The Kuno family meeting Room.

The Kuno Estate is a large, traditional styled Japanese fortress in Furinkan that is the ancestral home of the Kuno family. At present Principal Kuno, Tatewaki, and Kodachi Kuno call it home.


The estate is not a place to be visited carelessly, as the Kunos do not appreciate uninvited guests, and Kodachi's pet, Mr. Green Turtle, actually a giant crocodile, is allowed to roam the estate's many streams and ponds freely. In the anime it is riddled with traps and is a great maze of secret passages, hidden chambers and underground tunnels. The anime-only character Sasuke Sarugakure is the chief guardian of the estate, attacking trespassers and luring them into its myriad defences with equal fervor. However, the manga also implies that the estate has many traps on it; most notably, Akane Tendo is caught in a huge electrified rat-trap as part of a manga-exclusive portion of the "cookie war" she and Kodachi Kuno have early in the series.


  • Tatewaki Kuno has been the head of the household ever since his father left, role he takes seriously.
  • Kodachi Kuno seems to do the cooking in the Kuno household.
  • Sasuke Sarugakure takes care of the estate, guards it from intruders, and acts as a mediator when fights break out between the Kuno siblings.
  • Principal Kuno is the former head of the household and rivals Tatewaki for the role as head. Though his current residence is Furinkan High School, he seems to visit the Kuno estate once in a while
  • Mr. Green Turtle is the family pet that dwells in the koi pond.
  • Armadillo is another pet, a dog who Kuno used to see if Kodachi had laced his tea with Paralysis Powder.

Other than Sasuke, no servants are known to dwell on the estate, though the anime does have an episode in which Kuno's nameless uncle sends agents from several ninja clans to Tatewaki to see if he is interested in employing them.

Non-canon appearances

In the live action special the estate is more like a modern mansion and has a large serving staff.

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