Kasumi Gets Mad (かすみさんが怒った Kasumi-san ga okotta?) is the 346th chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Angry Kasumi Arc.

While out on the town, Ranma and Akane meet up with Nabiki, Soun and Genma and they all decide to eat at a local restaurant. Soun calls home to tell Kasumi that she does not need to cook dinner for them tonight. Unfortunately Kasumi has cooked a large meal for everyone and her disappointment is palpable over the phone. Can Ranma and co. manage to make it up to her?

Plot OverviewEdit

At the Shopping MallEdit

The Phone call

Soun phones Kasumi.

Kasumi is at the Tendo Dojo, preparing some food. Meanwhile, Akane and Ranma are at a shopping mall where they happen to meet up with Soun, Nabiki and Genma (who's in his panda form). The five of them go to have dinner at a local restaurant. After having their fill Soun phones the Dojo in order to tell Kasumi that she doesn't need to make dinner since they've already eaten. However, Kasumi simply replies "Oh. I see." and hangs up. This response greatly worries Soun.

Returning to the DojoEdit

Everyone is told that Kasumi is upset. Ranma is very skeptical because of how nice Kasumi always is. The group then return to the Dojo and see that none of the lights are on. This makes Soun hope that this means no one's home. When they enter the house Nabiki and Akane find a vase that appears to have been deliberately knocked over next to the phone. Meanwhile, Ranma and Genma find a knife that's been stabbed into the floor in the kitchen.

All five of the group then enter the living room and find dinner still on the table. Nabiki then says that they're the ones to blame for Kasumi being upset, Akane then imagines that Kasumi must've knocked over the vase and stuck the knife into the floor after hearing from Soun that they'd eaten out after she'd stayed behind, made dinner and waited for them.

Ranma-Akane check on Kasumi

Ranma and Akane check on Kasumi.

But right after the 3 kids doubt that Kasumi would ever do something like that. Soun then hears a creaking upstairs. Akane and Ranma go into Kasumi's room to see how she is, but when they enter they see Kasumi surrounded by a dark, heated aura so they quickly leave.

Panic EnsuesEdit

Akane and Ranma then tell Soun that Kasumi is angry. This causes Soun to go into a panic, while everyone else tries to think of a time that Kasumi has been angry and no one (not even Soun) can. Soun then decides they have to get Kasumi back into a good mood, which Akane agrees to by saying that if they all say they're sincerely sorry she'll forgive them. They all then begin preparing a party for Kasumi, with Ranma, Soun and Genma preparing the decorations; while Nabiki and Akane make the food.

Akane decides to make a cake while Nabiki makes some tea. However, due to Akane's poor cooking skills she causes the microwave to explode and knock into Nabiki. This, in turn, causes Nabiki to drop and break Kasumi's favorite cup. Back in the living room, Ranma asks Soun if he realises that they're using the wool from the sweater Kasumi was knitting as string to hold up the decorations.

Soun then says he needs to leave on an urgent business trip. Genma then turns back into his human form and tells Ranma they're going on a training journey, to which Ranma quickly agrees to. Just as the three of them are about to leave, they hear Kasumi's voice from the corridor saying something to stop. Hearing this causes everyone to hide. Then Kasumi returns back to her room muttering that it must have left. Everyone emerges from their hiding places. Nabiki then says it's a bit wrong for them all to run away, the group then decide that they need a human sacrifice.

The SacrificeEdit

Akane offers charm

Akane offers Ranma the charm.

Ranma is quickly selected as the sacrifice and is tied up with a sorry sign. However, Akane disapproves of Ranma being sent alone and offers him a a good luck charm that she hastily sewed together. Ranma just asks how that's meant to be able to save him. The group then hear Kasumi coming from up the corridor. Genma kicks Ranma in order to leave him behind while the rest of the group hide outside. When Ranma lands he looks and sees Kasumi looking at him in shock. A loud scream coming from Ranma can be heard by the others outside.

The group continue to hear Kasumi saying "Now I've got you... you won't be escaping this time!" along with Ranma's continuing screams. Soun and Genma are terrified, Akane yells at Kasumi to stop and Nabiki decides to leave on a trip. Just then the front doors collapse as Ranma falls through them. With Kasumi standing and looking down at the group. Kasumi welcomes them home with a cat in her arms.

Kasumi Explains AllEdit

Angry Kasumi

Kasumi gets angry at Ranma.

Kasumi then explains that she knew that Ranma didn't like cats so she tried to get rid of it before they came home. Flashbacks who the cat coming into the house, knocking over the vase and knife. The flashback continues to Kasumi in her room trying to dry the cat off after it got wet from knocking over the vase. The six of them are then back in the living room, as Nabiki asks just who it was that said Kasumi was angry. Soun then says that because of all this mess Kasumi's sweater and cup are ruined. This angers Kasumi and she asks who did this, which causes everyone else to go back into a panic.

The group then use Ranma as a scapegoat again. Kasumi then pokes Ranma's head and tells him not to do that, she also calls him "Me". Akane and Ranma is surprised that that's what Kasumi's like when she's angry. Afterwards, Kasumi wonders if she was too harsh, while Genma describes her as a perfect saint.

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  • Oh. I see. - Kasumi after Soun tells her she doesn't need to make dinner.
  • WHATCAN WEDO??? WHATCAN WEDO???' - Soun panicing.
  • How will that save me?!? - Ranma's comment on Akane's good luck charm.
  • I've got you now! You won't be getting away this time... - Kasumi seemingly attacking Ranma while actually chasing the Stray Cat.
  • Looks like I should've gone on that trip after all - Nabiki while hearing Ranma screaming.
  • Don't do that. 'Me'. - Kasumi punishing Ranma.
  • She's a perfect saint - Genma describing Kasumi.


  • When Soun tries to find a place to hide from Kasumi he chooses to hide in some traditional Samurai armour.
  • Kasumi calling Ranma "Me" is a traditional way Japanese mothers tell off their misbehaving babies.


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