Infinite Battle "Ki" (無限の闘気 Mugen no toki?) is the 316th chapter of the manga. It is also the first chapter of the Infinite Ki Arc.

Ms. Hinako wins a couple of fish at a fair that allows her to retain her adult form.

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Finding it hard to concentrate, Ranma begins eating during class. Akane warns him to be more discreet, but their teacher Ms. Hinako has already caught him. She rushes over to him while flailing her arms but forgets it all when Ranma tosses her a sausage cut in a shape of an octopus. She then rushes over to Hiroshi and snatches his manga for reading it in class, but ends up reading it for herself. She continues this pattern of discipline followed by distraction until the class is over, not having taught much at all.

Before they can leave, Hinako uses Happo Fifty-Yen Satsu to absorb their ki. Hiroshi and Daisuke are caught but Ranma escapes by attaching himself to the ceiling. She tries again aiming the coin directly at Ranma, but he neutralizes the attack by sticking a small pencil in the hole. Hinako is soon distracted when she sees the coin with pencil as a top and begins playing with it as everyone leaves. She soon chases Ranma around the school field for disrupting class.

Not having caught Ranma, Hinako walks home disappointed, dreaming of a day when she can be in her adult form all the time and be respected by her students. Just then she senses great aura in a nearby fair. She searches the fair, having as much fun as possible in the process, and comes upon the source of the aura, a fish scooping game. When she sticks the poi into the water, the breaking of the net paper net causes a tremendous amount of ki to be absorbed.
Hinako fantasy

Hinako fantasizes about having total respect from her students.

Infinite Ki

The next day, Ms. Hinako shows up to class and surprises everyone. She holds in her hand two fish in a round bowl while in her adult form. She walks up to Ranma eating his daily classroom lunch and tells him that she will be much more strict from now on. She then blasts him with Happo No-Yen Coin Return while still retaining her adult form. Ranma tries to distract her with a toy snake and is blasted away again, this time out of the window.

After school, she asks Akane about Ranma. They go to a nearby restaurant where Akane asks Hinako about the fishbowl she was carrying around everywhere. Hinako changes subject and mentions that she lost her wallet. So has Akane pay for her meal and leaves. Ranma, meanwhile, sits on top of a roof and realizes that the secret must be in the fishbowl.

Back at the dojo, Kasumi gives Akane a wallet in a shape of a rabbit head and belonging to her teacher. She heads over to her house to return it. Ranma arrives in Hinako's place much earlier in order to unlock the secret behind the fishbowl. He sneaks in through the window and finds the place a pigsty. He begins cleaning up her mess in order to find the bowl. Just then he hears her coming in and sticks to the ceiling. After a brief confusion, she instantly makes a mess of the room and watches T.V. until nightfall before retiring elsewhere. Ranma comes back down and begins cleaning up again before realizing what he was really in there for. He is then confronted by Hinako who had just come out of the shower wearing a bath towel.
Hinako confrontation

Hinako confronts Ranma in her apartment.

Akane, unaware of the events inside, now arrives at the Friendship Apartments.

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  • The book they are reading is titled "SUNLIZEI ENGLISH READER". The same book in Viz translation is changed to "ENGLISH CONVERSATION"


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