Give Back the Tests!! (テストを返せ!! Tesuto o kaese!!?) is the 289th chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Stolen Test Arc.

Miss Hinako announces to the class that someone broke into her office and stole all of the class's English tests. She is very upset but shows the class the evidence she found which makes it clear that the Principal was the one who took the tests. Outside the Principal is flying in a hot air balloon and announces that he will announce the horrible grades to the whole school unless the students can take a wrapped square object he calls the "Stop System" from him.

Plot Overview

Hinako's Announcement

Hinako talks about stolen tests

Hinako reveals that the English tests were stolen the night before.

One morning at Furinkan High, the students of class 1-F wait for Miss Hinako to arrive so they can start. When Hinako does arrive, she requests that the class all close their eyes, causing some confusion amongst the students. Hinako elaborates by explaining that she should be handing back the results of their English test today, but someone stole the tests last night, but if the theif confesses and returns the tests she'll promise to keep their identities a secret.

As instructed the class all close their eyes, but no sound of a person returning the tests can be heard. When some students bore of waiting and open their eyes they see Hinako has fallen asleep and tell her to wake up. Once she wakes up, Hinako quickly decides that since nobody is confessing, she'll flush out the culprit with the box of items which they left behind. As Ranma looks at some of the items (which include a Ukulele and a Lei), he begins to remember seeing them before, but can't quite pinpoint where. At that moment, Hinako believes the items belong to Ranma and accuses him of such, but Ranma angrily retorts by asking Hinako what makes her think they're his.

Pursuing the Principal

Just then the Principal shouts good morning to his students from a Balloon floating outside the school. After the students gather on the balcony to see what's going on, the Principal explains that he's filled that Balloon with everyone's test results and at noon the Balloon will explode, scattering the forms everywhere! As the students protest this invasion of their privacy, the Principal adds that the only way to prevent this is to take the "Stop System" from him.

Wasting no time, Ranma jumps over to the basket of the Balloon to retrieve the package. Unfortunately, the Principal jumps out of the basket. As the basket explodes, the Principal floats down via an Umbrella, but notices the angered students waiting for him below. This prompts the Principal to activate a Jetpack he was wearing, luckily for the students, however, the Jetpack explodes shortly afterwards. Zoul shall never die!

Ranma finds Principal - Give Back the Tests!!

Ranma finds the Principal disguised as a Palm tree.

The students begin their search for the Principal in the area where he should've landed, but can't find him anywhere. Ranma then notices a Arecaceae with Sunglasses wandering through the school corridors. Ranma proceeds to kick the tree and reveal the Principal hidden inside. After wondering how Ranma saw through his disguise, the Principal tells Ranma he'll read his horrible test result to the others. Although the other students ask Ranma if he's not scared about having his results read out to everyone, Ranma declares that the result has no meaning to a Martial Artist.

The Principal pulls out a copy of Ranma's results and continues to threaten to read them out, but Ranma continues to stay calm and not care about what his result may be. However, when the Principal looks at the result he decides that the students would think it cruel of him to read out such a bad result and runs away, leaving the students in a confused silence.

The Chase Continues

Remembering their task, the other students chase after the Principal, only now with much talk amongst each other about Ranma's result. As Ranma runs with the other students, he realises that if everyone hears his result then he'll look really stupid, causing Akane to wonder if Ranma's result is that bad. Just then Tatewaki Kuno appears and attacks Ranma whilst demanding Ranma tell him if he's that stupid, but Ranma just throws Kuno through a window and tells him to mind his own business. Hinako then appears and asks Ranma about his result, but Ranma reminds her that she was the one who marked his test in the first place. Ranma then asks Hinako to tell him his result, but Hinako has forgotten, much to Ranma's annoyance.

Ranma horrified - Give Back the Tests!!

Ranma is horrified at the thought of having to kiss a picture of the Principal.

At that moment, the Principal's voice rings out over the school's PA system, where he declares he'll read Ranma's test result. Ranma kicks the wall beneath the speaker, revealing the Principal hiding behind it. The Principal throws a smoke bomb and attempts to make his escape, but thanks to some help from Ukyo and Akane, Ranma is able to take the Stop System from the Principal.

After the Principal curses that the students received the Stop System, he declares that he real challenge starts now. He explains that he has to read the English instruction of the Stop System and perform it. Ranma is initially confident, but is quickly horrified at the task which he has to perform. The task turns out to involve Ranma having to kiss a picture of the Principal on the lips. The Principal goads Ranma about being stupid if he can't perform the task, but Ranma tells the Principal do the task himself and breaks the picture over the Principal's head. The Principal's Balloon then begins to fly away uncontrollably, causing the Principal to run after it. The students are disappointed that they still don't know their results, and Ranma acknowledges that he messed up trying to prove he wasn't stupid.

That evening, the results are announced on the News. Akane got 86 while Ranma's score is covered up by his own speech bubble. He's happy with the result he got, although Genma is ashamed.

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