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I Won't Fall in Love! (誰が惚れるか Dare ga horeru ka?) is the 94th chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Amazon Love Pills Arc.


Akane swallows one of the pills and Cologne tells her not to worry, because it is only the day pill. Akane decides she can wear a blindfold for one day, and then walks off. Cologne tells Ranma she made a mistake and that Akane swallowed the lifetime pill.

Plot Overview

Soun and Genma have returned to the Inn, where they learn of Akane having swallowed one the Love Pills and will fall in love with the first person she sees. Without a second moment's though, Soun pours some hot water over Ranma and removes Akane's blindfold so she'll fall in love with him. Unfortunately, Shampoo intervenes and throwing more cold water over Ranma so he'll remain female and prevent the Pill from working. Akane then closes her eyes again, before facing away from everyone and saying that she'll be the one to choose who she looks at.

Happosai attempts to get Akane to look at him, but is quickly sent flying.

At that moment, Happosai appears, but luckily Ranma kicks him into the air whilst covering Akane's face with a water pail. Ranma then notes that there was only two Pills left, the Day Pill and the Lifetime Pill and asks which one Akane swallowed, but she doesn't know. Happosai then returns and asks what would happen if she took the Lifetime Pill, and Ranma nearly reveals that Akane would be in love for her entire life, but luckily Ranma stops herself in time, allowing her and Soun to attack Happosai, whilst Genma shields the re-blindfolded Akane.

A little later, Akane (still blindfolded) and Ranma head to the Cat Café's stall to ask Cologne which Pill Akane swallowed. Cologne inspects the Love Pill Bracelet and tells Akane not to worry as she only swallowed the Day Pill. While Akane is relieved at this news, Ranma is slightly disappointed at going through all this trouble just for the Day Pill. Akane questions Ranma about her view and soon becomes angered with Ranma's ignorance.

As she shouts at Ranma, Happosai removes her blindfold, but Ranma quickly attacks the old lecher before holding up a sign so Akane doesn't see him. Ranma then asks Akane that, instead of looking at something she doesn't want to, why doesn't she settle for her. Initially Akane is touched by this suggestion, but when Ranma reveals she was just kidding, Akane angrily slams her to the floor before re-blindfolding herself.

Preparing to leave, Akane declares that all she has to do is not look at a man for 24 hours and adds she isn't going to let some Pill beat her. Ranma then calls to Akane, but she tells her to just leave her alone. Ranma quickly agrees to Akane's request, but advises she watch out for the wall, which Akane subsequently walks in to. After Ranma bids Akane farewell (having faced her in the correct direction), Cologne reveals that she made a mistake and Akane did swallow the Lifetime Pill, leaving Ranma in shock.

Meanwhile, Ryoga has arrived on the beach as well, but has no more energy left so collapses onto the sand. As Ryoga wishes that Akane knew..., but before he can finish Akane blindly walks over him. Ryoga then looks up and watches as Akane wanders aimlessly across the beach.

Ranma kicks Ryoga into the water when he calls out to Akane.

Akane manages to make her way to a rocky-outcrop by the ocean, where she sits down and thinks about how insensitive Ranma was. She then decides she's had enough and removes her blindfold. Just then Akane hears a voice behind her and turns to see who it is, only to get another water pail thrown in her face (which was thrown by Ranma, as she kicks Ryoga into the ocean).

After Ranma remerges from the ocean, Akane asks why she threw the pail, but Ranma simply notes that there was a pig drowning. As Akane wonders how P-chan got here, Ranma tries to explain to Akane she swallowed the Lifetime Pill. However, before Ranma can finish, Kuno appears, causing Ranma to cover Akane's eyes with the water pail again as she sends Kuno flying. As Akane removes the pail, she tells Ranma to deny it all she wants, but she's jealous. This prompts Ranma to angrily tell Akane what Pill she swallowed, but by the time she turns around to face Akane, she's already running away from her.

As Ranma runs after Akane, she demands Akane but her blindfold back on in case she looks at some strange guy. Akane, however, refuses as states her Knight on a White horse might come along. At that moment, a horse appears behind them, with Shampoo riding it, declaring that it's more like a nut on a White horse (referring to Happosai who's situated between the horse's ears). Ranma quickly pushes Akane under the water, only for Happosai to attempt to jump in and save her...

Ranma waits for the Love Pill to take effect when he offers himself to Akane.

While Akane coughs at having swallowed some water by the shore, Shampoo offers some hot water to Ranma, suggesting he turn back into his male form and fall in love with her. After Ranma finishes burying Happosai, she takes the Tetsubin of hot water and goes over to Akane, who's sobbing. Ranma then tells Akane that she'd better appreciate this, as she's turning back into a guy just for her so he life isn't ruined by Happosai.

A few moments of silence pass as Akane stares at Ranma. Eventually Ranma asks Akane if she's fallen for him yet, but Akane just ends up slapping Ranma, asking him how stupid will he get before he gives up. Ranma is confused, but Akane enlightens him by showing that thanks to his nearly drowning her she coughed it back up. She then proceeds to throw it into the ocean, with Happosai following in hot pursuit, only for it to be consumed by a passing Octopus.

That evening, Ranma continues to explain to Akane that she swallowed the Lifetime Pill, but Akane doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, Shampoo attempts to make Ranma take the Day Pill as Kasumi notes what she believes to be Happosai's new girlfriend. In response to this comment, Happosai sadly notes that he isn't an Octopus, to which Cologne adds "that's what you say!"

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  • In the Viz Media translation, when Ranma tells Akane to put her blindfold back on she says "No, my prince on a white horse might come along!" shortly thereafter Happosai arrives on a white horse and Shampoo says "Is more like nut on a white horse." In the original Japanese version, this was actually a clever pun, where Akane said "prince" (ouji-sama) and Shampoo said "old man" (oji-sama).


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