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Instant Spring (即席男溺泉 Sokuseki Nanniichuan?) is the 70th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Dojo Destroyer Arc.


After coming home from her morning jog Akane notices that the dojo sign is missing. Upon checking with her father, she discovers that a dojo destroyer has beaten him and taken their sign as proof. Soun tells Akane and Ranma the the dojo destoryer will return on Saturday to face the two of them.

Plot Overview

Akane notices that the Dojo sign has disappeared.

Akane has just finished another one of her early morning jogs and is returning to the Tendo Dojo. However as Akane is about to shout that she's home she notices that the Dojo's sign has disappeared. Shocked at this sight, Akane decides that it must be the work of a Dojo Destroyer.

After heading inside, Akane learns from her father that he and Genma accepted the challenge, but were both defeated so the Destroyer took their sign. This causes Akane to tell Soun that she'll fight and take back the Dojo... but before she can finish Ranma appears and flicks some Popcorn at the back of her head. Akane then asks Ranma what he thinks he's doing, to which replies that he can handle this alone. This makes Akane retort that it's none of his business, after he flicks another piece of popcorn at Akane's nose, Ranma tells her that she'd only get in the way.

At that moment Akane suddenly whips out a small litter of young kittens, terrifying Ranma. Akane continues by mockingly asking Ranma how he intends to face a Dojo Destroyer when he can't even stand up to some kittens, Ranma just angrily tells Akane that what she did isn't fair. Soun then tries to get the pair to stop arguing, but is ignored by both of them as they continue to insult each other. Quickly having had enough, Soun shouts down a megaphone into Akane's ear as Ranma is slammed into the ground by Genma.

Soun then tells Ranma and Akane that this saturday the Destroyer will return and have a rematch and should he lose then the Destroyer will return the sign. Soun then says that he'd like them both to work together, but is met with the same response from Ranma and Akane that they can do it themselves. Angered, Soun shouts at the pair demanding them to work together, this causes Ranma and Akane to reluctantly agree.

Some time later and Soun and Genma (who's assumed his human form) are in the Dojo's training hall. Inside the training hall, the Dojo's sign is clearly visible and Genma notes that they can use this "Dojo Destroyer" bit to bring Ranma and Akane closer together. Soun and Genma then "transform" by having Soun jump onto Genma's shoulders and then place a large robe over themselves, after which they assume their role as the "Dojo Destroyer".

Soun and Genma imagine themselves fighting against Ranma and Akane.

The pair then begin imagining their fight against their children, where neither Ranma nor Akane can defeat the "Destroyer", causing them to decide to join forces to defeat him. After he is defeated the "Destroyer" will die, with his final words being him telling Ranma and Akane that they must always work together. Soun and Genma hope this plan will be enough to stop the childish bickering between the two and allow the Anything Goes Martial Arts school to continue.

As Soun cries in joy at his seemingly perfect plan, a large figure appears behind the pair and attacks them.

Later that day at Furinkan High School and Ranma is about to take his turn when Soun suddenly appears in front of him (now sporting a large bump of his head). Tears then begin streaming from Soun's eyes as he tells Ranma that there's a Dojo Destroyer, Ranma asks Soun if they didn't already have this conversation already. Soun tells Ranma that this isn't what he means, Genma (in his panda form) also appears and gives Ranma a letter which he and Akane read. As the two read the letter they soon notice it's identical explains the same circumstances as what Soun described before. Ranma then hits Genma while telling him that they had this conversation already and reiterates that he'll handle it.

Shampoo demonstrates the Nannīchuan Powder.

Just then Shampoo crashes through the gym roof on her bike, only this time she's brought a dog, a large bowl and a hosepipe with her. Akane asks Shampoo what she wants, while Ranma tells Shampoo that they don't need her making things worse than they already are. Shampoo just ignores these comments and puts some ordinary water into the large bowl she brought, followed by some odd powder. She then throws a bone above the bowl, which the dog jumps after.

The dog then begins to splash around the water, almost as if it were drowning, but remerges as a human male! Everyone present (apart from Shampoo, obviously) is shocked at this sight, Ranma is especially and begins wondering how Shampoo did this. Shampoo reveals that she recently bought some Instant Nannīchuan Powder, which turns the water into that found at the Nannīchuan (drowned man) spring at Jusenkyo. Hiroshi and Daisuke then begin questioning Shampoo about the powder.

Meanwhile, Ranma and Genma hit each other to make sure that they're not dreaming and are overjoyed that they've found a way to cure themselves. Ranma is then suddenly splashed with some cold water by Hiroshi and Daisuke who tell Ranma that they like him the way he is. Akane, wise to Shampoo's usual tricks, knows that Shampoo won't just give Ranma the powder so asks what she wants in return. Shampoo says that she just wants a date with Ranma, to which Ranma more than happily agrees to. While Soun tries to convince Akane to go along with it since it's just a date, Shampoo begins mocking Akane by sticking her tongue out at her which angers her further.

Akane throws Ranma and decides to fight the Dojo Destroyer by herself.

Shampoo then takes the dog-human and cycles away, telling Ranma the date will be this Saturday. After realising what Shampoo just said, Ranma, with no sense of remorse, says sorry to Akane for not being able to fight on Saturday to which Akane sarcastically replies that it's quite alright. Ranma then proceeds to pat Akane's shoulder repeatedly while telling her that her brute strength will be more than enough to deal with some dumb Dojo Destroyer. This comment to say "by brute strength... YOU MEAN THIS!?" and proceeds to throw Ranma through the roof of the gymnasium. The students are impressed with this display, with one student noting that it should be made into an Olympic event. Akane, slightly upset, then tells herself that no matter what she's going to do this by herself.

Meanwhile at the Cat Café, Shampoo's Great-Grandmother notices the Nannīchuan Powder was bought as part of a "Jusenkyo Magical Springs Products" and tells Shampoo that this garbage only works once. Shampoo soon sees what her Great-Grandmother means as the dog won't turn into a human anymore.

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