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Formula #911 (ブレンドナンバー119 Burendo nanba 119?) is the 35th chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Shampoo Intro Arc.


Ranma and Akane return home and tell the Tendo's the news. After Shampoo shows up, Akane immediately attacks Ranma when Shampoo hugs him, even though she can't remember who he is. Shampoo realizes she didn't completely erase Akane's memory and tries to use her technique again, but this time Ranma manages to get the shampoo away from her.

Plot Overview

Akane walks into the Tendo Dojo and is quickly greeted by Kasumi and Nabiki, who have learned of Akane's amnesia. Nabiki asks Akane is she's really forgotten about Ranma, to which Akane asks "Who's Ranma?", leaving Kasumi silent while Nabiki thinks about where they're going to start.

Nabiki then tells Akane that it's the boy behind her, Akane looks around and is shocked at the sight of Ranma and demands he tell her why he's at her house. Ranma then tells Akane that he's been staying here. This reenforces to Kasumi and Nabiki that Akane has truly forgotten about Ranma.

Soun appears and says its alright so long as his little girl hasn't forgotten about him. Akane, however, smiles at Soun and asks him who he is. This sends Soun into a flood of tears, causing Akane to go and comfort him, explaining that it was only a joke. The sight of this, causes Nabiki to comment that Akane doesn't seem to be taking her amnesia very seriously.

Ranma gets fooled by Shampoo wearing fake Panda arms.

Returning to Ranma and he begins wondering where Shampoo could've run off to. Just then, a large set of panda hands cover over Ranma's eyes along with a sign saying "guess who?". Ranma quickly believes this to be his father so punches the arms and tells him to cut it out.

However, it turns out to be Shampoo wearing a pair of fake panda arms (which amuses the real Genma who's stood behind Shampoo). Angered, Ranma launches himself at Shampoo, but she begins to hug Ranma tightly and calls him "little darling". Oddly, Akane then attacks Ranma, which angers Shampoo who shouts at Akane, asking her what she thinks she's doing.

Akane looks at Ranma and asks him who is again, to which Ranma replies that this is getting old. Akane then thinks to herself about it's odd about what came over her, as when she saw that girl (Shampoo) hug this strange boy (Ranma) she became furious. At this sight, Kasumi and Nabiki decide it must be Akane's conditioned reflex, showing that deep down she still remembers Ranma.

Shampoo tries to use the Xi Fa Xiang Gao again, but is stopped by Ranma.

This statement by Kasumi and Nabiki worries Shampoo who decides that mustn't have killed all of Akane's memories for Ranma. Shampoo proceeds to try and use the Xi Fa Xiang Gao again, but Ranma manages to grab her wrist and stop her before she can start.

Ranma then takes Akane with him to the bathroom, declaring that he has to shampoo (leaving an annoyed Shampoo behind). Once in the bathroom, Ranma puts the shampoo on Akane's hair over the sink and begins to try and use it. However, Akane just gets angry at Ranma and hits him.

Suddenly, Dr. Tofu enters the bathroom and tells Ranma that it won't work with that shampoo. Dr. Tofu continues by telling Ranma to look at the formula number on the bottle, which Ranma notes is "411". Dr. Tofu tells Ranma that in order to restore Akane's memories he'll need formula "911" (Shampoo sneaks in behind Dr. Tofu and looks on in disgust at the revelation of this information). Luckily for Ranma, Dr. Tofu has gotten a book which has directions for making the shampoo.

Just then a delighted Kasumi enters the bathroom and asks Dr. Tofu if this means he can cure Akane. The sight of Kasumi causes Dr. Tofu to begin to act in his usual odd way around her, this time causing him to rip up the instructions for mixing formula "911" shampoo (much to Ranma's horror).

Some time passes and Ranma is found by Nabiki and Kasumi who ask him why he's packing a bag and what for. Ranma explains that he's going to a drugstore in China so he buy some formula #911 shampoo. Suddenly everyone but Akane asks Ranma to bring them certain items from China. Akane meanwhile stands back and wonders why the young man is going through so much trouble.

Ranma turns to Akane and tells her just to wait as he'll make sure she remembers. This statement overcome Genma and Soun with emotion and both hit Ranma noting how happy they are to hear that. As Ranma leaves Akane thinks to herself about much she wishes she could remember who this boy is.

Shampoo puts the shampoo in her cleavage to try and stop Ranma getting it.

In the streets of Furinkan, after getting attacked by a dog, Ranma wonders how he's going to get to China for free. He soon decides that the only way must be by swimming like he did last time, which won't be easy.

Suddenly, some shampoo appears before Ranma's eyes, being held by Shampoo who's hanging from a tree branch. After getting over the shock of seeing the 911 formula shampoo, Ranma tries to get the shampoo off Shampoo and a chase quickly ensues.

However, Ranma soon gets in front of Shampoo and stops her. In an attempt to stop Ranma from getting the shampoo, Shampoo pushes the bottle in-between her cleavage and tells Ranma to come and get it. Unfortunately for Shampoo her plan doesn't work as Ranma pulls her closer to him and says he'll gladly do it as he's quite familiar with the female body.

Shampoo tells Ranma to kill the female Ranma.

Ranma is foiled however, when Shampoo screams at the top of her voice, causing Ranma to panic and say he's sorry a few times over. Seeing no other option, Ranma tells Shampoo to give him the shampoo and in return he'll do whatever she wants him to; so long as it isn't to marry her or kill Akane. Shampoo thinks and, with an evil glint in her eye, points at Ranma and tells him to kill female Ranma!

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  • In the Japanese version the shampoo that Ranma is looking for is formula 110 instead of 411. In Japan the emergency number is 110, so it made sense to change it to 411, the American phone number for information.
    • The shampoo needed to restore Akane's memory is 119 in the Japanese version (number for ambulances and fire fighters), and 911 in the English version, which is the American phone number for emergencies.
  • While struggling to recall who Ranma is, Akane suggests he is Rama (a famous Hindu character often depicted in wall art) and then ramen (a dish comprised of noodles and broth). This gag is considerably expanded upon in the anime version.


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