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Lunchtime Lunacy (突撃!ランチタイム Totsugeki! Ranchitaimu?) is the 101st chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Tsubasa Kurenai Arc.


Tsubasa and Ranma decide to have an okonomiyaki selling contest to see who is the cutest girl. The contest is held at Furinkan High, so Tsubasa wins easily since all boys know Ranma's secret.

Plot Overview

As Ukyo walks through the grounds of Furinkan High School, a statue appears and rushes towards her, mowing down several other students in the process. Before the statue hits Ukyo, she crushes the statue underneath her giant Spatula. Tsubasa then emerges from the statue and asks Ukyo how she could do that to her, to which Ukyo remarks that she thought she told Tsubasa to leave her alone.

Tsubasa throws several flyers, setting the rules for her duel with Ranma.

Ukyo continues by reminding Tsubasa that she's engaged to Ranma, but Tsubasa doesn't accept the idea of Ukyo being engaged to such an ugly girl. Just before Ukyo tries to tell Tsubasa that Ranma is a boy, Ranma (who'd seen Tsubasa had arrived and quickly turned into his female form) appears behind Tsubasa and wishes her good morning whilst poking her in the back, which sends shivers down Tsubasa's spine.

After exchanging insults with each other, Tsubasa declares that they'll see who's more worthy of Ukyo like gentlemen. Tsubasa then proceeds to throw multiple flyers into the air. Some male students grab the flyers and read that between 12:30 - 1:30pm there'll be a one day only Okonomiyaki sell-off (sponsored by Okonomiyaki Ucchan's), the flyer also tell the students to buy the Okonomiyaki from whoever they believe to be the cutest.

Tsubasa and Ranma start their Okonomiyaki sell-off.

Tsubasa then adds to Ranma that whoever sells the most will be the winner, a wager which Ranma agrees with. Ukyo, however, is infuriated that Tsubasa just her business's name without permission, but soon changes her mind when she realises how much she could profit from this. The overjoyed Tsubasa then tells Ukyo that she's her forever loyal servant.

The allotted time soon comes around Ranma and Tsubasa rush towards the hoard of hungry male students. Meanwhile, Akane watches on with some of her friends. Akane's friends comment on how they heard Tsubasa only likes girls, with one adding that it's no surprise that she's causing after Ukyo. Akane, however, is just curious as to why Ranma is getting so work up over this whole situation.

Despite Ranma's initial confidence about winning the challenge, she suffers a landslide defeat to Tsubasa and is left devastated. Tsubasa then begins to gloat and runs off whilst laughing at Ranma's lose. As Ranma wonders is this means she really is ugly, Kuno appears and tells his pigtailed girl that her beauty outshines the sun. Kuno soon ruins the mood, however, when he hugs Ranma tightly and cries for her. After Ranma has sent Kuno flying, Hiroshi and Daisuke add that Kuno's the only boy at school who doesn't know Ranma's "secret".

Ranma disguises herself to sell more Okonomiyaki, but Akane sees straight through it.

Akane then walks up to Ranma and notes how stupid Ranma was for thinking he would beat a real girl is this situation. Ranma then suddenly has an epiphany and declares that the battle's not lost yet and runs off, telling Akane to just wait and see.

Ranma later returns, this time disguised in a wig and wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit. The male students fall for the disguise and begin buying Okonomiyaki left, right and centre. Unfortunately for Ranma, Akane can see straight through his disguise and drags Ranma away with her.

Round the back of the school grounds, Akane angrily asks Ranma if she's enjoying attracting all those guys, to which Ranma replies it's fine since it's a duel between her and Tsubasa. Ranma then begins to sob at the realisation she only has one more Okonomiyaki she needs to sell. After Akane tells Ranma to cut out the "over feminine" act, Tsubasa reveals herself to be disguised as a tree and declares that it seems she's the victor after all.

Just before Tsubasa exclaims that Ukyo's all hers, Ukyo arrives and says she'll buy Ranma's last Okonomiyaki. Seeing that Ukyo is willing to purposely make her lose brings Tsubasa to tears. Tsubasa then asks Ukyo if she's so against going out with her then why didn't she tell her sooner, to which Ukyo furiously replies that she's been trying to tell her this from the start. With tears still streaming down her face, Tsubasa tells Ukyo she'll give up on her and runs off, but Ranma decides to chase after her.

Tsubasa declares Ranma to be her new love.

After searching through the streets of Furinkan, Ranma notices a Garbage Can on a set of Swings and suspects it to be Tsubasa. Sure enough Ranma finds Tsubasa hiding inside. She then tells Tsubasa that although she hates to admit it, she (Tsubasa) won the match. Hearing this, Tsubasa dries her eyes and tells Ranma that she's not ugly, in fact she's cute, so much so she couldn't help but feel jealous.

Tsubasa continues by saying that she's sorry for being such a terrible person. After Tsubasa adds that it's no wonder that Ukyo despises her, Ranma quietly says that she doesn't think that's the problem. Ranma then begins to reassure Tsubasa by patting her on the shoulder and telling her she's cute too and is sure to get a boyfriend. At that moment, however, Tsubasa gets Ranma's hand and looks lovingly into her eyes.

Panicking, Ranma asks Tsubasa what she's thinking, to which Tsubasa declares that Ranma is her new love. As Ranma flees desperately from Tsubasa who's now disguised themselves as a massive flower arrangement. Meanwhile, Ukyo is with Akane and notes how quickly Tsubasa recovered, with Akane adding that Tsubasa definitely likes girls. Akane then wonders about how crushed Tsubasa will feel when Ranma's secret comes out, to which Ukyo thinks to herself about how she bets somebody's going to crushed over something...

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  • The statue Tsubasa disguises herself as is that of Ninomiya Sontoku, a prominent 19th Century Japanese agricultural leader, philosopher, moralist and economist.
  • This chapter confirms that by this point everyone at Furinkan High School, apart from Tatewaki Kuno, knows about Ranma's curse.


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