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Happosai Days Are Here Again (ハッピーとコロン Happy to Cologne?) is the 92nd chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Amazon Love Pills Arc.


The Tendos and Saotomes head off to the beach for a relaxing vacation. Happosai comes along and causes his normal mischief. Ranma decides he should introduce Happosai to a girl hoping that will cause him to settle down.

Plot Overview

As the Tendo sisters and Saotomes enjoy themselves on the beach, a sudden scream can be heard from a group of women declaring that there's Bikini thief. Unsurprisingly, Happosai is the culprit, who busily tries to outrun the pack of infuriated women. Luckily, Ranma quickly steps in and stomps the old lecher into the ground. This doesn't stop Happosai for long, however, as he then disguises himself as a Watermelon and begins to terrify more women, only to yet again be stopped by Ranma.

Happosai exclaims his energy is from his love of "the Sea".

After foiling Happosai's second attempt to fuel his perverted agenda, Ranma asks him where he's getting all this energy from suddenly. Happosai explains that being by the Sea, with the blue skies, white clouds and bright sun (with the truth actually being all the women around in swimsuits and Bikinis). As Happosai declares his love for the Sea and looks with puppy eyes at the "scenery", Ranma sarcastically tells him that the clouds are behind him. At that moment, Happosai declares how young he feels and begins to group Ranma, much to her distaste.

Once Ranma's kicked Happosai into the air, Akane begins to wonder about a way they can calm down Happosai. Before thinking of a solution, however, Shampoo arrives with some chilled Ramen which Nabiki ordered. Almost instantly, Shampoo leaps at Ranma and is overjoyed at that she followed her here, but Ranma assures her it's just a coincidence. Akane, meanwhile, attempts to break up Shampoo's hold on Ranma by reminding them that they're both girls. After explaining that during the summer the Cat Café moves to the beach, Shampoo asks Ranma to go on a date with her, which gives Ranma an idea...

Some time later, back in the room of the Inn that they Saotomes and Tendos are staying in, Ranma tells Happosai that he'll introduce him to a girl, on the exception he stops the Bikini stealing for a while. Happosai is overjoyed at hearing this and looks through his treasure chest for something to give to his date and eventually pulls out a bracelet.

After Ranma describes Happosai's date, the old lecher begins to imagine what she'll look like, while Akane thinks Ranma's setting up Happosai with Shampoo.

Happosai, Ranma and Akane then head to where Happosai will meet his date. As they walk, Happosai asks if she'll have long hair and big eyes, which Ranma claims is exactly how she looks. Akane quickly thinks she knows who Ranma's describing and asks if he's planning on introducing Happosai to Shampoo. Akane continues by telling Ranma that Shampoo will just turn down Happosai in a heart beat, but Ranma is a bit skeptical of Akane's opinion.

As they arrive at the Cat Café's stall the trio are greeted by Shampoo and Happosai instantly falls for her. However, Ranma picks up Happosai and introduces him to an old friend of his, Shampoo's Great-Grandmother. Shampoo tells her Great-Grandmother that Happosai's here to have a date with her. Happosai, however, is far from happy with his date and begins to weep at the realisation that this she was who Ranma describing.

Ranma, Akane and Shampoo all agree that the two make a good couple given their close ages and decide to leave them alone while they go play. Before Shampoo leaves, however, Happosai offers her the bracelet he picked out as a dowry. While Shampoo notes how beautiful the bracelet is, her Great-Grandmother notes that it is certainly interesting. Akane and Ranma then question Happosai about the bracelet as it appears to be rather expensive, so begin to believe that Happosai must've stolen it.

Cologne attacks Happosai for stealing her family's heirloom.

Defending himself, Happosai says that it was a memento of his first love. Happosai then explains that when he was 18 he travelled to China as part of his training, and while there he met a beautiful woman who stole his heart. He continues by explaining that a man in training cannot afford to be in love, so had to leave, but not before his love gave him the bracelet to remember her by.

Back in the modern day, Happosai finishes by saying that this was the last time he saw her. While the others are touched by the story, Shampoo's Great-Grandmother says that while it was tragic, there's a similar story from her village. Shampoo's Great-Grandmother the tells the story of how there was a man who hit on every women in the village, but was rejected by each one of them, so stole all of their valuables before running away. After Happosai exclaims what a horrible man that must've been, a silence falls across the room whilst everyone stares at Happosai. Shampoo's Great-Grandmother then breaks the silence by telling Happosai that he should know as he was the thief and begins to attack the old lecher.

Cologne exclaims they need to get the bracelet off Happosai before he learns it's secret.

As the other store owners gather to see what all the noise is about, Akane thinks that introducing the two of them might've been a bad idea, while Ranma simply notes that life is full of surprises. Shampoo's Great-Grandmother the demands that Happosai returns her family's heirloom. Hearing this, Happosai realises that Shampoo's Great-Grandmother is actually Cologne who he knew from his youth, but instead of returning the bracelet, Happosai throws a smoke bomb declaring that now he knows it's an heirloom he'll never return it. As the smoke begins to clear, Cologne tells Shampoo that they must get the bracelet before Happosai learns of it's secret. When questioned about this secret, Cologne darkly notes that if they fail the world will become a living hell.

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  • The English title is a pun of the song "Happy Days Are Here Again".
  • This chapter introduces Happosai to Shampoo's Great-Grandmother, and also reveals her name to be Cologne.
    • It also reveals Happosai's nickname of "Happy".
  • When Happosai fantasises about what his date will look like, one of the women he imagines bears a slight resemblance to Lum from Rumiko Takahashi's previous manga, Urusei Yatsura.


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