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Kitten of the Sea (突撃 シー・キャット Totsugeki shi kyatto?) is the 50th chapter of the manga it is also the ninth and final chapter of the Full Body Cat's Tongue Arc.


Ranma manages to save Akane and is thrown to shore by another blast from Cologne Shark Fist. Ranma soon realizes that the only way he's going to be able to defeat Cologne is by using the Cat Fist technique, but to do that, he must be around a cat for a long period of time.

Plot Overview

Ranma desperately tries to escape Cologne, but is being weighed down by Akane. As Shampoo believes this to be game over, the ghoul suddenly launches another Shark-fist attack, which launches Ranma and Akane onto the safety of the beach.

Ranma asks Shampoo for her help.

Luckily, Ranma is caught by Shampoo, while Akane is caught by Genma so neither sustain any injuries. Shampoo calmly tells Ranma there's no way she can defeat her Great-Grandmother, however, Ranma looks at Shampoo and equally calmly says she can. Ranma continues by telling Shampoo that with her she can beat anyone. After pestering Shampoo a bit more agree, Shampoo eventually gives in and is overjoyed that Ranma needs her.

Akane, however, is angered by this scene and slaps Ranma when he agrees with her sarcastic statement of her only getting in the way. As Akane stomps off, Kasumi tells her she didn't have to hit Ranma that hard. Ranma ties Shampoo to her back and tells her that no matter what she shouldn't let go. Shampoo happily agrees.

Ranma proceeds to head back to the ocean, with Shampoo in tow. The ghoul tells Ranma not to think she'll go easy just because Shampoo has been dragged into all this. Back with Akane and she realises that Ranma is resorting to using the Cat Fist in order to defeat Shampoo's Great-Grandmother.

Returning to the fight, and Ranma is just swimming madly in fear of Shampoo on her head. Nabiki sarcastically comments on Akane's description of the technique (Akane had described it as "unbeatable" to one of the curious crowd members). Ranma then heads back to the beach, which annoys Akane so she decides to make Ranma's fear too intense herself by shoving Shampoo into Ranma's face.

Ranma resorts to using the Cat Fist technique.

Despite Soun's interjections about Ranma's ailurophobia, Akane continues and Ranma suddenly meows... Shampoo lets go and reveals that Ranma has finally gotten into her Cat Fist persona. The old ghoul recognises the stance Ranma is making and launches another Shark fist when Ranma lunches at her. Unfortunately, Ranma shreds the actual water which she'd launched.

Ranma reappears, biting firmly on the Shark.

Continuing her attack, Ranma goes for the Shark and all three go underwater, which suddenly goes into an eerie silence. As everyone wonders what could be happening out in the sea, Ranma suddenly reemerges, biting the Shark and causing it great pain.

The other spectators look on in fear as Ranma begins to attack the beached Shark some more. After the spectators have fled to a safe distance, Akane shouts out to Ranma that she's done enough. Ranma recognises Akane and so jumps onto her lap. Akane then strokes Ranma as she purrs happily.

Just then the old ghoul appears again and says that nobody has given her that much trouble in 50 years. Akane, while holding Ranma back, asks if she still intends to fight Ranma. Shampoo's Great-Grandmother throws the Phoenix Pill at Akane and says that it's a prize for a fighting spirit. The ghoul then leaves, saying that they'll meet again, leaving everyone as Ranma paws the Phoenix Pill.

Shampoo's sudden appearance in the bathtub causes Ranma to faint.

It's early evening and Ranma is practising what to say to Akane for her help in the bathtub. But decides to just say "thanks for what you did". Suddenly, Shampoo appears (who's snuck in while Ranma was practising), completely naked and tells Ranma it was nothing and that she'd do anything for her groom.

This sudden appearance shocks Ranma into unconsciousness and is next seen with the others. Genma questions the unconscious Ranma if he's going to thank Akane, but Akane refuses to accept any since "what good is she anyway?". Kasumi also tells Shampoo that she thinks they need to have a talk about bathtubs and men. Shampoo's Great-Grandmother, meanwhile, pokes her head over the balcony and says that herself that she's only just begun.

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