Konatsu (小夏 Konatsu?), sometimes mistakenly referred to as Konatsu Kunoichi. Konatsu's family name is Kenzan which translates into "Mountain of Swords," an object that is used by practitioners of Ikibana to hold their flowers in place while they put flower arrangements together.

Konatsu is often mentioned along with the words "Kunoichi" and "Kenzan". Konatsu means "short summer". Kunoichi literally means "female ninja", but can be broken down to "troubled one"; whilst Kenzan is an archaic Japanese word that means "I've appeared here just now". Ironically, when broken down it means "sword" and "cruelty or brutality" since her foster family was so terrible to her.[1]


Konatsu has shoulder-length hair that she wears tied back in a ponytail. She wears a medium colored shinobi shōzoku. This consisted of a jacket with long extensions at the collar that can be wrapped around the head to create a mask in addition to trousers, wrist and ankle wraps, and sandals. She wears a wire mesh shirt beneath the jacket. Both the jacket and trousers had prominent patches on them. It is not clear if Konatsu still wears the same shinobi shōzoku to sneak around at Akane Tendo and Ranma Saotome's wedding, although this one is of a similar color. He wears a waitress-style kimono when working at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's.


Due to her upbringing, Konatsu behaves, thinks and talks very demure, humble and subservient. She is very shy at times, barely ever showing signs of anger and oftentimes extremely kind and naive. However, she doesn't mind trying to poison others through trickery, though generally only by temporary paralysis. She usually wears female ninja clothing or cute waitress outfits. In her last prominent appearance, she seemed confused when told to wear a male's costume (albeit a ridiculously over-decorated one) in order to attract female customers to Ucchan's, and referred to herself by her birth sex during so.

Her personality seems to be that of a Cinderella, being extremely grateful and loyal for the least amount of kindness, something Ukyo takes advantage of by letting her work double shifts for ¥10 an hour (it was originally ¥5, but Ranma convinced Ukyo to raise it up by five).

Despite her humble personality, she basks in praise and is happy to receive it, having not ever received praise very often in her life (such as when she is doing the split-body technique).

When Konatsu ate an ingredient called Toshintan her full fighting instinct/ability was brought forth, and her personality changed to that of a Ninja assassin whose only desire was to fight and kill Ranma. The end result was that Konatsu and Ranma knocked each other unconscious.

Manga BiographyEdit


Konatsu's memories

Konatsu reminisces about her childhood.

In her early youth, Konatsu lived with her Mother and Father and after her mother passed away, her father remarried to Kotetsu. He died shortly after the marriage, leaving Konatsu at the whim of her stepmother and stepsisters who forced her to do all the menial work while they enjoyed themselves.

Konatsu IntroEdit

One day, Konatsu is sent to clean some towels for her stepsisters and stepmother and believes that by now they're probably having lots of fun with men. When Konatsu finishes, she decides to go back to the Red Hot Tea House Kunoichi, but when she gets close he hears Happosai (who went to the Tea House, taking Ranma and Genma with him) using his Happo-Fire Burst technique.

Not knowing what happened, Konatsu investigates (jumping over and unnoticed by Happosai, Ranma and Genma) and sees the pile of rubble that the Tea House has become and, while shouting the names of her stepsisters and stepmother, pours some Kerosene over the rubble and sets it alight. Unfortunately, they are all fine and punish her for "cleaning up". Konatsu is then told to avenge the Tea House and not to think of returning before doing so.

Happosai sees Konatsu

Happosai goes to grope Konatsu, allowing the latter to attack him.

In Furinkan Happosai is on his usual hunt for undergarments, but is unhappy that he hasn't seen any naked girls yet. Just then Happosai sees a girl bathing in an oil drum. Overjoyed, Happosai jumps towards her saying that this will make him forget about last night. But the girl turns out to be Konatsu who uses her "100 Hot Towel Barrage" and (after quickly getting out of the drum and dressing), the "Snack Hail" and "Drink Strike" to knock Happosai unconscious.

However, Happosai recovers and tries to attack Konatsu, but is distracted by Konatsu's buttocks and squeezes them, only to be knocked out again by the angered ninja. Continuing her task and Konatsu sets out a plate of food with a sign saying "eat as much as you want", Genma (in his panda form) sees this and has the food, only to get paralysed by the potion Konatsu put in the food.

Akane is walking with Ranma and asks him where he was last night, to which Ranma says not to ask. Ranma then senses something, but is then set upon by Konatsu's "Blade Wind Bill" and "8-Faced Beauty Throwing Star", which makes Ranma flee from the attacks.

Konatsu then appears behind Ranma and grabs him and uses her "Expense Account Drop" to drive Ranma into the ground headfirst. This angers Ranma who throws Konatsu off and demands to know who she is. Ranma manages to pull of Konatsu's head scarf, revealing her face.

Konatsu face revealed

Konatsu shows her face to Ranma and Akane.

With her disguise gone, Konatsu introduces herself as Konatsu the kunoichi, which leaves both Akane and Ranma surprised. Konatsu continues by throwing a matchbox at Ranma with the tea house's logo on it, and asks him if he remembers. She then says that she's the only survivor of the incident at Red Hot Tea House Kunoichi.

After Ranma gets beaten up by Akane for going somewhere with "Red Hot Tea House" in the name, Konatsu thinks him a pervert and offers him a frequent customer coupon. Suddenly, Konatsu's step-family appears and punish her for getting on good terms with the enemy as well as "flirting" with Ranma.

Konatsu sobs

Konatsu cries as she thinks about why she's treated so badly.

Konatsu then falls to the floor and wonders why she's treated so badly, she soon decides it must be jealousy of her own beauty. Konatsu continues by getting a microphone and saying that it's painful to be beautiful, to which Koeda responds by poking a shuriken into her head. Kome then points out that while Konatsu was saying that, Ranma and Akane got away.

This is followed by a scene at the Tendou dojo wherein these events are discussed by Genma in his cursed form, Ranma, Akane, and Happosai. Happosai claims that Konatsu is the best kunnoichi to come along in a hundred years. He warns Ranma that Konatsu is much better at her art than Ranma is at his.

That evening, in a scene alluding to The Little Match Girl, Konatsu sits next to some trashcans while lighting a match and wondering if she will find happiness while visualizing a Christmas tree and holiday turkey.

Later on and Konatsu is preparing for her impatient step-family and is about to add poison to the food, but is noticed and hit by Kotetsu for doing so. When her stepsisters hear this they assign her with multiple tasks to do. Eventually, Konatsu asks for a break, which causes her step-family to sent him out to get revenge for what's happened (kicking Konatsu through the roof in the process).

Konatsu finds the Tendo Dojo and sneaks into Ranma's room, where he and Genma are sleeping soundly. Konatsu is about to strike Ranma, when she notices her futon and pokes it. Next morning, Ranma wakes on the floor and when he goes into his room, sees Konatsu in her futon happily sleeping. Ranma tries to get Konatsu out of the futon, but she throws shurikens at him and wraps the futon tightly around herself.

Ranma awakens Konatsu

Ranma uses a megaphone to wake Konatsu.

Annoyed, Ranma gets a megaphone and uses to shouts down Konatsu's ear, telling her to wake up. Luckily, Konatsu does awaken and says she's never slept this well before as he's used to cardboard and newspaper. Konatsu then suddenly, throws a smoke bomb and says he's going now.

Downstairs, and Kasumi is making breakfast. Konatsu sneaks into the room via the crawling on the ceiling, opens the rice container with the intention of poisoning it, but sees how good the rice is and steals it instead. While Ranma, Akane and Kasumi wonder where the rice went, Konatsu is about to eat the onigiri she made with the rice when her step-family appear and tell her she should be getting revenge, followed by a quick kick which sends her flying without being able to eat any onigiri.

Konatsu Furinkan disguise

Konatsu disguises herself as a Furinkan High student so she can get close to Ranma.

At Furinkan High School, Konatsu disguises herself as a student and, while Ranma has a break from doing sport, offers him a hot towel. Suspicious, Ranma puts the towel in a nearby fishbowl, revealing the towel has a paralyzing potion in it. Shocked, Konatsu asks what the fishbowl was doing there, to which Ranma angrily says that that's not the question here.

Deciding that her disguise didn't work as well as she'd hoped, Konatsu removes it (revealing she was still wearing her ninja outfit underneath) and uses her "Kunoichi Red Lipstick Hell" on Ranma. At first it seems like Konatsu didn't do anything, but she actually left a lipstick mark on Ranma's shirt, leaving Ranma to suffer the wrath of an angered Akane.

Konatsu declares Ranma as good as dead, and puts on some more lipstick. Just then, Kome and Koeda appear, landing on top of Konatsu. After putting some lipstick on themselves (with overly large lipstick tubes) they try to attack Ranma, but are easily defeated, giving Ranma and Akane time to escape. Konatsu is once again punished by her step-family for letting them live.

Konatsu meets Ukyo

Konatsu meets Ukyo Kuonji for the first time.

Later on, Konatsu manages to fight off a dog for some food, but is noticed and attacked by Ukyo Kuonji who recently learned what she's been doing to Ranma. Ukyo then quickly whips up a challenge Okonomiyaki, but Konatsu eats it before reading what was written in the sauce. Grateful for the food, Konatsu bows to Ukyo and thanks her for her kindness.

Ukyo takes Konatsu back to Okonomiyaki Ucchan's where she feeds her. Konatsu begins to cry and when Ukyo inquires as to why, Konatsu explains that ever since she was born nobody has ever treated her like a human being. Just then Ranma enters the restaurant, causing Konatsu to attack him, but is soon put in her place by Ukyo using her giant spatula.

Later on, Konatsu explains about her childhood and how he came to be with her stepfamily. Akane (who'd joined Ranma at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's during the time lapse) then asks Konatsu why she didn't just try to escape if she's meant to be a once in a lifetime genius kunoichi. Konatsu replies by telling Akane that she's not that smart and is just a plain, simple girl, all while using the Spit-Body Technique to create three duplicates of herself. Seeing the technique Konatsu just used, Akane decides that Konatsu must be the genius Kunoichi after all.

Konatsu challenges stepfamily

Konatsu challenges her stepfamily.

That night, Konatsu, Ukyo, Akane and Ranma are running and when Konatsu asks where they're going, Ranma explains that they're going to help her confront her stepfamily. This surprises Konatsu, who thinks to herself about how she never thought before that if she defeats her stepmother and sisters, she'll be free.

When they arrive, Konatsu tells her step-family to come out to see her. However, her step-family quickly give Konatsu chores to do and she gets to doing as they wish. Luckily Ranma shouts at Konatsu making her remember and she apologizes as it's a habit she's developed. Ranma then challenges Konatsu's step-family but they use a "3-As-1 Secret Strike" technique, which turns out to be just the three of them making shapes out of their bodies (like a pyramid and kettle) before disappearing.

Confused about what just happened, Ranma, Akane and Konatsu return to the Tendo Dojo. Once there, Ranma offers Konatsu a chance to stay with them as she as nowhere else to go. This overjoys Konatsu, using her "Kunoichi Mark of Gratitude" which involves her kissing Ranma's shirt multiple times, leaving lipstick marks behind.

Konatsu working at Ucchan's

Konatsu at her first day working at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's.

The next day, several male Furinkan High students run to Okonomiyaki Ucchan's to see the new cute waitress working there. The customers are greeted by Konatsu, who's bowing and wearing a traditional Kimono, seeing that Konatsu is bowing, Ukyo tells her that she doesn't have to bow for every customer.

Akane comments on Ukyo hiring Konatsu, to which Ukyo explains that she felt sorry for Konatsu and that she was cheap since she agreed to work for ¥5. As Konatsu is overjoyed with her new job, Ranma suggests that Ukyo pay him ¥10. Meanwhile, Konatsu's step-family are watching her, disguised as garbage bins and a trashcan, but are taken outside by Konatsu and set alight with some gas.

That evening, after Ukyo appears to be late returning, Konatsu panics and believes that her step-family kidnapped Ukyo. This turns out to be true when a letter attached with an arrow hits Konatsu on the forehead telling her to come the park if she wants to see Ukyo again.

Arriving at the park, Konatsu meets up with Ranma who's received a letter as well. After Ranma tells Konatsu to take the arrow out of her forehead since she looks silly, the two hear a voice telling them that they're fools because they've got them now.

Ukyo in Koume's mouth

Konatsu and Ranma see Ukyo inside Kome's mouth.

Konatsu recognises the voices as those of her step-family, Ranma then demands they show themselves which they do (dressed like a sea turtle, kappa, and anglerfish). Kome opens her mouth revealing that Ukyo is inside. When Ranma and Konatsu attempt to reach her, Kome shuts her mouth. Kotetsu and Koeda attack them as well, but both a quickly defeated by Ranma.

Luckily, Konatsu intercepts Kome before she can get too far away and declares that today she'll break off any relation to her stepfamily. This causes Konatsu's step-family to try and convince her they were just joking, but Konatsu isn't having any of it.

Kotetsu then holds up a scroll which she identifies as Konatsu's secret scroll and threatens to reveal its contents. Ranma grabs the scroll and tries to have a look at it, but a very embarrassed Konatsu quickly snatches it away.

Unfortunately for Konatsu she doesn't have her scroll for long as Koeda steals it right back and gives her a kappamaki roll. This overjoys Konatsu who eats it, but Kotetsu reveals that the roll is laced with Toshintan which will cause Konatsu's fighting spirit to raise as high as it can and prevent her from disobeying the order to fight.

Evil Konatsu

Konatsu's battle aura increases and now wants to kill Ranma.

By this time Konatsu has just finished the last bit of the Sushi roll and, as Kotetsu said, Konatsu's Battle Aura rises greatly. Kontetsu then tells Konatsu to kill Ranma. Konatsu then begins to fight Ranma, while Ranma defends while trying to make Konatsu span out of her trance.

Ranma continues to fight Konatsu, and although she doesn't want to she has no other choice. Konatsu then throws several shurikens at Ranma, but Ranma removes his shirt so he can get behind Konatsu and use the "School of Saotome Underhanded Falcon Claw" to grab Konatsu's fake breasts, causing the two of them to begin falling to the ground. Ranma's attack doesn't work as he planned as Konatsu says he's got her now.

Konatsu informs Ranma he's not the first person to try that, so she uses her "Kunoichi Secret Breast Pocket Mist" which releases hot pepper. After slamming Ranma into the ground, Ranma is affected by the cloud of pepper, but uses the "Saotome Smoke Return" to fan the cloud back to Konatsu.

This angers Konatsu so she attacks Ranma with her sword, which Ranma grabs to try and stop. However, it turns out to be a takemitsu made of bamboo. Konatsu then panics as she remembers she pawned the real sword.

Konatsu's Takemitsu

Konatsu remembers she pawned her real sword.

Unafraid of a Takemitsu, Ranma charges at Konatsu but quickly stops when Konatsu swings at him and cuts a tree in half. Ranma grabs a stick and says he doesn't care if Konatsu's a girl or not he's going to fight. Konatsu then attacks Ranma's stick with his Takemitsu, which causes the stick to snap in two and the ends hit Konatsu in the face.

Defeated, Konatsu and Ranma lie on the ground, just before Konatsu's stepsisters beat her up for saying she's more beautiful than they are. This brings Konatsu round and to wake up Ranma, she hits him on the head with a toy mallet. Suffering from slight amnesia, she asks Ranma what just happened.

Kotetsu then makes the pair turn their attention to a large tree where Akane and Ukyo are hanging by their wrists in bunny costumes.

Kome and Koeda try to convince Ukyo and Akane to work with them at the Red Hot Tea Shop, to which Konatsu tells the two not to believe what they say. Meanwhile, Ranma sneaks behind Kome and Koeda and kicks Kome out of the tree, but to no avail as she's dressed as a Flying Squirrel.

As Kome flies off, she breaks the branch Ukyo and Akane are hanging from and the two begin to fall to the ground. Luckily, Ranma manages to grab Akane while Konatsu tries to do the same for Ukyo, but Kotetsu intercepts and begins to carry Ukyo away. However, Konatsu soon catches up and takes back Ukyo.

Konatsu places Ukyo on the ground and asks her if she's hurt, Ukyo replies that she's fine which overjoys Konatsu as she hugs a very confused Ukyo. After Ranma makes his and Akane's presence known to Konatsu she stops hugging Ukyo and apologises to her.

Konatsu continues by saying she's sorry for writing that note. She then decides that this is good-bye and says she'd best go back with her stepmother. As Konatsu walks away, Ukyo remembers Konatsu's note to her thanking her for being the first person who treated her nicely and shouts to Konatsu to get away from her family and get back to work.

Konatsu's gender revealed

Ukyo sees Konatsu's chest.

This excites Konatsu who runs to Ukyo. Kome asks Kotetsu if she should go get him, but the latter allows Konatsu to go as it's time for the fledgeling to leave the nest. Kotetsu leaves them with a parting gift which is a stick of dynamite that Ranma hits back at them, but Konatsu is caught in the blast. The explosion damages the upper part of Konatsu's jacket, reveal that she's actually biologically male. Seeing her exposed torso, Konatsu covers it up and comments on how embarrassed he is.

Back at Ucchan's, Konatsu is happily cleaning the counter while Ranma and Akane complain to Ukyo that she is exploiting Konatsu by having her now work double the hours with no pay. Ukyo says it's fine, asking them if they wanted happiness for Konatsu.

Substitute ChefEdit

Ukyo has succumb to a cold and is only able to make the okonomiyaki batter and sauce before going to bed. Konatsu promises Ukyo she'll do whatever he can to keep the store open.

Ranma and Akane wonder about Ukyo's absence from school, but if can't be that bad as Ucchan's is still open. However, when they enter they notice the change in decor (including cobwebs and plants growing through the floor) to which Ukyo blames on Konatsu.

Ukyo explains that Konatsu has been cooking the okonomiyaki with thirty parts water to one part batter and adding one piece of topping along with a small stroke of sauce. Akane deduces this must be Konatsu cooking like she did back when he was a poor Kunoichi.

Attracting customers

Konatsu, Ranma and Akane attracting customer to Ucchan's.

As Ukyo asks Ranma and Akane to help run the store, Konatsu thinks about how this was the best time for her to repay her debt to Ukyo and (now speaking into a microphone) says she failed miserably and her shame will never end. Ukyo obviously sees/hears this and throws some spatulas at Konatsu, telling her to get back to work.

A little later and Akane, Konatsu and Ranma (in his female form) are dressed in kimonos inviting people into Ucchan's and attract lots of attention from male passersby.

Inside and the three try to make the okonomiyaki simultaneously, which seems to have worked at first but a fair amount of the ingredients landed on the customers rather than the cooking plate. The male customers are about to leave when Konatsu uses her "Kunoichi Delaying Tactic Crimson Storm" with which she kisses them on the cheek, making them return.

Ranma then puts on a new outfit which attracts a lot of young male students. Akane refuses to be a part of this, which suit Ranma and Konatsu just fine, appointing her to go wash the dishes. This however doesn't go to plan and an angered Akane throws hot water over Ranma, which scares off all their customers.

Insane Okonomiyaki

Konatsu makes her "Okonomiyaki-with-an-insane-amount-of-toppings".

Ukyo then wanders out and sees the distinct lack of customers and decides to run the shop herself, but Konatsu convinces her to give him one more chance. Konatsu then shows Ukyo what she plans to do and creates her "okonomiyaki-with-an-insane-amount-of-toppings" which are actually extremely small.

Still, this attracts lots of female students who think that the smaller size makes the okonomiyaki look cute. After Ukyo leaves, Akane decides to dress Konatsu up in an extravagant male uniform to attract even more female customers.

Once the students have all left, Akane and Ranma learn that they sold 200 okonomiyaki. Overjoyed with the numbers sold, Konatsu explains that they also made ¥400, meaning that they sold each Okonomiyaki for ¥2 each. This is overwhelming underachievement to Akane and Ranma who both collapse in disbelief, while Konatsu asks what's wrong.

Ranma then tells Akane it's her turn to cook. Some male students then see a sign talking about a challenge against the "Okonomiyaki of Death" to which there's a ¥1,000,000 reward. The students try some of the Okonomiyaki that Akane made and faint.

Substitute Chef - end

After losing plenty of money thanks to Konatsu's poor business handling, she and Ukyo are reduced to eating only rice and a sliver of yellow onion for a while.

Ukyo then enters and decides to do the cooking herself, but soon faints and is put back to bed by Konatsu. Konatsu then tells Ukyo she'll get back all the usual customers and more. Konatsu then works through the night to create the perfect okonomiyaki and when Ukyo wakes up, she sees all the customers that Konatsu has brought in.

Konatsu then gives Ukyo one of her special okonomiyaki. When Ukyo tries it, she finds a ¥500 coin and then hears about the customers getting varying amounts of money in their okonomiyaki, while Ranma and Akane comment on there not being anymore money in the cash register.

Later on, Ukyo tells Konatsu that until they get some money back they'll only have rice and one sliver of yellow radish. This causes Konatsu to tell Ukyo how extravagant her lifestyle is.


Konatsu is moved

Konatsu is moved by Ukyo's words.

When Ranma and Akane are declared to wed Ukyo prepares her modern deluxe celebration okonomiyaki which she only makes on special occasions. Konatsu tells Ukyo she doesn't have to go, to which Ukyo replies that it's fine as she knew this day would come and now she can pour her heart and soul into making okonomiyaki. Konatsu weeps slightly and tells Ukyo she's moved by her comment.

Konatsu follows Ukyo to the wedding and is disappointed when Ukyo starts using the gunpowder that she put in her okonomiyaki.

After the Dojo where the wedding is to be held, Konatsu watches as Ukyo asks Ranma if he's OK, to which Konatsu views as tragic.


Konatsu is a genius master of conventional ninjutsu, mainly stealth, distractions, ambushes and traps, but is also extremely skilled in using swords, shuriken, smoke bombs and similar direct combat techniques. She generally does not seem as dangerous as Ranma, Shampoo, or any of the other martial artists in open combat, but on the other hand, was also too much for Ranma to handle when the latter was not going all out against her.

Most of Konatsu's special techniques are of a silly or weak nature or both, and are alternately simply recycled and renamed general techniques. Even so, her techniques still reflect a much higher level of skill than the generally nonsensical techniques used by her stepfamily, even though most of theirs are performed in combination. Like them, Konatsu tends to shout out a name for anything she does regardless of how useful or pointless it may be.

Body Duplication

Konatsu using the Split-Body Technique.

  • Split-Body Technique: Konatsu creates at least three clones of himself which are coordinated with her true body. Given how this would be her most useful ability by far and the fact that it was never used in combat, it may be an illusion similar to Cologne's Splitting cat hairs, or given how it seemed real, more likely simply not developed enough yet to be useful under pressure.
  • Smoke bomb: A smoke cloud to cover an exit.
  • Blade Wind Bill: Unleashes a whirlwind of paper bills as a distraction.
  • Expense Account Drop: Konatsu grabs her opponent from behind and slams them head first into the ground.
  • Sixth Sense: Like several other martial artists in the series, Konatsu has displayed a certain extrasensory awareness, warning her of incoming danger.

The following three attacks are part of a sequence:

Ranma35 92 Konatsu vs. Happosai

From right to left, Konatsu using the three techniques against Happosai.

  • 100 Hot Towel Barrage: Konatsu throws a barrage of wet, hot rolled up towels like darts. This technique was successfully used as an ambush against Happosai after first destroying his guard by posing as a woman taking a bath in a steel drum, which was how Konatsu prepared the towels. Several landed in Happosai's open mouth and set him up for the next two attacks.
  • Snack Hail: Konatsu throws a barrage of very heavy and durable snacks.
  • Drink Strike: Konatsu lastly breaks a glass bottle over the opponent's head. Happosai instantly recovered, but was bashed when groping Konatsu's behind.


  • Knock out drops: Similar to Kodachi Kuno's Paralysis Powder. Konatsu used this to paralyse Genma by putting it in free food on the pavement. He later gave Ranma a hot towel laced with the knock out drops, but the latter did not fall for it.
  • Kunoichi Secret Breast Pocket Mist: A single use technique. Konatsu stuffs the front of her jacket with powdered pepper. When an opponent tries to grab her chest, the powder can be released, causing the attacker to sneeze while Konatsu uses her wrap for limited protection. But all one needs to do is disperse the powdered pepper.
  • Poison: Konatsu tried to poison a meal for her stepfamily, and later the Tendos' rice, but was so hungry that she stole and ate it for herself.
  • Toshintan: A drug that was fed to him by Kotetsu to stimulate her fighting instincts to their full potential. This boosted her battle ki and made him a much greater challenge for Ranma. Nonetheless, Ranma held back and limited himself to evasion and restraining tactics for all but the final seconds.


Ranma35 116 Konatsu's weapons

The aftermath of Konatsu's fight against Ranma at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's, in which she used a variety of ninja weaponry.

  • 8-Faced Beauty Throwing Star: A volley of eight-pointed shuriken.
  • Kunai: Konatsu was holding a kunai when he first confronted Ranma and used one against him at Ucchan's.
  • Shuriken: Shurikenjutsu is the only one of the "typical" ninjutsu techniques that Konatsu regularly uses. She typically throws four-pointed shuriken.
  • Takemitsu: Originally meant to be Konatsu's short blade, but it had been pawned, so she resorted to using a bamboo blade. However it is still capable of cutting through tree trunks when Konatsu is driven by the Toshintan.

Nonlethal techniques

  • Kunoichi Red Lipstick Hell: A kiss mark with lipstick left on the opponent.
  • Kunoichi Mark of Gratitude Technique: Used to leave multiple kiss marks on a single target under cover of a smoke cloud.
  • Kunoichi Lipstick Delay Move: Similar to the prior technique, but used on multiple targets. It was used to keep male customers from leaving Ucchan's.
  • Disguise: Konatsu dressed up as a fellow student of Ranma's to try and poison him. Her peers fell for it, but it did not fool Ranma.


While not adverse to giving a quick peck on the cheeks of men, she harbors a strong (unrequited) crush towards Ukyo. Konatsu is very devoted to her and will gladly do almost anything for her happiness, even against her own wishes. She expressed regret when Ukyo felt the need to help crash Ranma and Akane's wedding.

She despises her stepmother and stepsisters and the feeling is mutual. But she's been so conditioned that she'll perform any task they assign her out of habit.


  • Konatsu is similar to various characters from Rumiko Takahashi's subsequent manga series, InuYasha. She bears some resemblance to Jakotsu and her hairstyle is very similar to Sango's in her demon slayer outfit. While the color version of her shinobi shōzoku is red like Inuyasha's, the latter wears priest's garb.
  • Konatsu, like Tsubasa Kurenai, is heavily hinted at to be a trans woman.



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