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I'll See That You Lose (負けてもらうぜ Makete morau ze?) is the 20th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Arc.


Ryoga reveals his real reason for "training" Ranma after Akane goes to bed. He intends to beat him to a pulp to insure that he'll lose the match the follow day and have to give up Akane in favor of Kodachi Kuno. Akane awakens shocked to see that Ryoga and Ranma have been fighting all night, and Ranma is in questionable shape for his match that morning.

Plot Overview

Ryoga explains to Ranma (who's in his female form, wearing a leotard) that in Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics it is illegal to attack the enemy barehanded and as the match is tomorrow they have no choice but to fight against each other for real as there isn't another way to learn and master the techniques. Ranma then charges at Ryoga and Ryoga tells Ranma to attack from any direction. Ranma does so, by kicking Ryoga in the face and making him fall to the floor.

Ranma trains with Ryoga.

Seeing how easy that was, Ranma begins to get cocky and says this will be child's play. However, Ryoga uses the Ribbon he was holding to trip up Ranma and tell her that she needs to use the tools. Ranma then tries again, this time using the Ribbon. She tries to hit Ryoga with the Ribbon, but Ryoga blocks it with his own equipment. Ranma then picks up a hoop with her feet and use it to trip Ryoga.

The two then continue to fight, while Akane watches on and notes of just how good Ranma is at Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics. Ranma hears this and says she hasn't been watching Akane practice for a week for nothing. Just then Ryoga throws a ball at Ranma's face and manages to hit her. Akane tells Ranma that she doesn't need to practice at all, but Ranma looks angrily at Ryoga and says that she does. Ranma continues by telling Akane she should go to bed, which causes Akane to reply that there's no way she could do that.

Ranma mocks Akane slightly by asking if she's worried she'll (Ranma) will get hurt. Akane tells Ranma that has nothing to do with it. Ryoga then steps in and tells Akane that needn't worry as he'll teach Ranma everything she needs to know. Hearing this Akane finally gives in and goes to bed, thinking to herself that if Ranma can fight like that there's no way she can lose.

Ryoga tells Ranma that happened to hear that if she should lose she'll go steady with Kodachi and that this'll mean her relationship with Akane will be finished, so he'll make sure that Ranma loses tomorrow. Ranma retorts that she thought it was weird that Ryoga would train her just to be nice. Ranma continues by telling Ryoga that she has no intentions of dating Kodachi. Ryoga then goes to attack Ranma and tells her that he'll cripple her before the match begins, to which Ranma tells Ryoga to just try. The two then proceed to fight.

Akane finds Ranma and Ryoga still "training".

Akane wakes up to a cold morning and comments on how well she slept last night. She the goes to Training Hall and finds Ranma and Ryoga still practicing (although Ranma is just jumping on Ryoga and asking Ryoga if he's had enough, which Ryoga replies that he'll never give up). When Akane asks if they've been practicing all night, all Ranma can do is ask if it's morning already. Akane then asks Ranma is she's okay for the match, to which Ranma tells it's no problem; followed by gibberish repetitions of no problem.

Ranma then goes to have breakfast, where she tells Kasumi that her Fish Cake is a tough, to which Kasumi tells Ranma that she's eating a towel. Seeing this Akane looks on in horror at the state of her "replacement".

Akane explains to Kodachi that since she hurt herself, she is unable to participate in the match and the girl stood next to her (Ranma in his female form) will take her place. Kodachi recognises the pigtailed girl from their first meeting. Kodachi then offers Ranma a handshake, but Akane intervenes and checks Kodachi's hand; revealing thumbtacks lodged in-between her fingers. Kodachi looks at them and, rather sarcastically, remarks about how wonders how those got there.

In the dressing room for the Furinkan High School team, Akane notices a bouquet of Black Roses on a glass table which is from Kodachi. Akane and Ranma are cautious of the "gift" and place the Roses in a nearby Fish tank, which reveals the Roses were laced with sleeping powder as all the fish in the tank loose consciousness.

Outside the School grounds, someone asks if this the St. Hebereke's School for Girls to which the other person responds that it is. The person asking turns out to be Ryoga who decides this is a sign that Akane's love has brought him here. However, Ryoga quickly puts these feelings aside and concentrates on how he's going to ruin the match for Ranma. Just then a bucket of water falls on to Ryoga, turning into his P-chan form, as two girls discuss about if someone was down there; to which the girl with the bucket it doesn't matter there's only a pig down there.

Around the corner of the School building, a group of St. Hebereke students appear and notice Ryoga and begin to cuddle and pet him. Kodachi then takes Ryoga off the group and says that this pig will help her greatly.

The School's second Gymnasium (as mentioned through the School's Loudspeakers system) is full of spectators waiting for the match to begin. Kodachi then walks into the Gymnasium and greets Kuno which he greets her in return. Some students behind begin to comment about Kuno, with the female students from St. Hebereke noting how handsome Kuno is while the male students from Furinkan High listen in to the female students and saying that ignorance is bliss.

Kodachi and Kuno learn of the name of the "pigtailed girl".

The Judge the introduces Kodachi and when she is about Ranma, she asks Ranma what her name is. Ranma straight away uses her real name (Ranma Saotome), to which Akane asks if it's wise of Ranma to use her real name; which Ranma retorts that it's fine. The Judge then announces Ranma name, which sends shock and surprise to Kuno, Kodachi and the students of Furinkan High.

Kodachi says to herself that she never realised that the name given to her beloved Ranma can be so horrible name for a girl, while Kuno decides that as he's finally learned the name of the "pigtailed girl" he must write the name down so he doesn't forget it. The Furinkan High students begin discussing how they've heard of people having the same first and last names, along with how the girl does look kind of similar to Ranma. This causes another student to retort that complete strangers can still look similar.

Ranma tells Akane there wasn't a need to worry, while Akane looks on in disbelief. The Judge tells Kodachi and Ranma to shake hands, but just before they do Kodachi points and tells them to look in the direction she's pointing. When Ranma looks back at her wrist she sees a chain attached to it, with P-chan attached to the other end. Kodachi tells Ranma that carelessness if her enemy. Ranma then looks at P-chan and tells him that he just lives to louse her up, while P-chan bites on the chain to try and break it.

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  • Use the tools! The tools! Are you human or animal?! - Ryoga talking to Ranma at the start of their Rhythmic Gymnastics training.
  • Take that! And that! Had enough yet? Never! Yet?! Never! Yet?!! Never! - Ranma "training" with Ryoga early in the morning, asking Ryoga if he's had enough and Ryoga's response.
  • Are you... Are you okay... For the match...? No plobrem. No broplem. Pro noblem. Plo robnem. Blo noprem. - Akane asking Ranma if she's okay to fight in the match and Ranma's response.
  • Hey Kasumi, this fish cake is tough. That's a towel. This... is my replacement?! - Ranma talking to Kasumi, Kasumi's response and Akane's none-verbal reply to the scene.
  • To think that I, with the world's worst sense of direction... have come straight to this place! That is the power of love! Oh, Akane... - Ryoga when he realises he's arrived at St. Hebereke's School for Girls without getting lost.
  • At last, I've learned her name! I must write it down before I forget! - Kuno after he learns the name of his "pigtailed girl".
  • Ryoga you little-- You just live to louse me up, don't you? - Ranma at seeing the chain on her wrist has P-chan connected to the end of it.



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