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The Horse Prayer Tablet Arc is the 96th story arc covered in the Ranma ½ manga, spanning one chapter. This arc was included in volume 33 of the Weekly Shōnen Sunday tankōbon and volume 31 of the Viz Media tankōbon.

Plot Summary

RanmaAkane and Hinako head to a local temple where the emas are being destroyed. Together with Ukyo, they investigate the Shinto Priest and find the culprit: an ugly horse named Shussemaru that has become angry about its accurate depiction on the emas. They decide to draw up new emas to flatter Shussemaru, but Hinako scribbles all over the best drawing. As the angry horse charges towards the group, Hinako manages to suck its energy and Shussemaru collapses. The Priest decides to change the drawing on emas to that of an ugly wild boar[1].

Chapters Covered

Image Chapter Number Arc Number English Chapter Name Japanese Chapter Name Anime Counterpart(s)
The Drawn and Quartered Horse
迷惑!! あばれ絵馬
(Meiwaku!! abare ema)

Major Events

  • A very ugly horse is destroying emas and is only stopped when Ms. Hinako absorbs its energy.

Characters Introduced


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