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Mousse, the main practitioner of Hidden Weapons Style.

Hidden Weapons Style is the personal fighting style of Mousse, a male member of the Joketsuzoku, and presumably comes from China. Sometimes also referred to as "dark magic", which is a pretentious pun referring to the fact it functions a lot like stage magic, it is essentially a hyper-effective version of slight of hand. A master of Hidden Weapons learns to use many different weapons, real and improvised, as well as how to conceal truly remarkable amounts of objects upon their bodies and within their clothing. Their fundaments of their style are using sheer speed to draw their weapons from concealment and deploy them, with the intention that their opponent will not be able to react to these strikes or even see them coming.

Mousse personally wears a long, flowing white coat with elaborately large sleeves that cover his hands. It is unknown if this is a formal uniform of the style or not, but it clearly is very helpful with it. In Nihao, My Concubine he wore a short sleeved hooded shirt instead that did not impair his ability to produce hidden weapons.


As "generic" attacks, Mousse favors three in particular, depending on which form he is in. As a human, he favors volleys of chains or ropes attached to various weights, including sais, armored gauntlets, and yoyos, which he uses to entangle his foe and draw them closer. As a duck, he compensates for his reduced physical capability by throwing barrages of throwing knives and bombs.

Michi Bainiou Chuan ("Fist of the White Swan"): The attacker draws a swan-shaped potty from nowhere, hits their target with it at ultrafast speed and with considerable strength, and then makes it disappear again. Considered very insulting if the victim realises what they were just beaten up with. This is the first attack that Mousse displays and is considered something of a signature move, though he doesn't use it very often after Ranma first proves swift enough to catch it.

Michi Chitan Chuan ("Hen's Egg Bomb"): The attacker draws out a chicken that lays explosive eggs, which can be thrown as low-grade grenades. Mousse uses this technique during his first formal duel with Ranma.

Michi Inchua Chuan ("Raking Hawk's Talon") Affixing steel claws to the toes of his shoes, the attacker performs a diving kick onto his foe. Mousse uses this technique during his first formal duel with Ranma. In the dubbed anime, he claims that only one student of Hidden Weapons in each generation is taught this technique.