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I Won't Eat It! (食ってたまるか Kutte tamaru ka?) is the 62nd chapter of the manga it is also the fourth and final chapter of the Martial Arts Takeout Arc.


The fight spills out of Kuno's underground training facility and into his bathtub as Ranma tries to get Shampoo to change back into a girl. While there, Kuno discovers male Ranma sitting in his bathtub with a naked Shampoo and get's very angry.

Plot Overview

Ranma asks Akane what she thinks she's doing.

Akane continues to spray water from the Garden hose in an attempt to hit Shampoo, while Ranma tries to stop Shampoo from being hit and turning into her cat form. Shampoo then tells Ranma to keep running and go on a date with her. Having had enough, Ranma holds Shampoo above her head (while also balancing the Ramen on her (Ranma's) head as well) and runs straight towards Akane.

In order to stop Akane using the hose, Ranma steps on it and asks her just what she's thinking. Akane, slightly teary-eyed, replies by asking Ranma why she's siding with Shampoo. Just then Shampoo hits Akane on the head and says that Ranma's dumped her. Kuno then interjects by telling the trio that they simply must stop fighting over him, this causes Ranma kick Kuno into the air while telling him to knock it off.

At that moment, Ranma notices that the hose pipe has swelled with all the blocked water inside it. The hose then bursts and spares the trio with water. With Shampoo now in her cat form and clinging onto Ranma's head, a terrified Ranma runs out from the Underground Training Facility and doesn't stop until she reaches the Kuno bathroom, which is filled with warm water.

Shampoo tells Ranma her Chow Mein is all gone.

Ranma soon recovers from his ailurophobia. Suddenly Shampoo reemerges from the water back in her human form, completely naked and upset that all of her Chow Mein is gone. She continues by grabbing Ranma and sobbing that she can no longer go on a date with him, per their bet. Ranma quickly takes off his shirt and tells Shampoo to put it on, to which Shampoo tries to use to her advantage by asking Ranma if she puts it on does that mean he'll go on a date with her. Ranma just tells Shampoo to put the shirt on.

Suddenly the end of Kuno's Bokken appears and cuts the end of a few of Ranma's hairs. An enraged Kuno asks Ranma why he dare to have such lascivious action in his bathtub, he then tries to strike Ranma with his Bokken, but Ranma easily breaks it in half. Akane then passes Kuno a replacement Bokken causing Kuno to thank her. When Ranma makes fun of Akane's assistance, Akane responds by sticking her tongue out at Ranma.

Kuno returns his attention to Ranma and tries to hit him with his Bokken. Ranma dodges all tells Kuno that if he just ate some Ramen like any other idiot then they could end this lunacy. As he says this, Ranma takes some Ramen and tries to get Kuno to eat it but fails to do so. Kuno thinks Ranma has gone mad and says that he doesn't accept Ramen from just any man and that the only desire he has for soggy Ramen is to destroy it (during this time Shampoo asks Akane if Kuno doesn't know if the male and female Ranma are the same person).

Ranma uses the Puppet Grip to try and force feed Kuno, until Shampoo notes the flaw in the technique.

Continuing, Kuno launches a flurry of strikes with his Bokken but none manages to hit Ranma. Ranma then quickly gets behind Kuno and uses the "Special Delivery Strike - Puppet Grip" which involves Ranma wrapping his legs around Kuno's waist from behind as well as grabbing onto his arms. Ranma continues by trying to force feed the Ramen to Kuno. However, Shampoo points out that this technique has one big flaw, in that although Ranma has control of Kuno's arms, but he can't control Kuno's mouth so can't fore feed Kuno.

At first Ranma sees this error, but as Kuno is talking at this point Ranma can easily feed him since he has such a big mouth. As Kuno eats the Ramen he calls it revolting. He then walks over to the tap of the bath (shaped as a lion's head) and uses his feet to push a small switch at the top of it. The water behind Ranma and Kuno then begins to swirl and a giant water spout (also shaped like a lion's head) appears.

The water spout then activates and spews hot water at Kuno and Ranma. The water is strong enough to blast a hole in the bath's roof as well as sent Kuno and Ranma flying. In the air, Ranma asks Kuno what he's thinking, to which Kuno explains he'd rather drown than be fed Ramen by a man.

Kuno happily eats the horrible, soaked Ramen when it's from the pigtailed girl.

Ranma then lands in a pond and turns back to his female form. Kuno then lands head first on top of Ranma. At the sight of his pigtailed girl, Kuno grabs her and says how much he's longed for her. The announcer there's still some Ramen in Ranma's bowl (albeit now soaked and not very attractive in appearance) and there can be no winner until the whole thing is eaten. For his love, Kuno eats the Ramen that remains and says that love is the best seasoning. The announcer then asks Ranma what she credits for her victory, to which Ranma says she doesn't know but guesses it was probably love.

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