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I Hate Men! (男なんか大っ嫌い Otoko nanka daikkirai?) is the third chapter in the first volume of the manga and the first chapter of the Tatewaki Kuno Intro Arc.


After a hectic first day at the at the Tendo house, Genma explains to Ranma that since they're going to be staying here at the Tendo's house a while that he is going to attend the local High School that Nabiki and Akane attend as well.

Plot Overview

Ranma is sitting in the family room with Genma sitting opposite him. Genma begins explaining that since they'll be staying a while that Ranma will be attending the local High School. Nabiki then shows up, dressed in the School's uniform, and says that the school he'll be attending will be the same one as she and Akane go to. Akane then runs up to Nabiki, who is now walking off to school, saying that she will walk to school with her. Nabiki then tells Akane that since Ranma is her fiancée then she would walk to school with him. Akane then looks behind her to see Ranma looking up rather glumly.

Ranma trips Genma into the river.

Akane and Ranma are then seen walking to school, with Akane walking on the pavement while Ranma walks atop some railings. Akane then says that Ranma shouldn't worry seeing how it's not like they're getting married. Akane continues by saying that she doesn't want Ranma hanging around her while their at school, which Ranma replies by saying that she doesn't need to worry about that and that he doesn't like macho girls like her anyway. Akane gets very angered by this and prepares to throw her book bag at Ranma, but Genma suddenly arrives and hits Ranma over the head.

Genma then says to Ranma that he's in no position to be choosy about woman. Genma continues by saying that he'll say this once, however, before Genma can finish Ranma kicks him off the railing causing Genma to fall into the river below, causing him to turn into his Panda form. Ranma then heckles Genma asking him if he was going to say something. Genma jumps out of the river and begins throwing punches at Ranma, who dodges them easily. Ranma then says that they should check this out, but Ranma then splashed by an Old Woman throwing some water onto the street; causing Ranma to turn into his female form. Akane looks on rather unimpressed and asks if there's something wrong.

Ranma decides that she's going back home to take a bath, but Akane says that they'll be late if Ranma does that. Ranma replies by saying she doesn't want to start school as girl, this leads Akane to say that all they need to do is pour some hot water on Ranma and she'll return back to normal. Akane takes Ranma to an Acupressure, Acupuncture and Moxibustion clinic, where Akane goes to ask an person there if she can use some hot water while Ranma waits round the corner out of sight.

While Ranma waits a skeleton's hand touches her on the shoulder, causing Ranma to jump up onto the sign outside the clinic. When Ranma looks down she sees a man holding the skeleton that touched on the shoulder telling her not to worry and that it's just his skeleton Betty. Akane then comes round the corner with the hot water in a Tetsubin and sees Ranma with the doctor. The doctor recognises her. Akane then bows to the doctor and says good morning to him, she then outs the Tetsubin on Ranma's head making her bow as well, and the doctor bows back and says good morning back to them. Ranma then looks at Akane noticing a different attitude to her normal one.

Ranma notices a change in Akane.

Ranma goes round the corner out of sight of the doctor and pours the hot water over himself. While Ranma does this the doctor begins talking to Akane saying that he hasn't seen her in a while then asking her if she hasn't had any new injures. Akane responds rather shyly saying that she hasn't done anything that would injure her. Ranma over hears the conversation and finds it interesting.

Akane and Ranma are now running as fast as they can to get to school, with Akane running on the pavement while Ranma runs on fences. Ranma then asks who that guy they just met was, Akane says that he was Dr. Tofu the Chiropractor. Ranma they asks if he does martial arts as well, Akane is surprised by Ranma knowing this and asks how he could tell. Ranma then thinks to himself about the way Dr. Tofu managed to sneak up on him and erased all sense of his presence.

Despite not getting an answer to her question from Ranma, Akane continues to say that Dr. Tofu is very good at Martial Arts although he doesn't look like he should be. Akane then says that since she was a little girl Dr. Tofu has taken care of her injuries. Ranma then jumps down and points out that Dr. Tofu is a man and Akane said she hates men. Akane doesn't answer for a few moments and replies that yes she despises them. Akane and Ranma then arrive at the school grounds.

The mob of students arrive.

As they run a large group of men in varying sporting outfits are seen running towards Ranma and Akane. The group of men then shout to Akane not to come any closer as they all want to beat her. Akane and Ranma jump up into the air as the group encloses. Akane then begins to kick and punch members of the group saying that she'll never let another man beat her. Meanwhile, Ranma watches the fight from atop a stone wall.

The Mob lies defeated at Akane's hands.

Nabiki is then seen talking to her friends from a balcony of the school. Nabiki then spots Ranma and shouts to him telling him to get into the school now, Ranma then points to the fight between Akane and the other men, Nabiki then says not to worry about Akane. But Ranma looks down and sees Akane has defeated all of the group. Akane then says it's a drag having to fight them every morning. A voice then calls out and describes them as a truly boorish lot.

A young man carrying a Shinai and a rose appears. The man then says each of the men Akane just fought want to ask her out and by doing so have finally "defeated" her. Akane isn't very impressed and addresses the man as Upperclassman. The Upperclassman throws his Rose to Akane and asks if he may now fight with her, while Akane looks at him unimpressed.

Ranma then jumps down from the wall next to Akane and says that Akane is very popular, to which Akane tells Ranma to stay of the way otherwise he'll get hurt. Ranma continues to ask Akane what's going on to which Akane replies by saying he'll see soon. The Upperclassman then points his Shinai at Ranma and says that he's being quite familiar, much to Ranma's confusion. Ranma turns to Akane and tells her to tell the Upperclassman that they're fiancées, however Akane just looks up at the sky and asks Ranma what she should tell him.

Ranma accepts Kuno's challenge.

After hearing the way in which Ranma talks to Akane, the Upperclassman asks what Ranma's name is, but only after the Upperclassman gives his name first. Ranma allows the Upperclassman to introduce himself. The Upperclassman addresses himself as Upperclassman Kuno, Captain of the Kendo Club and the undefeated star of the High School's Fencing World, known by his peers as the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High School.

Meanwhile, Nabiki and her friends are surprised to hear Kuno refer to himself as the "Blue Thunder". Ranma thinks about saying who he is, but then says that he's staying at the Tendo Practice Hall. Hearing this infuriates Kuno and he attacks Ranma with his Shinai, but Ranma jumps backwards out of the way and continues saying that he's the heir to the Saotome School of Indiscriminate Grappling. Ranma then throws his school bag to Akane and asks her to hold it. Ranma then says that he's Ranma Saotome and he accepts Kuno's challenge.

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  • Don't worry! I can't stand macho chicks like you! - Ranma talking to Akane about her on the way to school.
  • I am Ranma Saotome! And I accept your challenge! - Ranma introducing himself to Tatewaki Kuno and accepting his challenge.


  • In the English translation of this chapter Tatewaki Kuno introduces himself as "Upperclassman Kuno" while in the original Japanese version he says "I'm 2nd year class E, Kuno Tatewaki." (In Japan surnames/family names are said first.)


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