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LOVE the Pig! (ブタが好き! Ryoga no haru?) is the 313rd chapter of the manga. It is also the second chapter of the Akari Unryu Intro Arc.


Akari is in love with Ryoga, but his pig form keeps him from reciprocating.

Plot Overview

Ranma learns after Ryoga's departure that Akari absolutely loves pigs, and comparing him to a pig was a great compliment. Ranma decides that he should help them get together when he realizes Akari has completely fallen for Ryoga. When he tells her that he's willing to help, she compares him to a pig as well. Despite knowing her greawt love for pigs he's still taken aback when she does this. At any rate, Ranma goes after Ryoga who became somber yet again and decided to run back into the cold unknown.

When Ranma comes back home with Akari, Akane tells him that P-Chan came back, much to Ranma's dismay. Akari's attention immediately focuses on the piglet Ryoga but upon seeing her he runs off. Akane then realizes who she must be and the entire household comes out to greet Ryoga's new girlfriend. As everyone gathers around her, Ranma goes to chase down Ryoga.

Upon finding him, Ranma dumps him into the hot bath to turn him back. Ryoga ignores Ranma's question about his supposed long journey and instead asks him why he brought Akari in the house. Ranma attempts to tell him about Akari's love for pigs when Akane interrupts by slapping Ryoga's back. He gets up and tells Akane that he doesn't have a girlfriend, but Akane ignores this and says that she is happy he's not so lonely anymore. Ryoga is devastated by Akane's words, which felt like cold winds piercing through him.

Akari then walks up to him with gifts of sweater and homemade cookies. Upon seeing the gifts, Ryoga starts to feel warm again but when he looks at them, Ryoga realizes that the cookies were in a shape of pigs and the sweater had an image of a pig on it, with the word "pig" written on it as well. Ryoga is hurt even more and runs away again, smashing through the wall on his way out. Akari believes that this reaction can only mean that Ryoga hates pigs.

Akari's gifts for Ryoga.

Ranma visits Cat Café to ask Cologne for guidance. He asks if she has anything akin to a love potion, but she doesn't have anything that simple, otherwise Shampoo would have used it on Ranma long ago. She briefly checks and brings back the Embrace of Passionate Love Incense. She tells him that when a person smells the incense and a suggestive word is given, that individual will hug the person that said the word. Ranma takes it and heads out.

Embrace of Passionate Love Incense

Ryoga is thinking about going far away, perhaps somewhere warm. He is quickly knocked out when Ranma hits him with a large tanuki statue. He places the incense next to him and has "pig" be the magic word. He tests this out on a nearby stranger who upon uttering "pig" was embraced by Ryoga. In addition, Ryoga also shouts out "I love you" when the word is spoken. He then tells Ryoga to set up a date with Akari one week from that day.

Ranma returns and tells Akari that Ryoga accepts the date, which she greatly rejoices. Unexpectedly, Akari then orders Katsunishiki to attack her and he reluctantly complies. She apparently still believes that Ryoga hates pigs and vows to hate pigs as well to show him how much she loves him. Meanwhile, Ryoga is lost somewhere in the wilderness unable to find his way to the date location.

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