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Gosunkugi's Paper Dolls of Love (五寸釘! あぁ恋の紙人形 Gosunkugi! Ah Koi no Kaminingyō?) is the 115th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

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Plot Overview

Paper Dolls of Love?

Despite still not knowing much about Furinkan since moving there, Hikaru Gosunkugi does know that, at 6:30 a.m., Akane Tendo passes down a particular street whilst out on her morning jog. Gosunkugi plans to join Akane in her jogging in the hope of engaging her in conversation. Unfortunately, his fantasies cause him to slightly upsets his plan as Akane runs past before Gosunkugi has chance to jog after her. Gosunkugi attempts to shout good morning to Akane, but she's too focused on her running to notice his shouts.

Gosunkugi desperately calls out to Akane as she jogs off into the distance.

Panicking, Gosunkugi begins running after Akane as fast as he can, unable to catch up with her. Seeing no way to make her stop, Gosunkugi shouts at the top of his voice that Akane turn around. Fortunately, this time Akane hears something, however, Gosunkugi is rundown by girl-form Ranma and panda Genma (who are too busy fighting each other to pay any attention to Gosunkugi), making Akane think that she must have imagined it.

As Akane jogs out of sight, Gosunkugi gets up and decides that he's going home. Just then a voice calls out to Gosunkugi and, when he turns around, he sees a salesman in a brown coat explaining that he saw what just happened and feels sorry for him. The salesman then adds that he selling magical items to people who need help, before adding that he has to perfect thing someone like Gosunkugi. Curious, Gosunkugi sees what the salesman has to offer. The salesman immediately pulls out a pack of 12 paper dolls, then explains that by writing an order on the doll and then sticking it on a person's back the person will obey the order, but this only works once per paper doll.

Gosunkugi fights with the Paper Doll Salesman in an attempt to get the dolls for free.

With the dolls in his hands, Gosunkugi quickly proceeds to write "give it to me for free" on one of the dolls and tries to use it on the salesman. However, the salesman dodges Gosunkugi before attempting to stick another paper doll to Gosunkugi, ordering him to pay 10,000¥ for the dolls. The pair then begin trying to bargain one the price with several paper dolls, attracting quite a large crowd who look on as the pair avoid the other's paper dolls. Eventually the pair settle on a price and Gosunkugi buys the dolls for 5,000¥.

Foiling Ranma

During P.E., Gosunkugi wonders how he's going to use the dolls when he suddenly realizes how he can do so effectively. Gosunkugi quickly jots down "fall and trip" onto one of the dolls and places it on Ranma's back just before Ranma goes up to do some gymnastics. Ranma initially makes a strong start, before missing the bar after dismounting and nearly getting struck by a rouge Javelin from another group. As Ranma comments on his rotten luck, Gosunkugi sees the doll has disintegrated and thinks to himself that he can't be sure of the doll's power yet.

Gosunkugi is convinced the dolls are genuine after seeing Ranma fall foul to one of them.

As the lunchtime bell rings, Ranma passes Gosunkugi sat on the stairs while on his way to the cafeteria. Ranma checks if Gosunkugi's all right, and when Gosunkugi confirms that he's fine, Ranma returns to getting some lunch. However, Gosunkugi takes the opportunity and places another doll of Ranma's back before swiftly returning to his seat on the stairs before Ranma realizes what's going on.

Through a series of accidents, a banana skin falls on the stairs, which Ranma immediately slips over. Ranma then hurtles down the stairs, breaking a statue which was being carried by some other students. A paper doll with the command "get hurt right now!" then floats to the floor. Having seen the evidence first hand, Gosunkugi decides that the dolls must the real deal.

Gosunkugi's Date

Gosunkugi runs from Kuno who misinterpreted the message on the paper doll.

Later that day, Gosunkugi watches on as Akane does some reading in the school library, all the time thinking about how Akane's always been out of his reach, but will end up as his little puppet. As Gosunkugi looks down at his most recent paper doll, with the command "please take me out", Akane gets up, prompting Gosunkugi to give chase. Unfortunately, Kuno appears and hugs Akane, causing her to punch him and bump into Gosunkugi's doll.

The doll quickly takes effect, however, Kuno misinterprets the order as Gosunkugi wanting to "bout" with him. Kuno then proceeds to chase after Gosunkugi round the library with his Bokken, while Akane tries to get them to calm down. The pair eventually run out of the library, as Akane wonders just what in the world is going on.

Ranma and Akane send Gosunkugi flying for interrupting their argument.

Once Gosunkugi gets rid of Kuno, he returns to his classroom and begins to write out another paper doll, this time there's no intrusions. Gosunkugi quickly decides to get rid of Ranma as well with the command that he "have a fight with Akane". However, Ranma notices Gosunkugi writing something and tries to get a closer look. Gosunkugi obviously refuses to show Ranma the paper doll, but Ranma continues until Akane intervenes by pushing Ranma off Gosunkugi and telling him to pick on someone his own size. As Gosunkugi is overjoyed by Akane defending him, Ranma and Akane begin arguing with each other, causing Gosunkugi to try to stop them as he hasn't used the paper doll yet. Unfortunately, Akane and Ranma send Gosunkugi flying through a nearby window whilst telling him that this is between themselves.

By the end of the day, Gosunkugi manages to find Akane by her shoe locker and succeeds (albeit clumsily) to stick Akane with paper doll commanding her to "please date me tomorrow". The doll immediately takes effect and Akane asks Gosunkugi if he'd like to go on a date with her. Almost instantly, Gosunkugi is filled with joy and uncontrollably runs off in excitement at the prospect. Gosunkugi doesn't notice, however, that he's straight past Ranma who follows Gosunkugi on his way home.

As Ranma stalks Gosunkugi (who's literally walking on air at the thought of going on a date with Akane), he decides that there's no way Akane would ask Gosunkugi out on a date, so concludes that he'll look into the situation further. Meanwhile, Gosunkugi fantasizes about his date with Akane whilst deciding on where they'll go etc.

Ranma flirts with Gosunkugi so he'll reveal the power of the Paper Dolls.

Gosunkugi's fantasies are ultimately brought to an end when he walks straight into a lamppost. He then sees a girl on the other side of the lamppost who seems to be in pain. The girl (who's actually Ranma's female form in disguise) complains of a stomach and, overcome by the girl's beauty, Gosunkugi wastes on time in searching his satchel for some medicine. After thinking to herself how girl-crazy Gosunkugi is, Ranma tells him that she'd like to rest in the park, to which Gosunkugi replies that he'll go on ahead and get her some water to help take the medicine with.

Ranma goes to the park by herself and begins wondering where Gosunkugi could be, but not sooner does Ranma think this than Gosunkugi returns with the water he promised. Gosunkugi offers Ranma the medicine and, after some worried glances, Ranma gives in and takes the medicine. However, almost immediately she falls asleep which prompts Gosunkugi to sorrowfully declare that he must have given her sleeping powder instead. Gosunkugi swiftly decides to use one of the paper dolls to command Ranma to wake up. Once Ranma awakes, she notices the dolls in Gosunkugi's hand and asks him what they are. Despite being initially cautious in telling the girl what the doll's are, Gosunkugi can't help but reveal their function when Ranma begins to snuggle up to him.

With this knowledge in hand, Ranma tests out one of the dolls by writing "run" and sticking it onto Gosunkugi's back. Sure enough Gosunkugi begins jogging on the spot before running off at great speed, convincing Ranma that this must have been the way which Gosunkugi made Akane ask him on a date.

Gosunkugi, meanwhile, continues running uncontrollably until a passerby on a bicycle helps him realize that he can use the dolls to stop himself. Unfortunately when Gosunkugi uses the doll to stop himself, the passerby runs his bicycle into Gosunkugi, causing him to go flying into the air.

The Final Paper Doll

Gosunkugi uses a doll of himself so he'll get to sleep easily.

That evening, Ranma goes into Akane's room and sees that she's changed out of her school uniform. Ranma attempts to check the back of Akane's uniform to remove the paper doll, but finds it difficult to do so without Akane noticing. After a few attempts, Ranma gives up and leaves Akane to study in peace. Elsewhere, Gosunkugi tries to get some sleep for his date, but can't given how excited he is about the whole situation. Seeing no other option Gosunkugi lights a candle so he can write "sleep well" on his penultimate doll and use it on himself.

By the following Monday, Ranma has still been unable to remove the doll from Akane's uniform. He attempts to do so while Akane rushes to school, but ends up running into a lamppost whilst Akane continues on ahead.

When Ranma gets to class he sees that Gosunkugi's chair is empty and wonders where he could be as his date with Akane was meant to be today. At the same time, Gosunkugi is still sound asleep until he rolls out of bed and knocks off the paper doll. Gosunkugi immediately remembers about the date before seeing how late he is. He then quickly rushes out of his house with his clothes in his hand.

Gosunkugi manages to get to school just as the day ends, but luckily catches Akane before she leaves. Not wanting to waste any more time, Gosunkugi asks her to go out on their date, but Akane reminds him that their date isn't until tomorrow. With Sayuri calling her, Akane leaves the confused Gosunkugi who tries to give chase until Ranma (who finally managed to remove the doll from Akane's back) comments on the little scam Gosunkugi's got going on. Ranma then proceeds to inform Gosunkugi that by writing "date me tomorrow" on the doll, all he's done is made it so that Akane will never date him as she'll always be waiting for "tomorrow".

Gosunkugi uses his final Paper Doll to make sure Akane doesn't hate him.

After collapsing from the devastation of this revelation, Gosunkugi quickly stands back up and awkwardly runs down the corridor. Ranma wonders what Gosunkugi's up to, but quickly deduces that he must still have more dolls, so gives chase. With his last doll in hand, Gosunkugi rushes up to Akane, but gets distracted by this own fantasies. After looking on in confusion, Akane and Sayuri continue walking. Fortunately for Gosunkugi he snaps out of his delusions to write on his final doll and put it on Akane just before Ranma catches him up. The doll soon kicks in and Akane informs Gosunkugi that she never hated him before walking off again.

Once the doll (with the command "please don't hate me") floats to the ground, Ranma picks it up and reads the command, but gives up since he can't do anything about it. A few minutes later, Gosunkugi realizes that he should have written "fall in love with me" on the doll instead.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Hikaru Gosunkugi Issei Futamata Michael Benyaer
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Genma Saotome (panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Paper Doll Salesman (debut) Fumihiko Tachiki Unknown
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Hiroshi and Daisuke Koji Tsujitani (Hiroshi)
Takehito Koyasu (Daisuke)
Terry Klassen (Hiroshi)
David Kaye (Daisuke)
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Sayuri Yoshiko Kamei (Sayuri) Willow Johnson (Sayuri)