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Looking His Best (晴れ姿 ご対面 Hare sugata go-taimen?) is the 363rd chapter of the manga. It is also the fourth chapter of the Battle of the Busts Arc.


Ranma is confronted by his mother. Nodoka attempts to find out who the pervert is.

Plot Overview

Ranma has his back turned and is unable to move. While raising her sword Nodoka says that he was one that stole Ranko's clothes, attacked Akane in her room and is now sexually molesting her again. Then demands him to show his face. Akane nervously tries to reason with her when Ranma turns around but with his face down. Ranma then makes a quick move and tosses the tatami mat and covers his mother's vision. She swings the katana and cuts the mat in two, then finds herself on top of the mat with Ranma under it. He crawls to a nearby wall behind a drawer and punches through it to escape without being properly seen by his mother.

After some deliberation Nodoka recognizes this to be the Anything Goes Tatami Flip technique that Genma often used to avoid debt collectors. Akane tells her that it could have been from a different school, but Nodoka makes it clear that the Saotome technique puts the opponent on top of the mat, just as it was done by Ranma. To finish the move, one must flip the mat and put the opponent on the bottom before crushing them by standing on the top. She sees that it must have been someone kind enough to not crush her and realizes that it must have been Ranma.

Genma using the tatami flip against a debt collector.

Nodoka happily asks Akane if that was indeed Ranma but she worries that Nodoka might think her son is a pervert. But before she can say anything, Nodoka becomes jubilant that Ranma is NOT a pervert, since their engagement makes all the perverted deeds more acceptable. Akane is aghast and unsure what to say about this. Meanwhile, Ranma is outside, listening in on the conversation. He now believes that if he shows himself, his mother will see him as a manly man. He bursts in through the window but finds the room empty.

Nodoka claims that Ranma's actions are ok as an engaged couple.

Downstairs, Nodoka is with the Tendo sisters telling them Ranma has come back. She begins laying out food on the table awaiting his arrival. Genma is not too pleased to hear this and takes out a mallet to strike her but is struck from behind by another mallet wielded by Soun. The Tendos tie him up to prevent him from interfering while Nodoka prepares. While walking, she accidentally spills a hot water on Genma and turns him back, but she is too busy to notice and ignores him completely. Nabiki turns the sad husband back into a panda.

Ranma comes downstairs looking for his mother when Soun sees him. He calls Ranma to his room and tells him to dress up for this special occasion. He presents him with a box containing clothes that Soun used to wear for his special occasions. Ranma is moved by the gesture and decides to take it. Nodoka and Akane are waiting downstairs with Genma still tied up.

When Ranma opens the box, however, he sees that inside is a playboy bunny outfit. Soun is horrified and denies that he wore such a thing. Then from behind Ranma notices Happosai standing on the door frame holding a bucket of cold water. Ranma realizes that Happosai must have switched the clothes and stomps him. They fling themselves and with a single punch Happosai is knocked out with the bunny outfit next to him.

Just then the rest of the family barges into the room with poppers and signs. Ranma finally sees his mother, but looks down to see that when he was fighting Happosai his clothes were changed into a schoolgirl outfit. Nodoka is shocked and tries to grip her katana but drops it on the floor. She faces the doorway and realizes that it was him in Ranko's clothes all along. She quietly leaves the room to think about how Ranma loves to wear female clothes. The rest of the family think Ranma has been spared of seppuku.

Nodoka hugs her son from behind while Ranma is dressed in a schoolgirl outfit.

She comes back after a moment, but instead of grabbing her sword she hugs Ranma from behind telling him to not leave and that she finally meet him. Ranma can't bear to turn around dressed the way he is, but is happy to finally reunite with his mother and thinks he's being forgiven. Nabiki notices that when Nodoka came back, she was clad in a white robe. Kasumi then finds a robe that Ranma was to wear should his execution take place. Akane tries to warn Ranma of the incoming danger.

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