Hiroshi and Daisuke are students in Ranma's class at Furinkan High School. The duo became Ranma's friends and supporters, although they remain jealous of Ranma's luck with the ladies. They eventually learn about Ranma's curse and enjoy looking at him when he is in his girl form, noting "Why can't there be more girls like him?" The entire school found out (except for Kuno and the teachers) during Mousse's first appearance in the manga but in the anime this secret wasn't discovered until the cheerleader episode[1]. It should be noted that their names were never mentioned in the manga.

Despite being Ranma's supporters, Hiroshi and Daisuke can also be quick to accuse of things such as molesting Miss Hinako. They can be considered the counterparts to Yuka and Sayuri, Akane's friends.

In Blow, Wind! To Be Young is to Go Gung-Ho episode, it's implied that they are both attracted to Akane Tendo[2].

Hiroshi can have multiple meanings, including "great soldier" and "abundant." Daisuke can be translated to mean "brotherly affection" or "assistance." Their surnames are never mentioned in the series.

Hiroshi is voiced by Kōji Tsujitani in Japanese, and Terry Klassen in the English dub. Daisuke was voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Japanese and David Kaye in the English dub.


Hiroshi has shaggy light brown hair and Daisuke has black hair (dark brown in the anime) that is parted. The two are always seen together and make small asides and comments about the situation. They are the most normal of Ranma's friends.

Their first appearance was Because There's a Girl He Likes in the manga and Love Me to the Bone! The Compound Fracture of Akane's Heart in the anime.


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