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It's Fast or It's Free (格闘出前レース Kakuto demae resu?) is the 59th chapter of the Ranma ½ manga and the first chapter of the Martial Arts Takeout Arc.


Tatewaki Kuno wakes from dreaming about Akane and the Pigtailed Girl and decides he must choose between the two of them. After he visitings the Tendo home expecting to announce he loves Akane the most, he finds that both she and female Ranma are waiting there. Unable to choose between the two, Kuno tells that that whomever arrives at his house first the following Sunday is whom he will choose as his true love.

Plot Overview

Ranma and Akane in Kuno's dream.

Amongst a pile of gifts for Tatewaki Kuno there is also the pigtailed girl and Akane, both dressed in rather minimalist outfits. Kuno is slightly set aback by this sight, just then the pigtailed girl and Akane tell Kuno that he must decide which one of them he loves. After a little bit of thought, Kuno declares that he loves both of them. However, the pigtailed girl and Akane kick Kuno and tell him he needs to chose one of them. The pair then throw a Pumpkin and a Watermelon at Kuno.

Kuno then wakes up in his room, meaning that it was all just a dream, with a picture of the pigtailed girl having fallen on his head. Kuno then sits up quietly, still with the picture of the pigtailed girl lodged in his head.

A bit of time passes and Kuno is fully dressed and armed with a bouquet of roses as he runs with extreme focus to the Tendo Dojo. Kuno doesn't stop until he reaches Soun, who's sat with Akane, and declares his greetings. As Soun is stunned into silences, Kuno tells Akane that he's come to give her an answer. Akane, however, asks Kuno what he's talking about.

Just then, Ranma (in his male form) appears and jumps on Kuno's head. After asking Kuno what he's doing, Ranma is turn stood on by Genma who angrily asks Ranma who told him his training session was over. The pair then continue to fight each other outside.

With the Saotome duo gone, Kuno returns to why he came to the Dojo. Kuno declares that he's made his decision and that it's time he chose his true and only love. He continues by passing the Rose bouquet to Akane as proof of his adornment. Akane, in turn, passes them onto Soun while telling him he's "it". Kuno and Soun then stare at each other angrily, with Kuno telling Soun he's not the one whom he pledges his love, to which Soun responds that his heart doesn't exactly flutter for him either.

Kuno splits his Rose bouquet in half when he can't chose between Akane or the pigtailed girl.

Trying to explain his decision, Kuno explains that instead of pinning his love on the pigtailed girl who seems to be like the wind, always appearing then vanishing and cannot be caught, he has chosen Akane who is always at hand. As Kuno points to Akane (in turn having the end of his finger bitten by P-chan), Akane is unimpressed with Kuno's less-than-flattering reasoning.

Suddenly, Ranma and Genma reemerge from the Koi pond (presumably having fallen in there during training) in their cursed forms. Kuno is shocked to see the pigtailed girl again. After a few moments of internal contemplation, Kuno tears his bouquet in two and gives the halves to Akane and the pigtailed girl, before announcing he can't bear to lose either of them.

As Ranma dries off her shirt, Kuno talks to himself saying that he's found a way to decide. Kuno continues by saying that whoever arrives first at his residence first shall have him. He then goes to put his hands around Akane and the pigtailed girl, begging for forgiveness as there's no other way. Ranma, however, has had enough of Kuno and angrily asks what in the world he's talking about, before punching him skyward. As Kuno flies he tells the pair that he'll be waiting.

Meanwhile, Shampoo and her Great-Grandmother learn of a Martial Arts Takeout race for delivery girls where the winner is the first to get to the designated house wins and will be held next sunday. Shampoo's Great-Grandmother then tells the two men who told her this that she doesn't like to brag, but Shampoo is not a bad Martial Artist herself.

Shampoo blocks her Great-Grandmother's attack, before continuing to serve the customers.

Shampoo's Great-Grandmother then throws several sharpened chopsticks at Shampoo, who manages to block them with the plates she's carrying before the food on them gets anywhere near the ground. As the two men are stuck to the wall with the deflected chopsticks, Shampoo's Great-Grandmother asks them if they want Shampoo to compete (at which point Shampoo adds that a easy-to-win race is fun for her). In response, the men tell Shampoo's Great-Grandmother not to worry as their delivery girls are no slouches.

Back at the Tendo Dojo and Akane has just been told by Soun that he wants her to enter the Martial Arts Takeout race. Akane questions why she has to, but soon finds her reason why, so Soun can order some Eel Teriyaki. Soun retorts that he won't do such a thing, as it was five orders so he couldn't refuse. Akane then sees Ranma, Nabiki and Kasumi enjoying the other orders (Nabiki also invites Akane to join them).

Genma ropes Ranma into the race for a year of free Ramen.

Akane turns her attention to Ranma and asks him if he's sold her out as well. Ranma tells Akane that she should want to race, Akane replies by telling Ranma that as he's the guest he should volunteer for the race. Ranma reminds Akane that the race is only for girls.

Suddenly, a bucket of water pours over Ranma, turning him into his female form. Genma then holds up a sign to another takeout vendor asking that if they win they get free Ramen for a year. The vendor comments on how healthy his "daughter" looks, while Ranma tells Genma that half of the Ramen is hers as well.

The day of the race soon arrives, and Ranma (obviously in her female form) is at the starting line with Shampoo. Shampoo is happy that Ranma that came to the race, while Ranma pouts slightly saying that she didn't have anything better to do.

Just as an announcer tells all contestants to report to the starting line, Shampoo quickly goes to see her Great-Grandmother who reminds Shampoo to use this opportunity to win over her future groom. Meanwhile, Yuka and Sayuri are admiring Akane's takeout outfit for the race. Back with Shampoo, and her Great-Grandmother tells her to show Ranma that Martial Arts Takeout isn't so easy (at this time Ranma looks back and notices Shampoo's Great-Grandmother).

Kuno awaits for Akane and the pigtailed girl.

The announcer declares that today's destination has been chosen at random. He then explains that the delivery girls will converge on the lucky occupant of this address. Meanwhile, Kuno (dressed in very formal attire) is at that address telling the pigtailed girl and Akane not to hate him if they are not chosen.

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  • This chapter is the first where Kuno is revealed to have collected several large pictures of both Akane and the Pigtailed Girl which he keeps in his room.
    • His pictures of the Pigtailed Girl all come from when she fought Kodachi.
  • The takeout which Ranma represents is called "House of Ramen", while Akane is representing "Bar-B-Q Eels".


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