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Lekaraté de Foie Gras (必殺! グルメ・デ・フォワグラ Hissatsu! Gurume de fowagura?) is the 168th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Martial Arts Dining Arc.


The Tendos raid Happosai's collection of scrolls showing various martial arts secret techniques and come across a book discussing Cuisine-Fu. All of the masters are shown with giant mouths except for one man named "Le Petit Bouche". Le Petit Bouche developed a technique called "Le Parlay du Foie Gras", but the pages in the book describing the technique are missing.

Plot Overview

The Tendos read about Martial Arts Dining.

Determined to help Ranma in any way they can, the Tendos begin searching through Happosai's collection of martial arts scrolls, much to the old lecher's distaste. Just as Akane returns home, Soun finds a book on Martial Arts Dining. As they read through the book, Soun comments that it's impossible to win at Martial Arts Dining without a huge mouth or distended tongue. At that moment, however, Akane notices a picture of someone who looks almost "normal", meaning there must be a way to win, even with a small mouth!

Meanwhile, at Chateau Chardin, Ranma busily eats at lightning speeds with Picolet and Madame St. Paul. When the end of dinner bell rings Ranma rushes after the last bit of food on the table as the maids pull it away, but is soon hit by Madame St. Paul for being too slow.

Later that day, having returned to her bedroom, Ranma begins pondering why it is how a "master of martial arts" like her is having so much trouble mastering this one. Not a second later, Genma appears (in his panda form) and begins pulling at Ranma's mouth, whilst holding a sign suggesting she needs a bigger one. Once she beats up her father, Ranma thinks that they're must be more to it and finally realizes that she's been focused so much on eating the food in front of her that she's forgotten the most important thing about martial arts… attacking your enemy!

Suddenly Soun emerges in a maid outfit and declares that Ranma is correct, much to the confusion of Ranma and the embarrassment of Akane. Soun then continues by showing Ranma the book he found earlier and explains that in the 400-year history of Martial Arts Dining there was one radical called "Le Petit Bouche" who overcome his oral shortcomings and became a master of Martial Arts Dining by using a technique based heavily on attacking the opponent; the "Parlay du Foie Gras"! This revelation quickly gets Ranma's attention. Unfortunately, the pages describing the technique have been torn out…

Picolet is shocked at Ranma mentioning the "Parlay du Foie Gras".

That evening, as Ranma walks in the chateau's gardens with Picolet, she asks Picolet if he's ever heard of the Parlay du Foie Gras. Upon hearing this Picolet's jaw drops down to his waist before he melodramatically pirouettes to a nearby statue. This reaction makes Ranma even more desperate to learn the secrets of the technique, but is quickly shot down when Picolet (after regaining his composure) lies by saying he's never heard of it.

Still not satisfied Ranma turns away slightly and asks Picolet if there are lies in his language of love, leaving Picolet to apologise before adding that his lips must remain closed. Ranma then proceeds to pretend to head to her room which forces Picolet to show her some Foie Gras before explaining that it's considered a delicacy in France made from fattened goose liver. Following further prompting Picolet then adds that "parlay" is a clever maneuver and refuses to say anything else.

Madame St. Paul and Picolet decide they must get Ranma married as soon as possible.

Upon returning to her room Ranma, Akane, Soun and Genma try to figure out just how Foie Gras ties into the technique. The group then each take a bite of the plate of Foie Gras placed in front of them and all fall for the exquisite taste. Ranma then notes how more-ish the taste of the Foie Gras is, but still can't figure out just what that has to do with fighting.

Meanwhile, Picolet reports to Madame St. Paul that Ranma has learnt of the Parlay du Foie Gras. This information shocks Madame St. Paul, who can't fathom how someone like her every managed to discover it's existence. After gathering her thoughts together, Madame St. Paul and Picolet agree that they must prepare for the wedding before Ranma can learn the secret of the technique.

Back with Ranma and co, Soun and Genma, unsurprisingly, begin fighting each other over the Foie Gras. Irritated at the noise the pair are making, Ranma turns round to get the two to shut up when she's suddenly hit with an epiphany regarding the Parlay du Foie Gras, but is worried that it might be more terrifying than she could've imagined.

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  • (Happosai) "Hey, you! Get out of my secret martial arts scroll collection!"
    • (Happosai) "Would is have killed you to ask first?!"
    • (Nabiki) "Oh be quiet. They're probably all stolen anyway!"
  • (Ranma) "Wh-wh-what in the…?"
    • (Soun) "What. You never saw a french maid before?"
    • (Akane) "Daaad…!"


  • In the English version Nabiki describes the past Martial Arts Dining competitors as creatures from an H. P. Lovecraft story, in the original Japanese she simply asks if they're looking at a demon picture book.


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