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The front of the high school.

Furinkan High School is a co-ed high school in Furinkan that is attended by Akane Tendo, Ranma Saotome, Tatewaki Kuno, and Nabiki Tendo. The school is one of the most commonly seen locations in the series. It is run by Principal Kuno and Hinako Ninomiya teaches English here.

Shortly after arriving in Furinkan, Ranma was enrolled here. On his first day he managed to earn both the rivalry of Tatewaki Kuno in his male form and conversely his love in his female form. Akane used to have to fight a horde of male students who were pursuing her every morning until they recognized her engagement to Ranma and gave up on her. Ukyo Kuonji later became a student here after arriving in Furinkan. Other characters seeking Ranma such as Ryoga Hibiki and Shampoo tend to drop by Furinkan during the day because he can be found here. The school is also a favorite target of Happosai for his underwear raids.

Dress code

Furinkan's dress code consists of a white shirt that comes in both short and long sleeved versions for the girls, which is paired with a light colored dress (aquamarine in the anime) over which they wear a matching open jacket during the colder months. The boys wear the gakuran, which consists of a dark, long sleeved short collared jacket and matching pants with a white collared shirt. Similar to the girls, they do not wear the jacket during the warmer times of the year. Regardless, the dress code is either not enforced or voluntary as three of the characters do not adhere to it. Ranma wears his Chinese outfit and has never worn the uniform. Although shown wearing the uniform briefly in the manga,[1] Kuno typically wears his uwagi and hakama instead. Ukyo wears the gakuran from her former school, which is a medium color.


The school's main building features a central clock tower and is where classes are held. The following athletic facilities are located outside:

Furinkan Akane Tendo.jpg
Akane Tendo Furinkan.jpg

*Gym: In the manga, this was where Hikaru Gosunkugi lured Ranma and Akane into a trap after he had gathered a horde of cats and a tiger in the gym's basement. It is also where Ranma defeated Hinako.

  • Library: A seldom seen location, was one of the multiple locations Gosunkugi attempted to place a Paper Doll on Akane.[2]
  • Outdoor basketball court: This was where Ranma fought Hinako in the OVA episode Stormy Weather Comes to School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako.
  • Soccer Field: The location of many of Ranma's outdoor battles while he has to fight someone during School time.
  • Swimming pool: Located beneath the classrooms, both Ranma and Kuno have fallen into the pool. Shampoo jumped into the pool in her cat form when Ranma was stuck in his cursed form thanks to the Full Body Cat's Tongue to get his attention. Akane also had two unsuccessful swimming lessons here, the first taught by Principal Kuno and the second by Hinako (the latter only occurs in the manga).
  • There is also a small hut which is home to the Kendo Club, and the most likely place to find Tatewaki Kuno outside of classes.


Name Year
Akane Tendo First
Daisuke First
Hikaru Gosunkugi First
Hiroshi First
Nabiki Tendo Second
Ranma Saotome First
Sayuri First
Tatewaki Kuno Second
Ukyo Kuonji First
Yuka First


Two homerooms appear during the course of the series. Ranma, Akane, Ukyo, and the other named first year students attend homeroom 1-F. Kuno and Nabiki attend homeroom 2-E.