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Let Your Hair Down (ほどけた封印 Hadoketa fuin?) is the 155th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Dragon's Whisker Arc.


At school the next day Akane is wondering why Ranma never tells her any of his secrets when Happosai arrives demanding the Dragon's Whisker. Ranma has a hard time fighting him off, and barely escapes with the whisker intact.

Plot Overview

The Niku-men plan how to get Ranma's pigtail.

As they rush to school, Akane tries to get Ranma to tell her the secret of his pigtail, but Ranma refuses to do so. Meanwhile, the Niku-men busily discuss how they can get the Dragon's Whisker given how weak they are in comparison to Ranma. At that moment the group devise a plan to leave a pork bun laced with a sleeping potion for Ranma to find, giving them a chance to get his pigtail after he passes out.

Unfortunately for the Niku-men, Happosai appears and eats the pork bun instead before proceeding to beat up the group when they attack him for interfering. Seeing how much stronger Happosai is, the Niku-men decide to share the secret of the Dragon's Whisker with him which only leads to Happosai also wanting it for himself.

Later that day, during P.E., Akane thinks about how Ranma always refuses to tell her anything important before moving on to try and figure out just what terrible thing will happen to Ranma should he untie his pigtail...

Ranma throws multiple bras at Happosai.

Not a moment later Ranma finds himself attack by Happosai's Happo-Fire Burst. Once the dust from the explosion settles, the old pervert emerges; demanding Ranma hand over the Dragon's Whisker or else. Ranma, however, declines Happosai's threat thus leaving the old master no choice but to blast Ranma with some of his Battle Aura.

With Ranma now seemingly down for the count, Happosai rushes in to try and grab his pigtail; only for Ranma to intervene by throwing a number of brassieres in order to distract the old pervert. Unfortunately for Ranma, Happosai's desire for the Dragon's Whisker blinds any want he may have had for the underwear and so is hit yet again. Old habits die hard though as Happosai quickly finds himself distracted by the pile of brassieres, giving Ranma chance to escape.

Ranma sees the Dragon's Whisker has been removed from his pigtail.

Having fled from his perverted master, Ranma barely has chance to rest before he's attacked yet again, this time by the Niku-men who launch a flurry of pork buns. Ranma swiftly destroys the pork buns, but soon suffers because of it as the powder concealed within the buns makes it difficult for Ranma to move his body.

A few moments pass and Akane looks on as Ranma struggles to flee from the Niku-men before finally landing in a tree. Unable to get away, Ranma is quickly surrounded by the Niku-men who move in to cut off his pigtail. Desperate for his "seal" to remain intact, Ranma uses all his strength to send the Niku-men flying. It's all for naught, however, as one of the group reveals he succeeded in removing the Dragon's Whisker from Ranma's pigtail.

Fortunately Akane manages to reclaims the Dragon's Whisker from the Niku-men and gives chase after Ranma who doesn't want her to see him. After loosing sight of Ranma, Akane wanders into the the P.E. supply shed where she finds Ranma burying his head under some equipment. Akane proceeds to drag Ranma out, but is shocked by what she sees.

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  • (Ranma) "Don't count your your buns... before they're steamed!!"


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