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Get Lost, Yoiko! (迷子の良い子 Maigo no Yoiko?) is the 105th chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Ryoga Goes Home Arc.


Ryoga, Akane and Yoiko all sit around playing cards, but Ranma soon gets bored out of her mind. Akane starts to suspect that Yoiko is actually Ranma, and tries to spill some hot water on her, but Ryoga shoves her out of the way. Ranma has had enough of dealing with Ryoga and tries to go for a walk, but Ryoga freaks out and knows that any relative of his might get lost.

Plot Overview

Ranma begins to tire of pretending to be Ryoga's sister.

Ryoga, Akane and Yoiko are sat around in Ryoga's home playing Old maid, but despite continuing to play the "little sister" act, Ranma begins to tire of it and wonders why she ever decided to disguise herself as Ryoga's sister. Ryoga then suddenly asks Yoiko is she's having fun, to which she replies "like fun she's having fun".

After an awkward silence falls across the room, Yoiko panics and asks Ryoga what's the matter. Ryoga how unladylike what she just did was and subsequently begins spanking her as punishment. Ryoga then laughs and says that he guesses a big brother has to be strict sometimes. While Ranma begins to curse Ryoga, Akane thinks to herself that this is way too stupid and Yoiko has to be Ranma in disguise. Akane decides to test this theory and tells the others that she's going to make them some tea.

Once Akane's boiled the kettle, she heads back to Ryoga's room so she can pour the water over Yoiko and see if she really is Ranma. When she enters the room, Akane pretends to trip and lose her grip on the kettle as it flies towards Yoiko. However, intervenes and pushes Yoiko out of the way so that the water only lands on him. As Akane apologises to Ryoga, Yoiko angrily thanks her brother for his help.

By this point, Ranma decides that her body can't take anymore of this, so attempts to leave through the window. However, Ryoga spots her and asks her where she's going. Yoiko tells Ryoga that she's going out for a walk, but Ryoga refuses to let her go alone since her sense of direction must be as bad as his.

The group then go out for a walk together with Shirokuro. Ryoga tells Yoiko to make sure she holds on tight to her brother's hand, however, Yoiko has disappeared and replaced herself with a Dogū. Ryoga quickly panics and looks desperately for his sister, but Ranma has hidden herself from Ryoga's sight. Unfortunately for Ranma, she notices the cat behind her and her Ailurophobia soon sets in, causing Ranma to run away from the cat as fast as possible.

Ranma hides from Ryoga who's desperately searching for her.

Ryoga hears Yoiko's screaming and sees her running along a nearby fence. Ryoga calls to Yoiko, but she doesn't respond, causing Ryoga to decide that she didn't hear him. He then proceeds to throw increasing large objects at Yoiko, until she ultimately ends up buried underneath a pile of bricks. After examining the rubble, Ryoga can't find any trace of Yoiko and desperately continues his search for her. Luckily for Ranma, she hid inside a nearby stone ornament, which Ryoga did punch but didn't notice her inside.

Some time later, Ranma starts to limp home when she notices one Shirokuro's puppies on the ground. Ranma picks up the puppy and decides it must be lost, she then wonders what she's going to do now. Meanwhile, Akane is busy trying to comfort Ryoga by telling him that Yoiko is probably waiting for them back home right now. Ryoga, however, isn't convinced as given their family's wretched sense of direction it could be years before they see each other again. Seeing the pure sadness Ryoga is suffering, Akane dispels any thought that Yoiko was just Ranma in disguise.

Ryoga is delighted that Yoiko has returned.

At that moment, Shirokuro notices something and runs towards what turns out to be Yoiko with the lost puppy. Ryoga is overjoyed to see his sister again and Akane begins to wipe away her tears of happiness at Ryoga being reunited with his sister.

Towards the end of the day, Akane tells Ryoga and Yoiko that she'll be going home now. When Yoiko questions Akane about this, Akane explains she doesn't want to intrude on her and Ryoga anymore. Yoiko, however, begs Akane not to leave. Ryoga tells Yoiko to be a good girl, he then places a pair of Handcuffs in their wrists so that they don't need to worry about ever getting separated from each other ever again.

Ranma reveals her true identity to Ryoga.

Desperate to be rid of Ryoga, Ranma nearly reveals that she isn't Ryoga's sister, however, before she can finish, the phone rings. Ryoga rushes to answer it (draggin Yoiko along with him) and his father turns out to be on the other end. As the conversation progresses, Ryoga tells his father that he's fine and so is Yoiko. Obviously, Ryoga's father has never heard about Yoiko and Ryoga tells Yoiko that even dad didn't know he (Ryoga) had a sister. Ranma decides enough is enough and removes the fake fangs she put in her mouth. Finally seeing through Ranma's disguise, Ryoga crushes the phone in anger.

When Akane and Ranma return to the Tendo Dojo, Akane sarcastically asks "Yoiko" if she shouldn't be at home with her brother. Ranma (who's obviously been hit several times by the infuriated Ryoga) just replies by saying that she's calling the police about all the "sibling abuse" she's suffered.

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