Lips at War (リップ・バトル Rippu batoru?) is the 26th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Martial Arts Figure Skating Arc.

The day of the match Mikado tells Ranma that he plans to kiss Akane at some point during the match. Of course, Ranma will have none of it, and when the match rolls around he tries to strike fast early on.

Plot Overview

The Day of the Match

Several Kolhotz High School students see a sign outside the School pointing to the Skating Rink for the "Charlotte Cup" and decide to go and see what's going on and so they can cheer on the Golden Pair. Ryoga, who's still wearing his "Charlotte" collar, appears and thinks to himself about he'll ensure that he's Akane's partner and together they'll win. However, Ryoga is then covered by cold water from a Bucket being carried by Ranma, turning Ryoga into his P-chan form. Ranma tells P-chan not to worry since he and Akane will be invincible.

In the Male Dressing Room

Mikado and Ranma argue

Mikado tells Ranma he'll take Akane's lips during the match.

Mikado is already in the Dressing Room and says he glad to see that Ranma came. Ranma says hello to Mikado, but calls him a sex-obsessed neurotic to which Mikado retorts that his name is Mikado Sanzenin. Ranma then sarcastically asks Mikado if his injury is any better, Mikado replies that he let his guard down that day but today's match will be different.

Mikado continues by saying he hasn't given Akane his "formal greeting". While Ranma wonders what Mikado means, Mikado points at Ranma and tells him that at some point in today's match he'll steal Akane's lips. This angers Ranma who asks Mikado if kissing is all he thinks about, to which Mikado replies that such thoughts are all his head can hold. Meanwhile, Akane is getting changed and sneezes, making her think that someone is talking about her.

The Fight Begins

Golden Pair entrance

The Golden Pair enter the Rink.

The Announcer says that fight between Kolhotz High School and Furinkan High School for the "Charlotte Cup" (which turns out to be P-chan tied up to a large Trophy Cup) is about to begin. The lights are then dimmed and Azusa and Mikado enter the Skating Rink, much to the delight of the spectators. Meanwhile, Ranma and Akane watch their entrance and Ranma isn't impressed.

Ranma decides to show up the Golden Pair by carrying Akane on his shoulder. Despite Akane telling Ranma to wait, Ranma doesn't listen and ends up spinning uncontrollably but is does get the desired effect from the audience that Ranma wanted. When Ranma finally stops Ranma is holding up Akane while he's bent over with his head touching the ice. As Ranma unsteadily holds the pose, Azusa skates up and laughs at them, making Akane tell her to shut up.

Ranma and Akane Try Again

Azusa continues by telling Akane that Charlotte is as good as hers, this causes Akane to angrily tell Azusa that P-chan will never be hers. The Announcer then says that the match will be decided by complete knockout and there are no holds-barred. Mikado and Azusa begin Skating at speed at Akane and Ranma, who do the same. Akane then twirls Ranma in front of her so he can attack Azusa, but she avoids it by jumping off Mikado's hands.

While this is going on, Mikado moves his head into the gap between Akane's/Ranma's arms and tells Akane that she looks good today. Mikado then goes in for a kiss, but uses his feet to stop Mikado's head from getting closer to Akane. Akane then tells Ranma to look out, but it's too late as Azusa kicks Ranma off Mikado. Mikado returns to trying to kiss Akane, but she falls onto her back and kicks Mikado into the air.

Mikado quickly recovers and lands back on the ice. Mikado believes that Akane must be shy to refuse his kiss, while Azusa says she thinks that Akane is just repulsed. Akane shouts at Ranma and tells him to get a grip (Ranma had become disorientated from Azusa's kick). Meanwhile, Mikado begins to spin Azusa around very quickly and says that he'll steal Akane's lips without fail. Ranma tells Akane to get out of the way and so holds her up above his head.

Ranma avoids and punches Mikado

Ranma avoids Mikado's technique and punches him.

Just before Mikado and Azusa make contact, Ranma throws Akane over Azusa while he skates underneath the Golden Pair and manages to punch Mikado's waist. Mikado loses his balance slightly, while Ranma catches Akane before she hits the ice. However, Akane tells Ranma to lookout and avoid the fence that they're about to hit. Ranma tells Akane that he knows but he can't stop. This causes Ranma to skate up the fence, spin midair and land successfully, much to fright of Akane and Ranma.

Meanwhile, Mikado is kneeling on the Rink and Azusa asks if it hurts where she's poking. Since she doesn't get an answer from Mikado, Azusa begins to punch where Mikado was punched by Ranma, until Mikado angrily shouts at her telling her that this where it hurts so why is she punching it. Azusa (slightly teary-eyed) tells Mikado that she was only worried about him.

Ranma threatens Mikado

Ranma threatens Mikado, to the surprise of Akane.

The Golden Pair then look at Akane and Ranma (who have both recovered from the shock of the fence incident). Mikado then stands back up and tells the two of them that it was impressive that someone brought him to his knees. Ranma angrily tells Mikado that the next time he tries to try pull that with Akane he'll do more than bring him to his knees. When Mikado enquires to just what Ranma is going to do, Ranma tells Mikado that next time he'll put him in a coffin. Ranma continues by telling Mikado that Akane is his fiancé and if he lays a lip on her he'll kill him. This embarrasses Akane slightly, who is surprised Ranma would say that in front of all these people. Mikado isn't scared by the threats and tells Ranma that such bonds are fragile and he'll do all in his power to break those bonds, while Azusa sticks her tongue out at the pair.

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  • No matter what it takes... I'll be pairing with Akane today... and we'll win! - Ryoga thinking to himself about he'll make sure he pairs up with Akane.
  • So here you are... Charlotte! - Ranma as he throws a bucket of water over Ryoga.
  • Hiya, sex-obsessed neurotic. That's Mikado Sanzenin! - Ranma saying hello to Mikado and Mikado's response.
  • At some time during today's match... I shall steal... Akane Tendo's lips! - Mikado telling Ranma his plan for the match.
  • You slimy... Is kissing all you can think about?! Such thoughts are all my head can hold! - Ranma's response to Mikado saying he's planning to kiss Akane and Mikado's response to Ranma.
  • [Akane sneezes] Somebody must be talking about me... - Akane in her dressing room while Mikado and Ranma are talking about her.



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