Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung (リンリン・ランラン Ling-Ling/Rinrin and Lang-Lang/Ranran?) are a pair of young twin girls from Joketsuzoku who only appear in the anime. They are longtime sisters of Shampoo and fellow martial artists.


Ling-Ling has dark magenta hair tied in both bun side of her head with a slight curved lock in front of her ears and has royal blue eyes while Lung-Lung has green hair with a large penduulum like locks in front of her finge between her sides. and has mint green eyes. They seem to have hairstyles similar to Shampoo's.

The twins stand stand roughly a head shorter than Shampoo, are much flatter-chested than Shampoo, Akane or Ranma's female form, and Lung-Lung talks with a noticable lisp, all of which imply youth. They wore an Asian Cheongasm uniform much like Shampoo does when they are in their duty.

The twins look up greatly to Shampoo; they admire her and are her closest friends, so much so that they are referred to as being her sisters. In the dubbed version of Two, Too Violent Girls: Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung, Akane specifically notes that Shampoo means they are "sisters in all but blood" - siblings in the sense of tribal affiliation and close personal friendship, but the subtitled version implies that they are genuinely her little siblings by blood. They proclaim that Shampoo is their inspiration for trying to train so hard to become great martial artists, and they are heartbroken when Shampoo first seems to have betrayed their laws by giving up and reamaining dishonored, then actually tries to prevent them carrying out what the law demands.

In personal terms, the twins are inseperable; they are best friends and staunch allies, and their fighting style revolves around working in tandem with each other. Ling-Ling does seem to be the dominant twin, though, and is the one who gives the orders and comes up with the plans.

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Hard BattleEdit

Twins hug Shampoo

The twins are happy to see Shampoo again.

After not hearing if Shampoo had killed the Ranma who had been given the Kiss of Death and having improved their own skills considerably, the twins decide to head to Japan in order to find stronger fighters to defeat.

When they arrive in Furinkan they find Shampoo and greet her in an apparently tradition Joketsuzoku fashion, involving attacking the person you're greeting. Despite her bike being destroyed, Shampoo stops the pair's greeting and explains that they can't do that here. Once the twins explain what they've done since last meeting Shampoo the twins decide that they'll go and find some strong opponent's to defeat while Shampoo gets on with her deliveries.

While searching for opponents the twins come across Furinkan High School, where they easily defeat all the males there, including Kuno along with the other members of the Kendo Club. Later on the pair find the Tendo Dojo and challenge Soun, but due to the appearance of the twins Soun is far from convinced with fighting them. Shortly after Soun calls over Genma (who's in his panda form) the twins eventually recognise him as the panda who ate the 1st prize with Ranma at the tournament which Ranma defeated Shampoo.

Shampoo stops the Twins

Shampoo stops Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung from hurting Ranma.

Once Ranma arrives with Akane and Shampoo, Genma (back in his human form) ends up turning Ranma into his female form, while Soun is held effectively as a prisoner by the twins so as they can hear the whole story regarding Ranma (Soun and Genma also go along with the plan as a way to teach Ranma "proper discipline"). Greatly upset by Shampoo's seeming betrayal to both their village and them. Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung then attempt to attack Ranma, but Shampoo stands in the their path and follows it up by giving each of the twins the Kiss of Death. The twins soon tearfully tell Shampoo that they no longer consider her to be an "older sister", the pair then head off to the agreed location for their fight.

Some time later the twins begin their fight with Shampoo in a densely wooded area. While they fight the twins tell Shampoo that they'll defeat her and then retrain her back to how she used to be. Shampoo, however, starts to get the upper hand on the twins, causing them to resort to their most powerful move, the "Dance of the Great Fire Dragon".

Twins and Shampoo hug Ranma

The twins decide they'll "share" Ranma with Shampoo.

By the time Ranma arrives, Shampoo has been defeated. This sight causes Ranma to demand the twins fight her next, to which they gladly agree and quickly use the Dance of the Great Fire Dragon on Ranma as well. When Akane arrives (and the pair learn that the Dance of the Great Fire Dragon causes those who hear the music is plays to dance uncontrollably) the twins reveal that the Chinese Dragon puppet that they use also has a flamethrower and the twins begin to chase after Ranma and Akane. Through a combination of Akane's tone-deaf hearing and a powerful flurry of punches from Ranma, the twins technique is defeated and Shampoo narrowly manages to save them before the Chinese Dragon puppet they use explodes.

Embarrassed and ashamed, the twins admit to Shampoo that they now understand why she couldn't defeat Ranma. In response, Shampoo tells the twins to return to China and leave her and Ranma alone. After Akane reveals that Ranma is actually male, the twins excitedly grab onto each of his arms since this means they can marry Ranma. This however causes a minor dispute amongst the twins and Shampoo, all of whom want to Ranma's bride (there is also the suggestion that the three "share" Ranma).

Outta ControlEdit


Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung try to unnerve Akane by claiming to have already defeated Ranma's other fiancés.

After an undisclosed amount of time back in China, the twins hear the news about how Ranma has other fiancés, so return to Japan in order to eliminate them and make sure that Shampoo becomes Ranma's bride. Their plans don't go very well, however and are easily stopped by Ukyo and Kodachi individually (although Mr. Green Turtle helped Kodachi slightly). The twins then target Akane and lie about their success in order to unnerve her. Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung then begin attacking Akane, but she defends with her Satchel. Ranma soon arrives on the scene when Akane tries to flee from the twins, when Akane leaves Ranma with the twins (having explained the situation before) he stops the twins from pursuing her further.

Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung then proceed to ask Ranma who he likes better, Akane or Shampoo. Once Ranma indirectly says that he doesn't really like Akane, the twins take this as a sign he'll marry Shampoo without any issues, meaning they can be married as well. However, when Ranma blushes at this and attempts to note that he has some feelings for Akane, the twins misinterpret this as that Ranma likes someone else instead, namely them. Just then Ryoga comes onto the scene and threatens to attack Ranma for what he's doing to Akane's feelings, but Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung tell him he has to get through them. Ranma then uses his opportunity to take his leave, while the twins use a new technique the "Great Dance of the Super Phoenix" which desolates Ryoga.

The twins quickly catch up with Ranma again, but when Ranma asks what exactly they did to Ryoga the twins just chuckle darkly. Later that day and the twins head to the Tendo Dojo, where they send Akane a challenge letter attached to an arrow. After Akane reads the letter the twins appear and add that should Akane lose a fight to them then she has to agree in giving up Ranma. The appearance of a severely injured Ryoga along with the twins giving Akane the Kiss of Death effectively seals Akane's participation in the fight.

Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung head to a temple located on top a rather high hill and wait for Akane to arrive. When she does, Lung-Lung reiterates the terms that should Akane lose she gives up on Ranma, although Akane never verbally agrees to the terms the three of them soon begin the fight. Akane soon begins to get the upper hand over the pair, so they resort to using the Great Phoenix Fire Dance that they used against Ryoga. Initially a bit worried about the technique, Akane soon changes her mind when she sees the pedal-driven Phoenix puppet that the twins have to use. Ranma then appears (having been eating a picnic on the other side of the temple all this time), and is told by the twins to go back and wait for them while they fight Akane so he can marry Shampoo, after hearing Akane's opinion of the situation Ranma goes to sidelines to watch the fight along with Soun and Genma who've also appeared.

The fight resumes and the twins launch their Phoenix attack by quickly reducing altitude in an attempt to crash into Akane, but she easily dodges the attack. Akane then proceeds to grab the wing of the Phoenix puppet and throws it against a temple shrine, damaging it greatly. The seeming victory is a bit premature, as the twins emerge from the wreckage and soon rebuild the damage to the Phoenix puppet. When the Phoenix becomes airborne again, Ling-Ling takes some eggs out of the back of the Phoenix puppet and begins throwing them down to Akane which explode and create a smokescreen around her. Ling-Ling then tries to end the fight by throwing about a dozen more explosive eggs to Akane at once, however this time Akane picks up a stick and begins hitting the eggs away, the last of which hits the Phoenix puppet.

This time the damage is too severe for the twins to fix while in midair and they crash into some nearby trees. The pair aren't finished yet, as they use their "Super Phoenix Fire Dance" which just involves them putting up a large image of a Phoenix on a board. As they stand on the top of the board the twins note how they hate using this technique due to how high off the ground they become and shortly afterwards the legs at the board's base crack causing the whole structure to collapse.

After their final technique fails to hit Akane, the twins remain trapped under the wreckage while Ranma walks up to them and mentions how unimpressive the technique is. In response the twins just tell Ranma that it didn't work since they missed, but only be a very small margin. It's unknown what happened to the twins after this point, but it's easy to assume that they left to return back to China.


The twins were two of the many guests to the Tendo Family Christmas Party, they are seen performing their Dance of the Great Fire Dragon in front of the other guests as part of the party's entertainment.



Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung preparing to attack.

Compared to the other martial artists in the series, Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung are generally weaker than most others. Ling-Ling specialises in wielding a retractile shortstaff, while Lung-Lung carries a trident cut to her size. Working as a team the twins are able to launch powerful frontal assaults (which is almost second nature for the Joketsuzoku). The twins have shown knowledge of trickery to get an advantage over their opponents, such as having the Sun directly behind them when they attack, making it harder for their enemy to counter their attacks. They also seem to prefer a "divide and conquer" method, with one of them distracting the enemy while the other attacks them, although this doesn't usually work out. Shampoo can handle the twins easily, while Akane can do so too (however this may be due to the twins continuously messing up their attacks), Ryoga did lose to the twins but this may be the speed and surprise which they used to attack him.

Despite seeming to be rather easy to defeat, the twins are capable fighters in their own right, with neither Kuno or a number of other males at Furinkan High School being able to defeat them. The twins use a couple of special techniques, but almost all of these are very comical in appearance and seem to rely on being used quickly in order to catch their opponent off-guard. Their special techniques include:

Two Body Attack: An unnamed technique used by the twins frequently. By using their speed the twins attack their opponent with a series of rapid-fire lunges from their weapons in two directions, making it difficult to avoid.

Dance of the Great Fire Dragon: The original ultimate technique for twins, which even Shampoo has stated she has been unable to master. This technique involves the twins controlling a Chinese Dragon puppet while playing special music which causes the opponent to dance uncontrollably, and while they dance Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung use the flamethrower to burn the opponent. Ranma manages to defeat this technique hitting the puppet with a flurry of punches which ruptured the fuel tank, causing it to explode.

Super Phoenix: The first part of a two-pronged attack which Cologne states was developed 3,000 years ago by a group of Joketsuzoku in order to protect the Great Wall of China from attack. This technique seemingly replaced the twin's Great Fire Dragon technique when they returned to Japan to deal with Ranma's fiancés. By using a pedal powered Phoenix puppet, the twins gain altitude which is followed by Ling-Ling throwing several exploding smoke-producing eggs from the back of the puppet. The puppet can also be used to land and crush opponent's, and can be quickly repaired by the twins afterwards (although they struggle with conducting repairs while airborne).

Super Phoenix Fire Dance: The second part of the twin's "Super Phoenix" technique. This seems to be a last-ditched move of desperation by the twins as they don't like being so high off the ground as they stand on the top of the board which has the image of a Phoenix painted on it. The twins use the board to land it on top of the opponent and leave them with a cross-shaped mark on their face as well as leaving them trapped underneath the debris of the board. Cologne notes that while this is a legitimate technique, it isn't very good due to the lack of accuracy. It’s also possible that the Amazons used to have a true Phoenix attack in the past, but these inexperienced twins only can use a poor imitation of it.


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  • Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung have multiple alternative names among the fandom, the most prominent is "Lin-Lin & Lun-Lun" mostly due to the fact that the "g" in their names is almost never pronounced by other characters.
  • While Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung are exclusive to the anime, the manga also have two twin characters from China, namely Pink & Link.
    • Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung appear significantly before Pink & Link, so they might have provided the inspiration for them.



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