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Kiss of Death (死の接吻 Shi no seppun?) is the 31st chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Shampoo Intro Arc.


Female Ranma identifies the Chinese girl as Shampoo and after she takes a few swings at him he hides and she goes off to find her. Ranma tells the story of how he came to meet Shampoo.

Plot Overview

The girl who just broke through the wall shouts "kill", while the frightened Ranma calls her Shampoo and asks her what she's doing in Japan. Shampoo attacks Ranma with the Chúi she's carrying, Ranma manages to avoid her leaving Shampoo to cause a large dent in the wall. Shampoo continues to attack Ranma, but she continues to evade each strike while telling Shampoo she's only person she can't deal with and then throws the towel she'd had wrapped around herself over Shampoo.

Shampoo leaves to find Ranma.

Shampoo quickly removes the towel, but can't see Ranma anywhere. Akane points to the large hole Shampoo made her entrance through and says Ranma left. Angered, Shampoo swings her Chúi around, hitting a locker and runs off, leaving Akane confused and Yuka and Sayuri terrified.

Akane opens the locker that Shampoo's Chúi hit, revealing that Ranma was hiding inside. Akane asks Ranma what's the story with that girl, to which Ranma replies that it's kind of complicated. Still wanting an answer, Akane mentions how cute Shampoo is, to which Ranma tells Akane she's nuts and out to kill her.

Ranma then has a flashback to his travels with Genma in China. Ranma, Genma and the Jusenkyo Guide arrive in the Amazon Village. When the tired out Ranma enquires how they can be Amazons, the Guide says that all the women are very strong. Then group then here a large commotion and watch as Shampoo fights against another Amazon who she easily manages to defeat.

The Guide comments that winning the Martial Arts is a great honour, to which Ranma says that that girl has some serious power. The Guide looks over to Ranma and Genma and asks what they're eating. It turns out to be the first prize for the tournament. Just then Shampoo attacks Ranma with her Chúi and says something in Chinese, which the Guide translates as her saying "You there! Woman and Panda! Why do you steal my prize?!".

Ranma easily defeats Shampoo.

Shampoo continues to talk in Chinese, which the Guide translates, explaining that the Martial Arts Show happens on this day once a year and that she's now the champion. Ranma then tells Shampoo that if they fight and she wins there shouldn't be a problem then, the Guide translates and the two fight. Unfortunately for Shampoo, Ranma manages to defeat her extremely easily, to the shock of the crowd and horror of Shampoo.

Ranma is then declared the winner, just then Shampoo walks up to Ranma and kisses her on the cheek. Akane then interrupts Ranma's flashback she thought this was when he was a girl, causing Ranma to tell her to hear him out. Returning to the flashback and the Guide is horrified by the kiss and grabs Ranma telling her they have to leave now. When Ranma asks why the Guide tells Ranma that Shampoo just gave him the Kiss of Death.

Shampoo chases after Ranma and Genma so she can regain her bride.

The Guide continues by explaining that Amazons are very proud and that losing to an outsider is worse than death, so the Kiss of Death if to chase them to end of the earth and kill them. Ranma and Genma continues they're training journey with Shampoo chasing after them, trying to kill the two of them.

Returning to modern day and Akane looks at P-chan and says that now she's followed Ranma to Japan, she then asks P-chan if he thinks it's amazing. Akane continues by turning to Ranma by saying that at least she's cute, to which Ranma tells Akane to stop doing that.

Kasumi tells Ranma he has a guest. The guest turns out to be Shampoo, Kasumi then explains that Mr. Saotome brought her here and when Ranma asks Genma if he's gone insane, to which Genma holds up a sign saying that she followed him here.

Shampoo then looks across at Ranma and after staring at him for a short while, she says hello which Ranma says hello back. Angrily Shampoo pats Ranma's chest and realises that Ranma is male. Ryoga (unnoticed by Akane who was right next to him) turns back into his human form and notes that this must be the first time Shampoo's seen the male Ranma.

Shampoo attacks Akane.

Hearing this Ranma tells Ryoga he seems to know a lot about the situation, Ranma then calls Ryoga P-chan to which Ryoga asks Ranma if that's a wise think to talk to him that way. Just then Ryoga takes out a bucket of water, causing Ranma to ask him what that's for, to which Ryoga threateningly replies that Shampoo came to find a girl and they'd better not disappoint her.

Just then Shampoo attacks Akane with her Chúi (which Akane manages to stop) and demands she gives her Ranma. Akane retorts that she doesn't know what Shampoo's talking about, however, Shampoo gets more angry with Akane and attacks her again. Luckily Akane dodges, but Shampoo's attack causes a large amount of damage to the wall behind Akane.

Shampoo declares her love for the male Ranma.

Annoyed by the damage caused, Ranma kicks the end of Shampoo's Chúi while saying "no playing ball in the house". The end of the Chúi flies off and hits Shampoo on the head, knocking her out cold. As Kasumi and Genma observe and comment of Ranma's handy work, Ranma panics blindly. Akane watches as Shampoo comes-to and worries that this means Shampoo'll be after the male too.

Shampoo stands and slowly walks towards Ranma. Ranma, meanwhile, tries to back away but it is pushed to Shampoo by Ryoga. Shockingly to everyone present instead of giving Ranma the Kiss of Death, Shampoo lovingly kisses Ranma while saying "You I love!". This angers Akane greatly, while Ryoga wonders what's going on.

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