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From the Spring, Springs a Message (和風男溺泉からのお知らせ Wafu Nanniichuan kara no o shirase?) is the 80th chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Japanese Nanniichuan Arc.


Ranma gets Happosai to dress up like a frog and scatter around rubber bugs and insects so they can sneak in once again. Ranma dress like a girl and manages to trick Ryoga who is standing guard inside the locker room.

Plot Overview

The girls have donned armour and other such outfits so that they're prepared for whatever might be thrown at them. Meanwhile, Ranma is looking on from a top a tree with Happosai. With a look of determination, Ranma tells Akane that no matter what he's got to do, he's going to get back into the Locker Room. Happosai, with tears in his eyes, tells Ranma that he's so proud of him wanting to do so much for silk underwear. Ranma hits Happosai and tells him that he still doesn't get it.

Ranma uses a number of toys so he can get past the female students.

Ranma then proceeds to dress Happosai in a frog costume while noting that the best way to deal with girls in a fight is to get totally repulsive. Continuing, Ranma throws several snakes and frogs among other similar creatures down upon the girls. However, while the other girls screen and run around senselessly, Akane quickly realises that the creatures are all just rubber toys. Ranma (now in his female form) then appears, throwing more toy snakes etc over the other girls.

Akane soon spots Ranma and attacks her, however, Ranma uses the disguised Happosai as a distraction. By the time Akane kicks the lecherous Happosai into the air, Ranma is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, inside the Locker Room, Ryoga is sat on guard. He suddenly hears a noise at the door, so throws the seat he's sat on at it. Initially, Ranma (who's disguised herself with a female Furinkan High uniform and a pair of glasses) believes that Ryoga saw through her disguise, but soon learns otherwise as Ryoga rushes over to her and apologises as he believed her to be Ranma.

After a brief moment of silence, Ranma grabs onto Ryoga (pretending to want Ryoga to hold her). This confuses and excites Ryoga and tries to get the girl to see his view point as they've only just met, but Ranma asks Ryoga if he doesn't like her because she wears glasses. Not wanting to hurt the girl's feelings, Ryoga tries to explain that he alright has someone. While Ryoga struggles to explain himself, Ranma attempts to render Ryoga unconscious using the same pressure point that Happosai used earlier, however Akane appears with a boiled Tetsubin and throws the hot water over the pair.

Ryoga immediately begins to protest his innocence in the situation, but is stepped on by the now male Ranma who tells Akane to just stay out of things for once. Akane melodramatically asks Ranma how far he'll sink for his obsession for underwear. Ranma hears this and tries to explains he's not interested in the underwear but as soon as he says "I want..." (referring to the Nannīchuan spring) Akane gives him a large pile of underwear and tells him to just take it.

Ranma finally explains to Akane why he's trying to get into the Locker Room.

Ranma continues to try and explain himself to Akane, but Akane tells Ranma to try and find help before turning and noting to herself that she used to think that only Ranma's body was sick and twisted before running off in tears. Ranma shouts to Akane that he's only here for the Nannīchuan spring. Akane stops and asks Ranma he's sure there's a "Spring of Drowned Man" beneath the Locker Room, to which Ranma tells Akane to look at his eyes look like they're lying. However, Akane doesn't buy the story and punches Ranma while telling him he could come up with a better story.

As Ranma flies across the room, he ends up being hit by Ryoga who tells Ranma that he did quite the performance before. Ryoga continues by saying that it was very touching especially as he's never gone out with a girl before, let alone be told that one likes him once in his life. A crowd of girls gather as Ranma asks Ryoga what he's getting at. Ryoga asks Ranma why he did it, which Ranma immediately replies that it was for the Nannīchuan. This angers Ryoga greatly who begins to attack Ranma while commenting on how Ranma would drive a knife into his heart just for that. Whilst avoiding Ryoga's punches, Ranma tells him to give him a break as he's the one who brought the Nannīchuan map in the first place!

Akane sees what she believes to be the Japanese Nannīchuan, but it's just a burst water main.

Akane hears this and asks Ryoga if it's true, followed by asking him why he would need to the Nannīchuan. Ryoga takes this as Akane finally figuring out he's her P-chan, but Akane exclaims that Ryoga must've bought the map for Ranma and notes how selfless Ryoga must be. Ranma then goes to Ryoga and tells him that it's a good thing for him that Akane's as thick as a brick. Ranma then calls Ryoga "P-chan", which angers Ryoga greatly so he begins to attack Ranma again.

Shortly after avoiding Ryoga's punch, Ranma grabs his arm and tells him he's hitting the wrong spot. Ranma then turns Ryoga's arm so that he punches the ground instead. A loud sound then comes from beneath the floor and Ranma and Ryoga are then shot out of the Locker Room by a large upward thrust of water, while Akane looks on in shock at the Nannīchuan spring being here all along.

In the tree outside, Ranma and Ryoga (both in their cursed forms) have landed on a branch. Ranma then angrily asks P-chan if he was sure that was the map to the Japanese Nannīchuan, which P-chan shakes his head in agreement that it was. Ranma then begins hitting P-chan demanding to answer why they aren't back to normal. Just then a pot flies out and hits Ranma, after inspecting it Ranma finds a note inside. Ranma reads the note which says:

Thank you for your continued patronage. Unfortunately, the Japanese Nannīchuan has closed. Please visit the original Nannīchuan at Jusenkyo in mainland China.

After reading the note, Ranma asks herself "what is this... a Bathhouse?!". Back at the Locker Room, a person asks who broke the water main, while another person declares that it was Ranma. Later on at the Tendo Dojo, Akane notices that P-chan looks sad and asks him what the matter is, while Ranma looks on and notes that she's starting to think that P-chan likes things this way. Kasumi meanwhile asks Happosai where he got all his female underwear from, which Happosai (still dressed as a frog) simply says that he found it.

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