third-grader" won't help at all. Akane then thinks about not helping Ranma now either, but Ranma tells Akane to look at the picture she's holding which turns out to be one of Akane changing in the school locker room. Angered at the sight of this picture, Akane slaps Ranma causing Ranma to explain that the picture was part of Happosai's collection.

Akane then turns her attention to Happosai, but he's nowhere to be seen. Not wanting to waste any time, Akane attempts to turn Ranma back into his male form, but when she tries to poor the water over Ranma none comes out. Happosai then suddenly bursts out his of the kettle, having drunk all the water that was inside. Ranma, however, quickly puts the lid over Happosai and seals it with tape. Happosai initially believes he can get out just as easily that he got in, but the water he drank has made him bloated so he can't get out. Ranma then picks up the kettle by it's handle and kicks both it and Happosai into the sky.

Soun and Genma ready to fight Happosai.

Elsewhere, Soun (who's donned Samurai armour) and Genma (now in his panda form) are walking the streets of Furinkan, surrounded by a dark aura and filled with determination to finally stop Happosai. As the pair talk to each other, Nabiki is walking past with some of her friends. One of them asks her if it's her father in the armour, but Nabiki calmly denies that she knows either of them.

Just then Happosai lands atop of Soun's head. This causes Genma to try and hit the old lecher, but Happosai dodges and so Genma hits Soun instead. Ranma (back in his male form) then quickly appears with Akane in tandem and manages to land a kick to Happosai. This angers Happosai who tells Ranma that he'll pay for that, to which Ranma replies by telling Happosai to come and get him since he's not a teddy bear like his father.

Unfortunately, Happosai is still trapped inside the kettle and falls over, thus is left unable to get back up. After Ranma shouts in anger at this sight, Soun tells him not to go easy on Happosai as for an evil spirit such as his there can be no mercy! Soun and Genma then begin attacking the kettle, until it's a silent, dented mess. There isn't much time for celebrating however, as Happosai then begins laughing from inside the kettle as it begins to crack.

As Akane hides behind Ranma from the sheer power of Happosai's aura, Ranma notes just how powerful it is. When Happosai turns his attention directly towards Ranma, Soun steps in and protects both Ranma and Akane, however, the power of Happosai's aura is too much for Soun who ends up collapsing shortly afterwards. Soun tells Akane to forgive her pitiful father, but both Akane and Ranma note how brave Soun was for protecting them. Soun then reveals that he only protected them as his armour was too heavy for him to run away, at this revelation Akane pouts and tells Soun that he's really pitiful.

Genma projects his own battle aura against Happosai's.

Happosai, still projecting his aura, begins to laugh menacingly this causes Ranma to fight him, but Genma throws Ranma aside while holding a sign saying that he has his pride. Genma then proceeds to project his own battle aura against Happosai's, much to the shock of Ranma, Akane and several dozen locals who flee in fear. Ranma and Akane look on as the two giant auras stare off at each other, until suddenly they both decimate back into Genma and Happosai. Genma, now lying on the ground, holds up a sign telling Ranma that he's leaving it to him this causes Ranma to angrily ask Genma why he made his aura that big if he couldn't do anything with it. Ranma and Akane then notice that Happosai is also lying on the ground with no more strength, causing Akane to note that they both must've used up all of their battle auras.

Some time later back at the Tendo Dojo and Kasumi asks Nabiki what happened to Soun and Genma since they both went straight to bed when they got back, to which Nabiki unconvincingly replies that she has no idea. Happosai, meanwhile is watching the news which is featuring footage of his and Genma's battle auras from earlier while Ranma asks Happosai if he's going to watch that tape all night.

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  • The English title for this chapter may be a pun on the 1950's American comedy show, "Father Knows Best".


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