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Hot Competition (熱闘新体操 Netto shintaiso?) is the 21st chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Arc.


As the match begins Ranma quickly learns that the odds are stacked in Kodachi's favor. Her gymnastics tools are all deadly weapons in disguise and the refereeing leaves a lot to be desired.

Plot Overview

Ranma tells Ryoga (who's in his P-chan form) to keep cool or she'll beat his brains out. The Announcer then reiterates the rules of the match, mentioning that there is no time limit, barehand blows are not allowed and the winner is decided when one competitor is knocked down completely or falls out of the ring. The match begins and Ranma runs towards Kodachi telling her that beating up girls isn't her style so she'll just knock her out of the ring before she can get hurt.

Kodachi thanks Ranma for her concern, before quickly using the rope and Baton she was holding to stop Ranma's ribbon (which Ranma had charged at Kodachi with). The Announcer compliments Kodachi's ability to handle the rope, almost as if it was a rod. Ranma and Ryoga try to avoid Kodachi, but as Ryoga jumps around the chain he's attached to Ranma with wraps around Ranma and ensnares her. This gives Kodachi a gab to hit Ranma with an actual rod, when Ranma notices this Kodachi tells him that it's a rod disguised as a rope.

Kodachi using the spiked Baton against Ranma.

Seeing this Akane shouts up to the Judge saying that must be against the rules. However, the Judge replies it's legal so long as it's not barehanded. Kodachi then tries to hit Ranma with the Baton. Ranma manages to avoid the Batons and, as they move past her face, Ranma notices the Batons have secret spikes in them. Akane tells the Judge that the Baton has spikes, but when the Judge looks she sees no Spikes in the Baton. Kuno then comments on how the Batons having retractable spikes is a magnificent show of cowardice.

Kodachi then says she's doing this so she may date with be beloved Ranma. This angers Ranma who (still wrapped in the chain) jumps up with Ryoga between her feet uses him to attack Kodachi, while telling her there's noway of her going out with Kodachi. The Announcer calls the attack ingenious and asks if a Pig is a valid weapon, to which a group of three students with flags agree the weapon was valid.

Ranma then unravels herself from the chain and lands back in the ring. She then turns round to Kodachi, who asks Ranma who said anything about going out with her. Ranma tells Kodachi to promise that if she loses she'll never show her face to Ranma Saotome ever again. Kodachi asks Ranma what her what she means to Ranma Saotome, Ranma replies by demanding Kodachi answer her question. Kodachi then points her Baton at Ranma and decides that Ranma has feelings for Ranma Saotome. This angers Kodachi who then tries attack Ranma with the Spiked Baton, but Ranma blocks with her chain.

The hoop is revealed to be razor-sharp.

Ranma calls Kodachi a moron, saying that she is Ranma Saotome. Kodachi doesn't believe Ranma and says she only assumed that name out of love for the real Ranma. Kodachi continues by throwing a hoop at Ranma (which she'd asked for from one of the girls stood outside the ring), while saying that she'll punish Ranma for this. Ranma jumps out of the way of the hoop, which is revealed to be razor-blade edged as it cuts threw one of the posts at the edge of the ring.

Kodachi begins throwing multiple hoops at Ranma, most of which she avoids/defend against (except for one which just clips the top of her hair). Ranma then jumps onto the ropes of the ring and Akane throws her two Batons. Ranma then says if Kodachi can't understand plain words then she'll just have to defeat her. Ranma then begins to spin the Batons around in a similar style to Nunchaku. Kodachi is unimpressed by this display and tells Ranma to prepare for her secret technique, "The Blow of a Thousand Hands".

Kodachi then launches a speedy attack against Ranma, much to the awe of the audience. Akane then throws a Ball at Ranma, who jumps up after it and out of the range of Kodachi. Ranma then throws the Ball at Kodachi's wrist, causing her to stop attacking. This reveals that Kodachi actually was using 20 Batons (a spectator noted that it looked like she was using 20 Batons earlier), while Akane says that Kodachi has taken foul play to a whole new low.

Picking up a ribbon, Kodachi says that the essence of Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics is being able to control an endless arsenal of weapons. Kodachi then jumps up onto a ring post and uses the ribbon to grab the starting bell on the Announcers desk. She then throws it at Ranma, but Ranma blocks with Ryoga. This angers Ryoga, to which Ranma tells Ryoga she didn't have much choice. Kodachi then uses a opening to use her ribbon to throw a chair at Ranma, which she avoids.

Kodachi using Kuno against Ranma's table.

Ranma decides that two can play at this game, so uses her own ribbon to grab the table that the Announcer was sat in front of. Kodachi responds by using the ribbon to grab Kuno and he then uses his Shinai to break the table. The Announcer says that using a relative isn't using a barehanded attack, which the three female students sat next to her from earlier hold up their flags again and say the move was valid.

Akane is met up with Genma (who's in his panda form), who is carrying a Tetsubin and offers Akane a cup of tea, but she refuses saying that this is no time for tea. Returning to the ring, Kodachi and Ranma have thrown multiple objects at each other, which are now strewn across the ring floor. Neither Kodachi or Ranma is giving an inch. Kodachi then notices the Tetsubin next to Genma and grabs it with her ribbon. Kodachi then begins to try and pour it over Ranma.

Ranma tries to avoid Kodachi and the Tetsubin.

Kodachi is able to corner Ranma and asks if she really doesn't like hot water. Ranma thinks to herself about how she can't afford to change form dressed in a Leotard as she'll never live it down. Ranma then jumps up and tries to get the Tetsubin out of Kodachi's hands, but Kodachi throws the Tetsubin at Ranma, covering her and Ryoga in hot water. Meanwhile, Genma is holding up a sign saying "Uh-oh!".

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  • Keep it cool, Ryoga, or else I'll beat our Brains out. - Ranma talking to Ryoga at the start of the match.
  • Is a pig a valid weapon? Valid! - The Announcer asking if a pig is a valid weapon and a group of three female students agreeing that it is valid.
  • That's incredible! It looks like she's using twenty clubs! [...] Hey! She was using twenty clubs! - Spectators commenting on Kodachi while and after she uses "The Blow of a Thousand Hands".
  • Mr. Saotome? This is no time to be relaxing with a cup of tea! - Akane talking to Genma when he arrives at the match.
  • UH-OH! - Genma's sign after Ranma gets hit with hot water.


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