Gimme That Pigtail (そのおさげもらったぁ! Sono Osage Moratta!?) is the 70th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

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Plot Overview

The Pigtail Assassins

Deep in rural Qinghai, a middle-aged restaurant owner prepares to shut up for the night, just a storm begins to roll in. But, as the man cleans away some plates, he hears someone knocking and tells them that the restaurant's closed. However the doors suddenly fling open (putting out the only lit candle in the room in the process), revealing a group of four men who demand the man hand over the 3,000 year-old treasure, the Dragon's Whisker!

To Japan - Gimme that Pigtail

The assassins begin their journey to Japan.

The man initially refuses the location of the whisker, even if it costs him his life as it brings nothing but terror. He quickly changes his tune, however, when the men begin physically threatening him, by which point he spews out the entire history of the whisker before handing over a drawing of the whisker's current owner over to the group; who swiftly head out to locate the whisker once more.

Several days later in Furinkan, Soun and Genma are asked by a member of the neighborhood watch to help deal with a string of attacks, where women are targeted before having their pigtails cut off. Hearing this (along with the man's comments of Soun being the "strongest in Japan"), Soun agrees to deal with the attackers.

Ranma attacked - Gimme that Pigtail

Ranma finds himself targeted by the pigtail assassins.

That same evening, Soun and Genma take Ranma and Akane with them in their hunt for the pigtail thieves. No sooner does Ranma mention that he has the perfect bait then the four attackers descend on him with oversized shears. After a brief moment of respite, Ranma and the attackers face off once more, with Ranma easily defeating the pint-szied assassins. Having been defeated so easily, the attackers huddle together before scurrying away. Ranma immediately gives chase but soon loses sight of the group. But no sooner does Ranma lose the group that they reappear and try retrieving the pigtail in the exact same fashion they did moments earlier. Severely irritated, Ranma beats up the group once more, this time making sure they can't get away again.

With the group throughly trounced, Ranma decides that it's high time they get a good look at them, but is shocked to see that the assassins all have bun-shaped heads. Seeing this, Ranma and Akane quickly fall into an argument about whether the assassins are pork or bean buns, as the Niku-men themselves try to get the attention of the others.

Eventually Soun gets tired of all the noise and declares that whether the Niku-men are bean or pork buns isn't the issue and demands the group tell them why their cutting off pigtails. The Niku-men initially refuse to disclose anything, but quickly spill that they're searching for the Dragon's Whisker when Soun threatens to kill them. Unsurprisingly, Soun, Genma and Akane are left confused as they've never heard of the whisker before, although Ranma is frozen in place...

Just then the Niku-men take out their drawing of the owner and notice a resemblance between it and Ranma. Deducing him to be the owner of the whisker, the Niku-men move in on Ranma once more, but are yet again defeated; this time being sent flying high into the night sky.

Second Strike


Ranma tells himself he won't let the Niku-men get the Dragon's Whisker.

Upon there return home, Akane looks on quietly as Ranma ponders to himself next to the Koi pond. As she watches Akane recalls Ranma's odd reaction as the Niku-men mentioned the "Dragon's Whisker", leaving her wondering just what it actually is. Ranma, meanwhile, thinks to himself how he won't let the Niku-men get their hands on "it". At the same time, the Niku-men themselves converse atop the Tendo's roof to devise a plan to defeat the formidable Ranma.

Back in Qinghai the old restaurant owner notices another incoming storm and heads out to urinate over the cliff at the rear of his restaurant, all the while recalling to himself the history of the Dragon's Whisker; before ultimately collapsing out of fear as a bolt of lightning lands nearby.

Returning to the Tendo Dojo early the next morning, Ranma engages in a fierce training session with his father. Genma, unfortunately, can't keep up with the intensity with which his son is fighting and soon finds himself pinned against a wall just as Ranma prepares to delivery his final kick. Luckily though Kasumi appears to mention that breakfast is ready, distracting Ranma long enough that his kick misses Genma's head by inches. Seeing this display, Genma tells his son to calm down as it's only their practice (whilst still secretly wondering what Ranma knows about the Dragon's Whisker). Suddenly the Niku-men propel from the celling, armed with several paint cans. Ranma easily kicks away two of the cans, but soon finds himself covered in yellow paint.

The Whisker's Secret

Dragon's Whisker - anime

The Niku-men reveal the Dragon's Whisker is tying the end of Ranma's pigtail.

After dispatching the Niku-men once more, Ranma proceeds to wash the paint of his hair whilst Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane (all curious from seeing Ranma walk around with his head covered in paint) suggest he undoes his pigtail so he can remove all the paint properly. Ranma refuses and soon finds himself cornered by the three sisters. With no other option, Ranma flees, but is soon knocked out by Genma (in his panda form) in the corridor.

With Ranma now unconscious Kasumi and Nabiki prepare to wash his hair correctly when the Niku-men reappear once more. The group are immediately stunned by what they see tying Ranma's pigtail together, the Dragon's Whisker!

The Niku-men have little chance to act of this discovery, however, as Ranma soon swats them away. Tired of all the secrecy, Genma demands to know just what is going on. Ranma informs the group that the Dragon's Whisker is his "seal" and adds that if his pigtail is undone, something awful will happen...

Having had to wash his hair, Ranma and Akane realise their running late and rush off to school. On the way there, Akane asks Ranma why he can't just tell her the secret of his pigtail. Ranma refuses on the basis that Akane doesn't need to know the secret, much to her irritation.

Plan C - Gimme that Pigtail

The Niku-men plan to cut off Ranma's pigtail after using sleep powder on him.

Not too far away the Niku-men spy on Ranma, but aren't sure how they can take the Dragon's Whisker given that they can't overpower him. At that moment however, the group formulate their latest plan by placing several pork buns laced with sleeping powder on the path to Furinkan High; in the hope Ranma will consume one, fall asleep, thus allowing them to cut off his pigtail and claim the whisker.

Unsurprisingly, the Niku-men's plan doesn't work out as a group of male Furinkan High students appear and consume all the buns before Ranma even notices they're there. Having failed once again the Niku-men declare that they'll use a more aggressive tactic next time...

Removing Ranma's Seal

Later that day, during her P.E. class, Akane watches as Ranma does several laps of the school running track; all the while thinking how awful he is for not telling her about pigtail before as well as wondering what will happen when it's undone.

Akane Shocked - Gimme that Pigtail

Akane is shocked to see what's happening to Ranma with the Dragon's Whisker removed.

A few moments later Ranma wanders off so that he can get a drink. After he does so, Ranma notes how he would enjoy a pork bun. No sooner does he say this than Ranma finds himself surrounded by the Niku-men, who proceed to throw several at him. Ranma immediately destroys the buns, realising the paralysing powder inside. As Akane appears looking for him, Ranma narrowly evades the Niku-men, but soon finds himself overpowered. Cornered in a nearby tree, Ranma musters all his strength to dispatch the Niku-men, but it's all in vain as he soon sees that the group have acquired the Dragon's Whisker.

With his pigtail fast unravelling, Ranma flees as Akane retrieves the whisker.

As the Niku-men discuss their latest loss, Akane follows Ranma to the P.E. storeroom. When she enters, however, Akane sees Ranma's outline in the darkened storeroom before noticing something slivering about in the darkness. Shocked, Akane stands aback as she asks Ranma just what is happening to him...

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Dragon's Whisker Salesman (debut) Tomomichi Nishimura Brian Dobson
Niku-men (debut) Isamu Tanonaka (Niku-man)
Shigeru Chiba (Curry-man)
Bin Shimada (An-man)
Arihiro Hase (Pizza-man)
Alec Willows (Niku-man)
Sam Vincent (Curry-man)
Don Brown (An-man)
Nick Misura (Pizza-man)
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Man From Neighborhood Watch Mahito Tsujimura Nick Misura
Genma Saotome (panda, human) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain



  • Oddly, when water splashes over Ranma's face as he takes a drink from the school fountain he doesn't transform into his female form.


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