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Get the Secret Scroll! (秘伝書を奪え Hidensho o ubae?) is the 107th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Happosai's Ultimate Technique Arc.


Genma attempts to scare the girls away from the hotspring by turning into a bear, but it does not work. Next Ranma changes into a girl, but freezes up when he sees all the naked girls bathing. He tries his best, but Happosai manages to knock him into the water.

Plot Overview

The trio are quickly attacked by the angered women, unconvinced with Genma's "Japanese Polar Bear".

After Soun notes his frustration at them being so close to the scroll, but unable to get anywhere near it due to the women relaxing in the hot spring surrounding it, Genma reminds them that they have to retrieve the scroll before Happosai. Genma then gets an idea, but Ranma quickly shoots down any idea of him turning into his female form as he'll turn back as soon as he touches the hot spring. However, Genma instead plans to paint the fur of his panda form so as he'll appear to be a terrifying bear and scare away all the girls and give them the chance to get the scroll.

Despite sounding like a flawless plan, Genma uses white paint and the girls aren't convinced with this "Japanese Polar Bear" that's apparently attacking them and quickly counterattack the trio by launching a flurry of water basins at them. When the group retreat back into the woods, Happosai appears and hits them for their amateur plan. He then proceeds to show them how it's done by disguising himself as a monkey and jumping straight into the hot spring.

Soun and Genma are amazed that Happosai was able to sneak in without being attacked. Happosai then stares at the group whilst Soun and Genma realise that the true secret of Voyeurism is to become one with your surroundings.

Ranma freezes at the sight of multiple women exiting the hot spring.

As Soun and Genma are in awe of Happosai's knowledge, Ranma is less convinced and angrily asks if this is a session of peeping for beginners. Soun quickly agree that this isn't the time and Genma then throws some cold water over Ranma and tells her she should've gone in the first place. Ranma then begins to head towards the location of the scroll, but soon becomes paralysed at the sight of all the nude women around, so in order to stop herself going overboard, Ranma sits and pretends to dry her back whilst trying to calm down.

At that moment, Happosai begins throwing water basins full of spring water at Ranma. After avoiding the initial attack, Happosai declares "take this" as he throws more basins at Ranma. However, Happosai's shouting ruined his disguise and he's quickly set upon by the women, giving Ranma chance to get to the scroll. Unfortunately for Ranma, Happosai manages to jump over her and use a water basin to help push Ranma into the hot spring.

Ranma decides to stop Happosai from peeping on Akane instead of getting the scroll.

Ranma soon learns that Happosai was actually doing him a favour as he learns that Akane is visiting the springs with her friends. Happosai tries to get a closer look at Akane, but Ranma stops him and says that he thought Happosai was after the scroll, to which Happosai replies that this is no time for scrolls. Meanwhile, Akane learns of the peeping toms that have been seen and says that if they return she'll take care of them. Back with Ranma and Happosai tells him he can have the scroll. Ranma begins to go towards the scroll, but soon changes his mind and decides to stop Happosai instead.

Just then Akane notices the two upside-down water basins floating around (which Ranma and Happosai had used to hide themselves), she then notices what appears to be a pigtail behind one of the basins and breaks it, but doesn't find anyone. Akane soon sees Happosai behind her (now disguised as a deer) and quickly sends him flying. The girls then decide to split up in order to find the other peeping tom, but Ranma is determined that they won't find him.

Ranma decides to stop Happosai, but blows his cover in the process.

As Ranma begins to dig up the scroll from beneath the boulder that marks it's location, the girls scream as Happosai reappears, this time disguised as a flying Squirrel. Happosai begins to swoop towards Akane, causing Ranma to come out and punch the old lecher in the face and stop him, however, Ranma didn't think his actions through and is quickly attacked by the infuriated Akane.

Thanks to Akane removing the boulder to clobber Ranma, Happosai can early grab the scroll to his ultimate technique, the Happo-Fire Burst! Luckily, Happosai is too busy gloating to notice the tree he's about to fly into and when he lies unconscious in the hot spring, Ranma takes the scroll off him. Later on, Soun and Genma struggle to read Happosai's handwriting whilst Akane tells Ranma he should've explained himself, although Ranma asks Akane since when has see ever heard him out before clobbering him. Happosai, meanwhile, hides behind a boulder and notes that it's far from over yet.

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  • As notes on the title page, Fumi Hirano, the voice actor for Lum from Urusei Yatsura, was married the week this chapter was originally published in Japan.
    • As such the characters of Lum and Ataru Moroboshi (also from Urusei Yatsura) appear on the title page along with the Ranma ½ characters.


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