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He's Got a Beef (恨んで当然 Uran de tozen?) is the 16th chapter of the manga it is also the seventh and final chapter of the Ryoga Hibiki Intro Arc.


Ryoga explains how he followed Ranma to China and found himself at Jusenkyo. While standing on the edge of a cliff a girl and a panda knocked him off and he plummeted into one of the magical springs. Ryoga then realises the girl and panda where in fact Ranma and Genma in their cursed forms. After Akane protects Ryoga (who was in his pig form at the time), Ranma sneaks into Akane's room to try and get his own back, with disastrous results.

Plot Overview

Ryoga is in the bathtub with Ranma (who's in his female form) looking at him, as Ranma has just learned that Ryoga is cursed as well and his cursed form is of a black piglet. Ranma, in a slight state of shock, says to Ryoga that he's a pig. This angers Ryoga who goes to punch Ranma, but Ranma protects herself with a nearby wash basin. Ranma then tries to came Ryoga down and explain how he became cursed. Ryoga then has a flashback and explains what did happen to him.

Ryoga falls into the Jusenkyo Spring.

Ryoga explains that after Ranma ran out of their duel (even though Ranma waited three days for Ryoga, who didn't arrive until the fourth day), he followed Ranma through the vastness of China. Ryoga continues that one day while walking a large panda charged in his direction, causing Ryoga to jump out of the way. However, after Ryoga jumped he gets kicked in the face by a girl who's chasing after the panda. This kick caused Ryoga to fall off a cliff and into a Jusenkyo spring, and when he emerged he was a black piglet.

When Ryoga resurfaces from the spring as a black piglet, the same panda from before picked him up and carried him to a nearby house. Inside the house is the Jusenkyo Guide who tell the panda that he has brought a very nice pig. The Guide then dons an apron and says that the pig will be good for cooking. Ryoga is then hung up, while the Guide and the Panda make the relevant preparations for cooking the pig.

As they prepare to cook Ryoga, the Guide begins to talk about the "Spring of Drowned Black Pig" and continues say that the tragic story of black pig which drowned 1,200 years ago. The Guide then picks up Ryoga and asks him if he's an unfortunate person who fell in that spring. Despite Ryoga nodding eagerly in agreement, the Guide ignores him and talks to the panda saying that he made a very funny joke and places Ryoga in the boiling water which the panda had prepared. Luckily for Ryoga he turns back into his human form in the hot water so wasn't eaten by the Guide and the panda (much to their disappointment).

Back to modern day and Ryoga says that all this suffering he's endured is because Ranma skipped out of their duel. Ranma stops Ryoga their that this isn't her fault since Ryoga was knocked into the Spring by some weird girl, so he should be mad at whoever they are and not her. Just then Genma (who's in his panda form) walks in and after seeing Ryoga and Ranma both naked holds up a sign saying "P-Pardon Me!" and walks back out.

Ryoga bites Ranma.

Seeing Genma in his panda from finally makes Ryoga realize that the girl and Panda who caused him to fall into the Spring was indeed Ranma and Genma this whole time. This greatly angers Ryoga and he quickly gets out of the bath and chases after Ranma so he can beat her up. But just as Ryoga grabs hold of Ranma's ponytail, she manages to turn on the shower thus splashing them both with cold water. This turns Ryoga into his pig form, and Ranma says they should try to talk it out. However, Ryoga is still very angry so bites Ranma's shoulder.

Akane hears all the noise and when she looks onto the hallway she sees Ranma, who's only wearing boxer-shorts and a towel, chasing after Ryoga (who's still in his pig form). Ranma then throws the bowl she's carrying and throws it, hitting Ryoga's head. Ryoga then runs to Akane's side, causing Ranma to call Ryoga a coward for hiding behind a girl. This angers Ryoga who jumps at and tries to bite Ranma. However, Ranma grabs Ryoga's head and shoves him to the ground. This, in turn, annoys Akane who grabs Ranma's breast to stop him.

Ranma's anger grows after Akane kisses Ryoga.

Akane then picks up Ryoga and sees he's crying. She then puts Ryoga to her shoulder and begins to walk away. When Ranma asks where they're going, Akane replies they're going to bed. Hearing this, Ranma is about to reveal Ryoga's curse to Akane but, before she can, Akane interrupts by talking to Ryoga saying that he's a good boy and shouldn't cry. Akane then proceeds to kiss Ryoga, in an attempt to stop him crying. Ranma watches in horror and disgust at this. When Akane asks Ranma what's wrong she can't seem to reply other than shouting at them both saying that she doesn't care if Akane sleeps with the pig or not. Akane then goes to her room and wonders what's up with Ranma. She wonders if he's jealous be decides that can't be it and goes to sleep.

Ranma, who's turned back into his male form, is outside Akane's window. Ranma then enters Akane's room to get Ryoga away from her. At first Ryoga tries to get Ranma to leave by growling, but Ranma threatens Ryoga by showing him a Tetsubin and tells Ryoga to be quiet if he doesn't want to be exposed. Ranma then tries to pick up Ryoga, only for the sleeping Akane to steal him back. Ranma then tries again to take Ryoga and is successful.

Ryoga knocks Ranma into Akane.

However, Ryoga then bites Ranma's hand, making Ranma throw Ryoga against a wall. Ryoga then jumps around the room with Ranma trying to catch him. Ranma nearly catches Ryoga when he accidentally falls on top of Akane. Ryoga then hits the back of Ranma's head, making him hit Akane's head and wake her up. Ranma then tries to say it isn't what it looks like, but Akane doesn't believe this so slaps Ranma and begins to beat him up, while Ranma tries to protest his innocence by saying about Ryoga but Akane says she can't see Ryoga anywhere. Akane then calls Ranma a pervert and throws him out of her bedroom window.

The next morning, Ranma is being lectured to about what he did by Nabiki, Kasumi and Soun, with greatly varying opinions. Meanwhile, Akane, who's holding Ryoga who's still in his pig form, is wondering about how this can be her family.

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  • Ryoga! You... You're a... Pig! - Ranma talking to Ryoga just after Ranma learns of Ryoga's curse.
  • Maybe here's a poor person who falls in the Spring of Drowned Pig! [Ryoga in his pig form nods vigorously] Ha! Funny joke, yes? [Genma in his panda form laughs] - The Jusenkyo Guide talking to Ryoga, Ryoga's response and then the Jusenkyo Guide's reply to Genma.
  • Oh look! It is a poor person! Now we cannot eat! - The Jusenkyo Guide after seeing Ryoga jump out of the boiling pan he just put the black pig in to.
  • [Genma in his panda form shuts the bathroom door] Soooo... that girl... was you! Ranma!! - Ryoga when he get his epiphany about who it was who got him cursed.
  • Ranma, if you're going to sneak into a girl's room, do it quietly! - Nabiki talking to Ranma about last night.
  • Personally, I don't think it's right to sneak in at all! - Kasumi talking to Ranma about last night.
  • It just shows he's a healthy lad. - Soun's opinion on Ranma sneaking into Akane's room.
  • How can this be my family? - Akane wondering to herself about her family's comments to Ranma about his sneaking into her room.


  • This chapter marks the second time the "Land of the Rising Sun" image has been used in the background of a panel. This time being shown when Akane calls Ryoga a good boy.
  • There is an old Japanese custom called Yobai which is when a man sneaks into a girls room and slips into the bed then asks permission to sleep together. This is likely what the whole family thought Ranma was doing.


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