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I'll Never Let Go (この手ははなさない Kono te wa hanasanai?) is the 27th chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Martial Arts Figure Skating Arc.


Mikado and Azusa execute their finishing manuever, the Goodbye Whirl. All skating pairs before Ranma and Akane have been defeated by this technique, but they manage to hang on, and rather than let Akane hit the wall, Ranma takes the brunt of the crash.

Plot Overview

Mikado and Azusa use the Good-Bye Whirl on Ranma and Akane.

Ranma threatens Mikado by telling that if he lays a lip on her he'll kill him. While Akane wonders if Ranma really meant that, Mikado isn't concerned abut the threat and tells Ranma that the Golden Pair are known by another name, "The Anti-Matchmakers". Mikado and Azusa then begin to skate towards Ranma and Akane, telling them that not a single pair that has faced them hasn't split up afterwards.

The now angered Ranma tells them not to be so cocky, and skates towards Mikado and Azusa with Akane. As Akane tells herself not to think about anything other than winning the pair try to attack Azusa. However, Azusa jumps out of the way and, before Ranma can get away, Mikado grabs Ranma's leg as Azusa lands on top of him. Azusa then goes in to kiss Ranma, causing Akane to skate back asking what they think they're doing.

Azusa uses this opening to flip Ranma up so he's facing Akane. Akane then grabs on to Ranma's hands, just as Mikado does so to Azusa's ankles. Mikado then lifts the three above his head and begins spinning on the spot, a move recognised by the Announcer as "The Good-Bye Whirl".

Ranma flips Akane under himself so he hits the wall instead of her.

Mikado shouts up to Ranma that if he lets go he'll stop spinning. Ranma hears this, however, even though Akane tells him to let go, he refuses as that'll make her fly into a wall. Hearing this Mikado tries to force Ranma to let go by increasing the speed of his spinning. However, Ranma desperately holds on to Akane and refuses to let go. Meanwhile, Azusa has become dizzy from all the spinning she lets go of Ranma, sending both Ranma and Akane flying towards a wall.

Ranma chooses to save Akane and so flips her under himself, so he takes the hit to the wall instead of Akane.

Akane looks at the unmoving Ranma and notices he's still holding onto her hand. The Announcer comments that Ranma has fooled "The Good-Bye Whirl" by not letting go of his partner, but has paid the price. The now distraught Akane angrily shouts at Ranma telling him he didn't have to go this far. As Akane looks at Ranma, Mikado and Azusa say that every bone in his body must be broken and that no-one could've survived that.

Akane then begins to get teary-eyed and eventually starts crying deeply on Ranma's chest. Ranma's eyes then open and he angrily asks Akane is she isn't even going to say Thanks You for saving her. This obviously annoys Akane who tells Ranma that she was worried about him, to which Ranma retorts that he couldn't be wiped out by something like that.

The audience and Azusa notice that Charlotte has disappeared.

Ranma then gets up, but when he does he's in extreme pain almost throughout his body. Mikado is slightly surprised and amused by Ranma getting up, to which Ranma tells Mikado that this fight is just skating. The Announcer then says that the match of the Charlotte Cup resumes, however, members in the crowd notice that the prize (P-chan) has disappeared.

As everyone wonders where the pig went, Ryoga is up in rafters behind the audience and says that it's time he made his appearance. Back in the Skating Rink, Akane tries to convince Ranma not to fight in his condition. Ranma refuses saying that he won't quit until he's beaten this lousy pervert (Mikado) to a pulp. Mikado hears this and tells Ranma he wouldn't have Ranma withdraw anyway, as he hasn't stolen a kiss from Akane yet.

Ryoga messes up and grabs the female Ranma instead of Akane.

Mikado attempts to continue to fight Ranma, but is quickly stopped by Azusa who demands Mikado finds her Charlotte. Back with Akane and Ranma, and Akane flicks Ranma's ribs which makes him collapse to the ground. Akane then tells Ranma not to push himself, she then takes Ranma's hand, however, before she can say anything the lights go out. The blackout was caused by Ryoga who uses the darkness to splash Ranma with cold water, while also grabbing Akane away from him. However, Ryoga messes up and ends up grabbing the now female Ranma instead. Once the lights come back on, Ranma looks at Ryoga and tells him he's and idiot as things were just getting good.

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