Get Ready for Swim Class! (激突!! 水泳教室 Gekitotsu!! suiei kyoshitsu?) is the 329th chapter of the manga. It is also the first and only chapter of the Akane's Swimming Lesson - Hinako Arc.

Ms. Ninomiya attempts to teach Akane how to swim, despite not being a swimmer herself.

Plot Overview

On one Boring Day

Another day in Ms. Hinako's English class and Akane has fallen asleep. Ranma explains that it's because she was too tired last night because gym class is swimming today and Akane is a very poor swimmer. She dreams of being a fantastic swimmer until Ranma starts whispering that she's drowning, causing her to drown in the dream as well and wake up. Hinako decides she will be the one to teach her how to swim and Akane gratefully accepts.


Ms. Hinako challenges Akane to a race.

As they prepare, Ranma starts doubting whether Hinako is a good swimmer. Her lazy self starts lounging about before they even begin and Ranma asks if she can even swim. Hinako confidently responds that she used to be known as Waterwheel Hinako then jumps into the pool. Instead of swimming, she spins around in place and nearly drowns before being saved by Ranma. After regaining consciousness, she challenges Akane to a race, who realized that trusting Hinako might have been a mistake.

The Race

While they both get a lifesaver to prepare for the race, Hinako uses the ring to suck Ranma's energy and becomes an adult. She then jumps in ahead of Akane and immediately starts drowning. The male students are delighted at the chance to rescue their teacher, but just as they jump in Hinako uses Happo-Coin Return technique, propelling her to the across the pool and into the wall. Akane sees this and get the idea to use her kicking power, but when she attempts this her foot gets stuck in the wall and she is rescued by Ranma yet again.

Hinako regains her consciousness and tells Akane that she has another technique. Akane becomes frustrated and wishes that she could just stay afloat, then discovers that she was suppose to hold in her breath when she's in the pool. It turns out Akane had been breathing in water whenever she was in the pool, causing her to drown almost immediately. Suddenly Akane realizes how simple everything is and becomes optimistic about winning the race. Hinako, meanwhile, absorbed the male students' strength to regain her adult body. She uses Happo-Coin Return to launch herself in the air while Akane, now with a breath full of air, jumps in. Then she strongly exhales the air back out and manages to stay afloat for the very first time, and as she's celebrating Hinako returns from the air and hits Ranma in the head, knocking them both out. Soon after, Akane begins drowning yet again.


Pool is destroyed as Akane swims in the shallow water.

When the day is nearly ending, the pool was in complete shambles. Almost all the water had been drained from the beating that it took from ki blasts and people smashing into it. Hinako is running around with the tube trying to absorb the last of students' energy. Akane, excited that she was finally swimming, was too busy "swimming" in a nearly empty pool to grasp the situation.

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  • This is the second and last time Akane attempts to learn how to swim.
  • Hinako is also revealed as not being a good swimmer.
  • This chapter reveals why Akane is a bad swimmer. She does not hold her breath and didn't know that she was suppose to kick while swimming.


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