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Gonna Make You Tardy! (遅刻させまーす Chikoku sasema su?) is the 119th chapter of the manga it is also the sixth and final chapter of the Principal Kuno Intro Arc.


The Principal decides to start enforcing the rules about tardiness, and Ranma happens to knock him down so that he can get to school on time. The next day the Principal decides to do everything in his power to keep Ranma from making it to school on time. If Ranma doesn't make it to school on time, he'll have to clean toilets for the entire week.

Plot Overview

The Principal curses Ranma for foiling his plans to punish the tardy students.

As several students walk into Furinkan High School, they notice a banner being carried around by one of the Principal's distinctive balloons which declares this week as "Tardy Student Punishment Week". Just then a periscope pops up at the school gate. As the bell rings, the Principal jumps out from beneath the ground and declares that everyone who's still outside the school gate is officially tardy, regardless that they're only a few steps away. At that moment, Ranma appears (rushing to get into school) and accidentally steps on the Principal's face, prompting the other tardy students to rush past the temporarily incapacitated Principal. Once all the students have entered, the Principal gets back and darkly curses Ranma.

Some time passes and the Principal calls an assembly where he explains that anyone who is late this week will get "rewarded" by having to clean the toilets, although some students are slightly confused by how small-scale this punishment is for the Principal.

The next day, Akane and Ranma busily rush to school so that they won't be late, although Ranma comments that if the Principal gives them trouble he'll just kick his... But before Ranma can finish he notices a pineapple hurtling towards him and not a moment later the pineapple explodes. Ranma swiftly attempts to dodge the explosion, but ends up falling for a pitfall hidden under the spot he lands and before he can do anything else, the Principal appears on a Skateboard and drives straight over Ranma's head.

Ranma tries to run to school, but gets pushed aside by Happosai.

After a quick recovery, Ranma chases the Principal by running on the fence next to the storm drain. Once he catches up, Ranma asks the Principal what he's up to now, to which the Principal replies that he knows how Ranma gets to school everyday. Ranma tries to ask the Principal what good that will do him, but soon realises when he runs into a sign which the Principal presumably put up. As Ranma falls to the ground, the Principal skates off and tells Ranma to get ready to polish porcelain for a week!

Whilst Ranma dusts himself off, Akane tells Ranma that the Principal is trying to make him tardy. This prompts Ranma to declare that they'll see about that as he begins running as fast as he can towards the school. Ranma soon catches up with the Principal again, where the Principal begins throwing more pineapples to Ranma, with little success. Fortunately for the Principal, Happosai arrives (on the run after one of his usual panty raids) and knocks Ranma into the storm drain.

Kuno is overjoyed at the thought of cleaning toilets with the pigtailed-girl.

Before Ranma emerges, the Principal hopes onto a bike and tells Akane to take her time getting to school. No sooner does Ranma (now obviously in his female form) manage to clamber out of the storm drain, Kuno appears and is overjoyed at the sight of the pigtailed-girl so jumps down to meet her. After knocking Ranma back into the water, Ranma angrily asks Kuno if he wants to scrub toilets for a week too, to which Kuno replies that to him cleaning toilets with the pigtailed-girl would be just like a honeymoon! Kuno continues by trying to hug Ranma, but she just kicks him in the face.

Some time passes and Ranma gets out of the storm drain and uses some hot water to turn back into his male form. As he and Akane continue running to school, Genma follows behind them in his panda form, trying to give Ranma his lunch which he forgot. Genma holds up multiple signs, but obviously Ranma doesn't see them since Genma's behind him. This annoys Genma who hits Ranma with a sign asking him why he's ignoring him, causing Ranma to hit Genma back with a sign asking how he's meant to know he's there. The pair then begin fighting each other, but Akane demands that they save it until after school.

Akane and Ranma manage to see the school in sight with three minutes left. The Principal, however, is waiting for Ranma under the gate (which he's redecorated to say "Goal") and pulls out a mallet in preparation. Unfortunately, Ranma easily kicks the Principal to the ground and seems to have succeeded, but no sooner does Ranma hover above the school grounds than Shampoo appears on her bike and pushes Ranma outside the school grounds again.

Ranma pushes the Principal out the gate, meaning the Principal himself has to clean the toilets.

Shampoo asks Ranma to go on a date with her, but Akane swiftly intervenes and kicks Shampoo and her bike into the air. At that moment, iron bars descend and lock all the remaining students out, despite the bell having not rung yet. The Principal responds by throwing down several brooms to the students and tells them to get ready for the toilets. Ranma, however, takes a broom and begins fighting the Principal.

The students look on in horror as the clock counts down to less than a minute before the bell goes. The Principal swipes at Ranma and believes he's won, but Ranma just dodged the attack and use his broom to push over the gate, allowing the students to enter. Undeterred, the Principal declares that it isn't over until the bell rings and he attempts to push Ranma out the grounds again, unfortunately, Ranma avoids the attack and pushes the Principal out of the grounds himself, meaning that the Principal is tardy and has to clean the toilets! The male students soon regret this, however, as the Principal refuses to let anyone enter until he's finished, prompting Ranma to comment that the Principal will probably spend all week cleaning.

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  • But that means... a week in the toilet with my true love! Just like a honeymoon! - Kuno's response to Ranma asking if he wants to clean toilets for a week with her.


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