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Get That Compact!! (コンパクトを奪え!! Konpakuto o ubae!!?) is the 369th chapter of the manga. It is also the third chapter of the Cursed Mirror Arc.


Everyone attempts to retrieve the Magic compact from Mirror Ranma.

Plot Overview

The Tendo household decides that the best way to lure Mirror Ranma is to tie Ranma up on a tree as a bait. Their plan is to capture her as she comes after him. But before she arrives, Kasumi calls everyone in for dinner, leaving Ranma alone on the tree. Kasumi places his dinner under him, but leaves after doing so. Ranma is unable to reach his food and can only smell it from above.

Mirror Ranma attempts to kiss Ranma.

The copy then shows herself and eats his food in glee. After finishing, she jumps to him with the compact in hand. Ranma closes his eyes to avoid being trapped inside the mirror. The copy, seeing her love unable to move or see, leans in to kiss him. She is interrupted when Akane strikes her down with a mallet. Soun and Genma now come out with food still in their mouths ready to capture the copy. But when they approach her, they are hit with Hiryū Shōten Ha, and the Tendo sisters discover that Mirror Ranma is able to duplicate Ranma's abilities. Ranma tells them to let him down so he can take care of her, but before he can be let down Soun and Genma's disorientated bodies fall on top of him,breaking the branch, and he in turn on top of the copy, knocking her unconscious.

With Mirror Ranma successfully neutralized, they wonder what they should do with the Magic Compact. Suddenly, Happosai appears with his daily loot of lingerie and his pupils get an idea. Soun opens the mirror and tells him that there is rice on his face. Happosai looks into the mirror and is immediately sucked inside. Kasumi notices this and hands Happosai a bag of trash, which he grabs as he gets sucked in.

Mirror Ranma wakes up and joins Akane and Ranma's hands accepting that she lost. While they are distracted she jumps on Soun's head and reclaims the compact, then jumps again to Ranma to try and trap him again. Ranma puts on a blindfold and starts fighting without sight to avoid risk of getting sucked into the mirror. The copy, while imagining the situation as a couple cheerfully playing tag, is unable to make Ranma look into the compact and comes up with a different plan. She flicks some rice on Akane then tells her to look at the mirror to clean her face. Akane closes in pretending to fall for the trap while looking up and smashes the copy's head into the ground. Mirror Ranma gets up and starts panicking, claiming that the mirror broke when she fell. When Akane comes closer she accidentally looks into the mirror and gets sucked in. When Ranma looks at his copy with anger, she runs off crying and takes the mirror with her. As Ranma chases after her, Tendo family worries for Akane who is trapped inside the mirror with Happosai.

As Ranma chases his copy, he thinks of a way to get rid of her. He gives her a bouquet of roses. This is enough to charm Mirror Ranma and they sit together on a bench. While they're sitting Ranma gropes around her chest for the compact. He receives a playful but nevertheless painful punch to the face. She then closes her eyes and asks for a kiss. Ranma notices that there is a bump on her chest that he assumes is the compact. He reaches in and grabs the compact out of her shirt and opens it but finds it to be a fake. Mirror Ranma then walks away to trash the real one.

Akane attempts to escape the compact.

Meanwhile, Akane is running around inside the mirror with Happosai right behind her. A single left jab is enough to knock him out briefly. She wraps him with his sack and ties his panties together to make a rope. Outside, Ranma is chasing after his copy. Suddenly she hits a sumo wrestler statue and the compact goes flying. It lands on the head of Kuno, who looks inside before Ranma can intervene. When Kuno opens the compact, Akane sees light from above and spins Happosai around. She tosses it over toward the light to climb out, but Happosai comes right back down, accompanied by Kuno.

Ranma finds the mirror and holds it face down to release Akane. But when he does so, he finds that the mirror is unresponsive. Unbeknownst to him, Kuno and Happosai formed a wall near the exit to prevent her from leaving, while beckoning her to come to one of them.

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