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For the character, see Kodachi Kuno.

Kodachi, the Black Rose (黒バラの小太刀 Kuro bara no Kodachi?) is the 17th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Arc.


After using his girl-form to get some free food, Ranma comes across some bandaged girls in a lot being beaten up by another girl using a ribbon. After Ranma stops the fight the girl tells Ranma her name is Kodachi the Black Rose, and that she is St. Hebereke's champion Rhythmic Gymnastics Martial Artist.

Plot Overview

A salesman tells a girl that since she's so cute she can have another Bun for free. The girl turns out to be Ranma in his female form. As Ranma walks off she thinks to herself that when it comes to getting free food his girl form is the way to go. Meanwhile, a girl with long black hair is surrounded by group of three people in bandages. The black haired girl says that there's no need for the three of them to rush since they'll be having their match in one week. The bandaged group of three tell the black haired girl to stop talking and that they've got her at last.

Ranma stumbles across the face off and wonders what's going on. The bandaged group then charge towards the black haired girl with Batons. However, the black haired girl pulls out a ribbon and spins it round to force the bandaged group of three to fall back to the ground. The black haired girl then begins to use the ribbon to whip the bandaged group and cause them to scream in pain.

Ranma catches the Black haired girl's ribbon.

Ranma then grabs the ribbon and asks the black haired girl if she thinks that's enough since she's already won. The black haired girl stares at Ranma shocked at how she caught the ribbon like it was nothing. The black haired the girl then asks Ranma is she'll forgive her if she calls Ranma no ordinary girl, to which Ranma replies that she could say that. The black haired girl continues to say that's good since she doesn't like to treat girls with ordinary courtesy.

The black haired girl then lunges at Ranma with a Baton (which she'd kicked up into her hand from the floor), but she misses Ranma, who had dodged and kicks the black haired girl and kicked her leg. This surprises the black haired girl, however, she manages to land of her hands and backflip so she's back on her feet again. The black haired girl then tells Ranma that she's very good. The black haired girl then says that she's the Black Rose of St. Hebereke's School for Girls (changed to St. Bacchus in the english translation), Kodachi, the Black Rose. Kodachi then throws a rose at Ranma and jumps away laughing.

The bandaged group of three then begin to cry at their humiliation at being defeated. Ranma then tells them that they shouldn't cry since they're men. However, the bandaged group of three unravel their bandages, thus revealing that they are actually girls from the Furinkan Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. Ranma then looks at them in worry since she recognises them from her class.

The girls who had been beaten by Kodachi go to the Tendo Dojo to tell Akane about their situation as now the whole of the Gymnastics team is injured. They continue by asking Akane to take their place. At first Akane is slightly skeptical of this, but the girls say that she is their only hope as the next match is Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Wrestling. Ranma and Akane ask what Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Wrestling is, to which the girl replies that two school champions face each other using techniques of Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics. Akane says that although she still doesn't quite get it, she'll be glad to avenge the girls, much to their delight.

Ranma, who's now in his male form, tells Akane that she shouldn't have agreed so quickly to help. He continues by asking Akane if she even knows how to use the equipment for Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics. Akane just tells Ranma to watch. Just then, Ryoga in his pig form arrives. After Akane asks where he's been, she picks up Ryoga and says she's been worried about him. She then calls Ryoga "P-chan". Ranma is bemused by this name, so Akane explains that it's a combination of "P" for pig and "chan" for little. Ranma is rather unimpressed by Akane's though process of P-chan's name.

Ryoga bites Ranma.

Akane then puts Ryoga back on the and tells him to sit their, she then turns to Ranma and tells him not to tease P-chan. Ranma then looks at Ryoga, lies down next to Ryoga and tells him that it looks like even his brain is now at the level of a pig's. This angers Ryoga who then bites Ranma's arm. This, in turn, causes Ranma to punch Ryoga's head and for Akane to hit Ranma and tell him not to tease P-chan.

Akane then picks up two Batons and tells Ranma to watch this. She then proceeds to jump up and throw the Batons so they spin in midair. However, when Akane lands the two Batons fall at either end of the training hall, which causes Ranma to ask Akane isn't she meant to catch the Batons. Akane is angered by Ranma, but quickly puts it behind her and tries using the Ribbon, only to get tangled up in it. After Ranma asking if she's meant to get tied up by the Ribbon, Akane tries the ring at first she seems quite competent, however, when she tries to roll through the ring she breaks it. This causes Ranma to yet again question Akane if that's what she's meant to be doing. Akane then gets extremely angry with the whole thing and begins stomping in anger, while Ranma ask Akane isn't meant to have at least a little bit of grace.

Meanwhile, Soun is having a bath. Just then Ryoga (as P-chan) walks in, jumps into the bath and walks out again in his human form, while Soun just remains in the bath quietly. Back at the training hall, Akane is crying and shouting at Ranma saying that she's a klutz, while Ranma asks what he's meant to do about it. Ryoga then appears in the doorway (fully clothed) and says he can train her.

Kodachi goes to the Tendo Dojo after Akane.

Ranma then wonders what happened to P-chan, to which Ryoga hits Ranma over the head and asks under his breath who this "P-chan" is. Akane then walks to Ryoga and tells him what he's doing is very generous. This causes Ryoga to blush (but as he's facing away from Akane, she doesn't notice this) and stutter if she thinks so. Ryoga then demonstrates how to use the Ribbon by spinning it round and hitting Ranma. Akane stares in awe saying that was beautiful (causing Ryoga to blush again), while Ranma angrily looks at Ryoga.

Outside the Tendo Dojo, Kodachi (who's wearing a cloak) walks up and says that those Furinkan High School girls are bad losers if they asked for help. She then removes the cloak she was wearing, revealing a large mallet in her hand, and says that Kodachi, the Black Rose will cripple Akane Tendo. As two passersby look on confused.

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  • This chapter marks the official debut of the name Akane calls Ryoga while in his pig form, P-chan.
  • This chapter features the debut of what will become a running gag in the series of characters with Jusenkyo curses (usually Ryoga) jumping into a bath, while Soun is in it, and walking out back in their human forms.
  • This chapter features a rather rare case in the manga of a character other than Ranma in his female form providing Fan service. This is shown as in one panel Kodachi's underwear is clearly visible.


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