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Kung Fu Stew (格闘ディナーでございます Kakuto dina de gozaimasu?) is the 165th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Martial Arts Dining Arc.


Another busy lunch break at Furinkan High is interrupted when peoples bread starts vanishing. Suddenly a foreigner, a Frenchman, is there and Ranma points him out as suspect number one. The boy introduces himself as Picolet Chardin II and challenges Ranma to an eating contest. Ranma is a fast eater, but Picolet is lighting quick and food literally vanishes in front of him. Ranma loses and get's stuck with the 100,000 yen bill.

Plot Overview

During another busy lunch break at Furinkan High, Ranma, Hiroshi and Daisuke manage to grab some of the last sandwiches and are about the dig in when suddenly everyone else's food begins disappearing right in their hands. Unlike the other students, Ranma notices a stranger wrapped in the flag of France making his way speedily through the crowd, stealing the bread as he goes.

Ranma dodges the bread thief.

Just as Ranma comments on the skills of the stranger he sets his eyes on his (Ranma's) and Hiroshi and Daisuke's food. Ranma, however, dodges the figure, thus saving his own food.

Surprised that someone evaded him, the stranger unveils himself. Ranma then demands the foreigner give Hiroshi and Daisuke's bread back, but the man continually denies having it in his possession. Hiroshi and Daisuke then demand to see what's under his flag cape (believing the food to be hidden under there), but are shocked to find it "only" contains a table laden with a full course meal, complete with candles, flowers and cutlery.

At that moment, Nabiki, Akane and Kasumi arrive; all having been given an invitation for a meal with "Picolet Chardin II". With his guests having arrived the stranger, Picolet, pours them each some champagne, whilst Ranma questions Akane if she knows him to which Akane confirms that she doesn't.

As Ranma looks on, Picolet makes a toast to his future wife.

As the meal is about to begin, Picolet proposes a toast to his future wife. This exclamation irritates Ranma who almost immediately throws one of his sandwiches at Picolet, only for it to vanish midair. Noticing the crumb on Picolet's mouth, Ranma throws another sandwich at Picolet as the other students deduce that the food isn't vanishing, rather that Picolet is eating extremely quickly. Ranma finishes up by throwing a chalkboard eraser at Picolet for "dessert", which Picolet proceeds to spit back out.

This last act finally pushes Picolet to challenge Ranma. The pair then sit down at the table, where Picolet declares that they shall do combat by the rules of the La Belle France School of Martial Arts; meaning that whoever can eat from hors d'oeuvre to dessert will be the winner.

Hearing that it's just a speed eating contest boosts Ranma's confidence, especially as it includes "martial arts" in the title. Before they begin Picolet adds that whoever loses must pay the bill, a wager which Ranma accepts. Once the bell rings, however, Ranma can only look on in shock as Picolet's hands move so quickly that they seem invisible to the naked eye. Akane, however, still believes in Ranma, until she notices that his mouth isn't as quick as his hands, leaving him with a mouth stuffed full of food.

Having already finished his meal, Picolet shares his secret with Ranma and reveals that he can stretch his mouth to extraordinary lengths to accommodate any food he may have to eat. With his business finished Picolet takes his leave, but not before leaving Ranma a bill of 100,000 yen for the food!

Ranma takes up Picolet's offer of going with him to learn Martial Arts Dining.

That evening the Tendo sisters tell their father what happened, but as soon as they bring it up Soun attempts to escape to Hokkaido with the sisters. This forces the sisters to use their Battle Aura on Soun to scare him into telling them what's going on. However, Picolet then emerges and the pair explain that 20 years ago Soun and Genma were starving when they came across a Martial Arts Dining restaurant where all the food would be free if they won. Needless to say Soun lost and told the owner he would give his unborn daughter as a bride for his own child.

As Soun laments his actions (most since he didn't know he was going to have daughters), Picolet, whilst stretching out his lips, adds that men of the Chardin family struggle to find wives; a fact which Nabiki sarcastically notes that can't possibly understand why.

With the explanations out of the way Picolet asks which one of them will become his wife and head to the Chardin estate with him to learn of Martial Arts Dining. The Tendos try to come up with an answer, when suddenly Ranma emerges in his female form and offers to go, immediately capturing the heart of Picolet as the Tendo sisters look on in bemusement.

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  • (Ranma) "Don't forget you have another daughter!"
    • (Picolet) "But you are not "another daughter"… You are the finest of all!"
  • (Kasumi) "Do you think Ranma's holding a grudge…"
    • (Nabiki) "Oh, heavens no."


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