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Kaori Daikoku (大黒 かおり Daikoku Kaori?) is an anime-only character who was to be Ranma's fiancé when Genma traded the young Ranma for food, only for Genma to steal Ranma back.



The infant Kaori

Prior to the start of the series, while both Ranma and Kaori were in their infancy, Genma (who was desperate for food) came across Mr. Daikoku at his campsite, where he was cooking some fish. After Genma is given the offer of giving Mr. Daikoku his son in exchange for some food, Genma quickly accepts (so long as Mr. Daikoku throws in the rice and pickles as well). While Kaori slept and Mr. Daikoku cleaned the campsite, Genma manages to take back Ranma and continue on his training journey.


Koari in her wedding robes.

One day, while Furinkan is celebrating, Mr. Daikoku and Kaori (who's dressed in wedding robes) are traveling to the Tendo Dojo when a women gives the pair a flyer. When the pair arrive at the Dojo Mr. Daikoku lets himself in and Kaori eventually follows, she then sits and bows while also offering greeting to her "future husband". After Genma explains what happened years ago, Soun tries to convince Mr. Daikoku that Ranma is already spoken for (referring to Akane's engagement). However, both Ranma and Akane deny this causing Akane to get angry at Ranma and she tries to hit him with the broom she was carrying, but it breaks and the brush begins flying towards Kaori.

However, Kaori easily manages to destroy the broom-head and quickly sits down again, while also asking that they forgive her impertinence. After Mr. Daikoku and the others argue over the issue of who Ranma will wed, Kaori eventually coughs and whispers into Mr. Daikoku's ear. It turns out Kaori wishes to know if Akane truly loves Ranma or if she's just being obedient. Akane doesn't directly answer Kaori's question and instead ends up arguing/insulting Ranma, which Kaori views as Akane does truly love Ranma.

Kaori coughs again and this time whispers to Mr. Daikoku that she wishes to challenge Akane and the winner will get Ranma. Soun accepts the challenge on behalf of Akane and when he asks what they'll fighting Mr. Daikoku decides that it'll be in the Martial Arts Takeout Race that is taking place (which also has a years supply of Ramen as the first prize).

The group then go to where the race is meant to start. Kaori takes her position in the front of the competitors line and at first people are confused as to how she's meant to win if she's dressed in wedding robes. However, Kaori throws the Ramen into the air, removes the wedding robes and does some mid-air aerobatics much to awe of the crowd.

The race begins and Kaori begins trying to ruin Akane's Ramen, which would force her out of the competition, but despite Koari's best attempts she misses Akane, however, she still ruins several other competitor's Ramen. The race course then goes down a steep hill and Akane manages to get a skateboard to traverse the slope, while Koari is a few inches behind running on foot. Ranma and Soun follow the race on a bike, and after talking to Akane, Kaori looks at Ranma and smiles.

When the race course levels out again, Kaori returns to trying to ruin Akane's Ramen. Kaori wonders why Akane doesn't just give up so resorts to using a special technique, "Fish Cake Blizzard", she then begins to throw lots of Narutomaki at Akane. While Akane is only slowed down by the Blizzard, Genma (who had joined the race disguised as a women) has one land on his eye, which causes him to run into a pond and ruin his Ramen.

Akane meanwhile, has fallen into one of the pitfalls on the section of the course, but still has her Ramen intact. Kaori tells Akane she looks good like that and she shouldn't be too downhearted as she and Ranma will be perfectly happy together and continues the race. Despite what just happened Akane is undeterred and continues chasing after Kaori. The two then reach a small bridge, where Kaori uses a chopstick to graze the side of Akane's ankle and make her leg numb.

Akane tied up on the bridge by Kaori's Noodle Noose.

Kaori tells Akane that it looks like it's just her (Kaori) from here, but Akane still strives to continue. This causes Kaori to use another technique, "Ramen Round-Up - Noodle Noose", which she gets a multiple long strands of Ramen Noodle and uses them to create a noose around Akane's neck, choking her. Ranma watches this in distress. Kaori tells Akane she'll let go if Akane promises to give up, but Akane begins to say Ranma's name.

While Ranma has an internal struggle as to whether or not he should save Akane at the cost of turning into a girl, Genma (in panda form) appears and kicks Ranma into the stream below in front of him. Ranma then proceeds to jump out of the water and break the Noodle Noose. Ranma continues by taking Akane's Rramen and running off, with Kaori in quick pursuit who believes this girl is trying to take Ranma away from her.

After the pair run for a seemingly long distance, Kaori uses her Noodle Noose again, only this time she uses it to grab Ranma's Ramen and throw it into the air. Ranma chases after the Ramen, but luckily Akane catches it before it hits the ground. Kaori tells the two to take a better look at the Ramen and the two notice the Narutomaki is missing and you can't serve ramen without it. Kaori runs off telling the pair that with that they'll lose.

Kaori just loses to Akane.

Ranma manages to retrieve the Narutomaki and returns to trying to beat Kaori. The two reach the final leg of the race and Ramna throws her Ramen, which Kaori jumps over but stops momentarily afterwards, trying to stop herself spilling her own Ramen. While Kaori is distracted, Ranma jumps onto Kaori and grabs her legs (meanwhile, the Ramen is sent flying back and gets caught by Akane). Kaori begins to crawl towards the finishing line, with Akane limping as fast as she can in pursuit. Although Kaori gets extremely close to victory, Akane manages to get her bowl to cross the finishing line first, making her the winner.

That evening, Kaori puts back on her wedding robes and she and her father leave in their car.


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At first Kaori seems very quiet and respectful to others, only communicating either very quietly or through whispering to her father. However, her personality changes at the start of the Takeout Race, where she becomes extremely competitive to defeat Akane and win the race. This willingness to win makes Kaori go as far as to try and attempt to strangle Akane and saying she'll only stop if Akane admits defeat.


As a practitioner of the Daikoku School of Martial Arts, Kaori is able to run very quickly and even down steep slopes without falling/tripping. She also is able to injure her opponent's by using chopsticks to numb/hurt their legs/ankles so they can't compete as easily. Lastly, Kaori knows various techniques from the School which relate to Martial Arts Takeout. These techniques include:

  • Ramen Round-Up - Noodle Noose: Also known simply as Noodle Noose, this is strongest move of Martial Arts Takeout which turns a bowl-full of ramen noodles into a rope and grabs the opponents neck, strangling them, the Noodles also tighten as the victim struggles. The technique can also be used to grab object and throw them (for example Ramen bowls).
  • Fish Cake Blizzard: This allows Koari to rapidly fires Narutomaki at the target using her hand, distracting them. This technique also seems to be used in the hope the opponent has one of the Narutomaki land on their face/eye so as they're more likely to trip and ruin their Ramen.
  • Its Fast or its Free: This allows Kaori to instantly ruin an opponents ramen with the simple touch of a finger.


Ranma Saotome

Kaori was meant to be Ranma's fiancé but due to Genma stealing Ranma away afterwards this caused her to become very bitter to other females who had romantic relationships with Ranma. Kaori does seem accepting of having Ranma as her fiancé.

Akane Tendo

Due to her general hatred towards other women who have interest in Ranma, Kaori has a very negative relationship with Akane and views her as a rival and nothing more, although this rivalry seems to be ended by the time Kaori loses to Akane in the Martial Arts Takeout Race.


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  • The name 'Kaori' means 'Fragrance', whilst her family name of 'Daikoku' is the name of the God of Wealth and Trade; this is a humorous notation to her family's business, and to how Genma bartered Ranma's hand in marriage to Kaori in exchange for a single meal.
  • Kaori replaces Shampoo in the anime Martial Art Takeout Race.
    • This is due to the order of the episodes being re-ordered from their manga counterparts, so as the Full Body Cat's Tongue Arc/Shampoo Returns Arc did not taking place yet Shampoo had to be replaced with another character.
  • Some fans consider Kaori to be a "prototype Ukyo Kuonji" due to them having similar hairstyle to Ukyo, as well as having Martial Arts which relate to food. They also share the same voice actor in Japanese and English.
  • Unusual for a fiancé of Ranma's, Kaori easily gave up her feelings for Ranma after she lost to Akane.
    • However, this may be a deliberate choice by the writers as Kaori only appears in one episode so it would make more sense for her not to return by no longer having feelings for Ranma, as opposed to her feelings for Ranma being unresolve.