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He's Something Else (ただ者ではない Tada mono dewanai?) is the 64th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Happosai Intro Arc.


Happosai buys an expensive bra for Ranma, who refuses to wear it. Happosai gets frustrated and tells Ranma that if he wants to fight him, he'll have to promise to wear the bra should he lose.

Plot Overview

Happosai turns Ranma into his cursed form so he can pat her buttocks, before being punched through the roof by Ranma.

Ranma is brushing his teeth while thinking about Happosai deciding to let him carry on the Anything Goes Martial Arts school. Ranma then thinks about how Happosai said he should be grateful of this, but isn't impressed. Suddenly Ranma is splashed by some cold water and has the buttocks of his cursed form patted by Happosai, who while doing so notes how healthy Ranma is looking this morning. Obviously angered about Happosai's preverted antics, Ranma sends him flying through the roof.

Later that morning at breakfast, Happosai thinks about Ranma is much cuter as a girl while trying to steal some of Soun's food (Soun himself protests and tries to protect his food). Ranma then pipes up and challenges Happosai to a fight. At that moment, Happosai pulls out an expensive looking bra and tells Ranma that this'll be his prize should he win (Soun, meanwhile cries in silence as Happosai had taken his food while pulling out the bra). Ranma is initially set aback by Happosai's offer but soon makes Happosai agree that should Ranma win that he (Happosai) leaves. Happosai offers a word of warning to Ranma... that if he doesn't wear the bra his breasts will sag. Ranma hits Happosai over the head for this comment.

On the way to school, Akane tells Ranma that he can't beat Happosai since, although he doesn't look like much, he trained both their fathers. Ranma replies that Happosai is just an old geezer. Ranma continues to think to himself that after school he'll take apart the dirty old man.

Happosai gets chased by the female students after he steals their gym shorts.

The end of school soon arrives and the students begin making their way home. Suddenly Happosai appears carrying a large bag while a group of female students chase after him, calling him a thief and demanding someone tackle him.

Ranma sees the commotion, so jumps down several floors of the school so he can catch up with Happosai. Happosai tells Ranma that he's got perfect timing and subsequently throws his bag at Ranma. As Ranma grabs the bag some of it's contents falls out, he picks up what fell out and it reveals that the bag is full of girls' gym shorts. At that moment, the female students chasing after Happosai attack Ranma demanding he give them back.

As Ranma takes the heat from the female students, Happosai relaxes by smoking his pipe. He can't relax for long, however, as Ranma reappears and pushes Happosai onto the ground. Ranma then asks Happosai if he just came to school to steal underwear, at first Happosai can't remember why he came to the school and begins to ponder. While Happosai ponders, Ranma decides to refresh his memory by punching Happosai, however just before Ranma makes contact Happosai remembers about the challenge and quickly avoids Ranma's punch.

While Happosai sits on his wrist, Ranma tries to swipe at him with his other hand, but misses as Happosai jumps up into a tree and tells Ranma to come and get him. Ranma gives chase and demands Happosai just fight him, to which Happosai he will if Ranma promises to turn into a girl and wear the bra he bought. Still completely against the idea, Ranma tells Happosai to stop suggesting it, much to Happosai's disappointment.

Ranma chases after Happosai, while Happosai continues his perverted antics.

Ranma continues to chase after Happosai, during which time Happosai flips the skirts of several female students. Happosai is soon stopped by Akane grabbing the back of his shirt and asking Happosai just what he thinks he's doing. Happosai gives the excuse of wanting to enjoy his duel with Ranma a bit, although Akane disagrees with what Happosai is doing as being a "duel". This causes Happosai to become teary-eyed and say that Ranma started it by not agreeing to wear the bra. Ranma then quickly runs up to Happosai and hits him over the head and demands his doesn't say it so loud.

Akane asks Ranma why he doesn't just do it for Happosai since it's only a bra. Ranma angrily expresses his view against this idea, causing Happosai to say that Ranma must be afraid he'll lose. Ranma asks Happosai what he just said, to which Happosai calmly adds that if Ranma isn't then why not agree to the terms.

A wind roles past while Ranma stands in silence before giving Happosai his word that he'll wear is should he lose. This overjoys Happosai who begins to jump all over Ranma's body and telling Ranma that if he tricks him then he'll cry. Ranma has soon had enough of this, so throws Happosai away from him while demanding that they just fight already.

Happosai projects his battle aura into Ranma, making Ranma unable to move.

Happosai lands a few feet away from Ranma and tells him not to worry as here he comes. Happosai then projects his large Battle Aura onto Ranma, which leaves him frozen on the spot. With Ranma rendered immobile, Happosai says that he looks forward to seeing Ranma wearing the bra. This comment is able to give Ranma enough determination to break his immobilisation and launch a punch at Happosai, although it misses. Happosai is impressed that Ranma was able to move after having his (Happosai's) battle aura projected on him. He then proceeds to launch a battle aura infused attack.

Ranma braces himself, but a group of female students in gym uniforms run past and Happosai suddenly disappears. Akane goes over to Ranma and asks if he's okay. Ranma says that Happosai isn't an average dirty old man. Akane then begins to wonder why he suddenly just disappeared like that since he wanted to see Ranma in a bra so badly. This causes Ranma to reiterate that Happosai isn't an ordinary dirty old man... he's an extra-ordinary dirty old man. The pair then watch (although Akane covers Ranma's eyes with her arm) as Happosai terrorises the female students who ran past earlier demanding Happosai gets out of the changing room. Happosai, meanwhile, is saddened by these comments as he gave up a duel to follow them here.

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