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Hair Raising (動乱の行方 Doran no yukue?) is the 157th chapter of the manga it is also the fourth and final chapter of the Dragon's Whisker Arc.


Ranma tracks Genma down but before he can get the whisker back, Happosai makes off with it. He tracks down the Niku-men and force them to tell him how to use it to grow hair. Ranma with hair down to the ground chases Happosai into the park and ties tires, bricks and anything else he can throw around with his hair.

Plot Overview

Genma realises he doesn't know how to use the whisker.

With the Dragon's Whisker finally in hand, Genma begins the resurrection of his hair. Firstly by rubbing the whisker on his scalp, followed by striking his head and finally by wearing the whisker until he sorrowfully declares that he has no idea how to use the whisker.

Just then Ranma arrives, asking her father what good hair is going to him anyway. Seizing this opportunity, Genma offers to give Ranma 10 yen if she tells him how to get the whisker to work. But before Ranma gives an answer Akane storms in and asks Genma if he wants his son to be a girl for the rest of his life. Akane continues by explaining to the confused Genma that, in order to stop the whisker from working, Ranma must remain in his female form. At that moment Cologne appears as well to add that, to a bald man, the whisker is a blessing, but to those with hair it must be kept tied as otherwise the hair will grow until there's none left.

Unfortunately for Ranma, her father's curiosity gets the better for him and he proceeds to pour hot water over his son to see the effects of the whisker for himself. As Ranma punishes his father's actions, Akane demands Genma returns the whisker, but before another second passes a sudden cloud of smoke engulfs the room.

In the ensuing confusion, Happosai swoops in to take the whisker for himself. Ranma, however, swiftly turns back into his female form before exposing her bust to attract the attention of the perverted master. Not a second later, Genma stomps on his master whilst simultaneously elbowing Ranma so that he may get back the whisker, only for Ranma to punch him through so that she can have back herself. Unfortunately, Happosai then does the same to her before running off in victory with the whisker as Cologne and Akane look on.

After scouring Furinkan, Happosai finds the Niku-men once more and demands he tell them how to use the Dragon's Whisker. Despite initially refusing the Niku-men soon give in when Happosai projects his Battle Aura and threatens to kills them.

But before Happosai can put the whisker into the soup Ranma returns and grabs the whisker and successfully ties his pigtail moments before an infuriated Happosai throws the boiling soup over her.

Suddenly Genma arrives to congratulate his son, but is quickly kicked away which gives Happosai the opening he needed to cut off Ranma's pigtail and regain possession of the whisker.

Whilst Genma tries to convince his master to allow him to use the whisker as well, Ranma has finally had enough and so proceeds to tie his hair around a multitude of nearby items which he subsequently throws towards the pair.

Ranma uses his hair to attack Genma and Happosai.

As Cologne, Akane and several terrified residents look on; Ranma soon overpowers his father, but is unable to catch the slippery Happosai. However, Ranma speedily uses Happosai's weakness to women's underwear against him by throwing a B-cup brassiere at the old pervert, which gives him the chance to ensnare Happosai before proceeding to start choking him. Suddenly Ranma's hair breaks and doesn't continue growing back.

Devastated, Ranma quietly sits on the floor as Akane tries, and fails, to think of something comforting to say. Just then Genma goes up to his son to reassure him that he would've lost it anyway just like he has. Ranma, however, refuses to give in and rushes towards Happosai so that he can use the Dragon's Whisker again. Unfortunately Happosai suddenly can't find the whisker, much to his and Ranma's shock.

Shampoo and Cologne watch the Niku-men enjoy their out-of-date Dragon's Whisker.

Cologne however pulls of Ranma's hair and notices that it isn't coming out, meaning that the effect of the Dragon's Whisker and just run out and Ranma won't go bald, although the now unconscious Ranma obviously isn't paying attention.

Some time later Cologne returns to Cat Café and finds Shampoo serving the Niku-men their Dragon's Whisker soup which she recently learned to make. When Cologne questions Shampoo though, she reveals that the Dragon's Whisker just past it's 4,000 year use-by date yesterday (so won't have any effect), but adds that she decided to keep it a secret from the Niku-men. Meanwhile, back at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma continues fighting his father over becoming bald as Akane looks on unimpressed.

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  • (Genma) "You're a lucky child..."
    • (Ranma) "Y'know I might agree with you... If I wasn't about to be an orphan!!"
  • (Cologne) "Master against disciple...Father against son...What evil the Dragon's Whisker brings..."
    • (Akane) "Looks like a typical day with Ranma, to me..."


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