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Lychee (ライチとジ Raichi?) is a young woman who is the latest descendant of a family who were entrusted to look after the Scroll of Luck in order to marry the leader of the Seven Lucky Gods and complete the ritual to join the two scroll halves. She initially arrived in Japan to get revenge on Happosai for making her effectively lose her childhood, but quickly put this aside when Kirin appears.



Little is known about Lychee's past, but what is known is that her grandmother was entrusted by Happosai with the Scroll of Luck, noting that one day her prince will come looking for it (exactly how her family got the scroll from Happosai varies depending on character viewpoints). About ten years prior to the events of the series the scroll was given to Lychee by her grandmother.

Due to her family being entrusted with the scroll, Lychee became the target for pirates and others after the scroll. Because of this she began to despise Happosai for giving her family the scroll since it effectively took her childhood away.


Lychee spots Happosai as he flies over Furinkan.

One day, Lychee arrives in Furinkan on her relentless search for Happosai. She first sends Jasmine out, having Jasmine disguise herself in her battle aura, to find search the streets for him. However, Lychee finds Happosai first when Ranma sends him flying in the air for the trouble he's caused today. Knowing his location, Lychee sends Jasmine after him, ultimately returning Happosai to the Tendo Dojo.

After Jasmine reveals her true form to the others, Lychee has managed to catch up and descends from a tree onto Jasmine's trunk. She then demands Happosai return her childhood, however, before she can elaborate, Kirin along with the other Seven Lucky Gods appear and take Akane for she had ended up in obsession of Lychee's half of the Scroll of Luck moments earlier. Desperate to be with Kirin, Lychee gets on Jasmine and the pair chase after his flying ship when he leaves.

Due to Jasmine causing a leak in her boat, Lychee unwillingly allows Ranma and co onboard.

Some point offscreen, Lychee reaches the Sea of Japan and continues to follow Kirin with a boat. While at sea (back onscreen), she comes across Ranma and co out to save Akane who are in need of a boat themselves after Subdragon V capsized. Despite her attempts to stop them, Lychee and Jasmine are unable to stop the group boarding, especially after Jasmine makes a hole in the boat trying to squash Happosai and so has to use Happosai himself to plug the hole.

One night while still on the pursuit of Kirin, Jasmine notices lights in the sky coming from Kirin's ship. Later, Kirin and Akane fall from the ship, causing Lychee and Ranma to go save their respective love interest. Unfortunately Lychee is exhausted by this and loses consciousness as she, Kirin, Akane and Ranma are brought on board Kirin's ship.

While onboard, Lychee is happy to be with her prince finally, but these feelings soon fade when Kirin reiterates that Akane is the one he loves since she has to Scroll. Ranma and Lychee end up getting on the top deck of the ship, where they see the rest of the group have been defeated by the Lucky Gods. After seemingly being thrown overboard by Kirin, Lychee along with the others manage to stay with the ship by having Happosai desperately hold onto the side of the ship as they continue to Nekonron.

Lychee being attacked by Monlon as she watches Ranma defeat the Lucky Gods.

Shortly after they arrive at Seven Luck Mountain the next day, Kirin's ship passes over a geyser which causes Happosai to lose his grip and so Lychee, Jasmine, Ranma and Happosai land together at the bottom of the Mountain. While there they learn that Kirin and Akane will be married at sunset, so they rush to get there in time. To do this the five castle gates with their respective Lucky God must be defeated, Lychee stands on the sidelines as Ranma faces the Gods (while doing this Jasmine is left with Wu so she and Ranma can pass). When they reach Ebiten he is eventually defeated by the other characters reappearing and running him over, this makes Lychee and Ranma fall behind the others so see a bright light coming the top floor of Kirin's castle as he defeats the others.

Kirin carries Lychee out of the water.

The pair arrive at the top floor, where Lychee watches as Ranma fights against Kirin. After Ranma uses his "Hiryū Shōten Ha" to defeat Kirin he inadvertently causes a large geyser to rip apart Kirin's castle. While in the swirls of the geyser, Lychee tries to get back her half of the Scroll and is almost killed when some large wreckage falls on her, if not for Kirin saving her at the last second.

When the waters subside, Kirin carries Lychee out of the water and puts her down when she regains consciousness. The two then stare at each other as the sun rises, followed by them joining together the two halves of the Scroll of Luck.

The picture Ranma and co receive of Lychee and Kirin married.

Some time later, while Ranma and co are saying their goodbyes, Ranma asks Lychee what she plans to do, causing Lychee to say that she guesses she'll go back looking for her prince on a white horse. While Ranma and co do leave, Kirin walks next to Lychee and the pair stare at each other again.

By a month afterwards, Lychee and Kirin are married. The pair send a picture of them together (with Lychee in the traditional wedding dress) along with a vat of pickled vegetables which they presumably made using the method described in the Scroll of Luck.


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Lychee isn't shown to have much to any strength when it comes to fighting one-to-one. She primarily relies on Jasmine for her brute strength, however, she is still willing to put Jasmine aside should the situation call for it. Despite this, Lychee is quite agile as she is able to get atop high chimneys as well as land on Jasmine's trunk from trees.




Jasmine is Lychee's loyal elephant who travels with Lychee seemingly wherever she goes. The two seem to have a very good relationship with each other. Generally Jasmine is used by Lychee for her strength which Lychee herself lacks in, this is helped by Jasmine having an extremely large and powerful battle aura. Lychee also uses Jasmine when traveling and is seen riding on Jasmine's back while she was in Furinkan as well as while in the Sea of Japan.


Lychee is infatuated with Kirin upon first meeting him, for he is the prince she has dreamed of coming to marry her and give her a fairytale happily ever after since her youngest days. She is heartbroken when chance leads Kirin to believe that Akane is the one he is destined to wed and avidly pursues him. After Ranma manages to save Akane, Lychee is finally able to talk to Kirin as just a girl and a boy, resulting in their falling in deep love and wedding within a month. Thus, Lychee in the end got her deepest wish after all.


Lychee absolutely despises Happosai, both because of his leaving the "cursed" Scroll of Luck to her grandmother and because he is a disgusting old lecher who repeatedly attempts to molest her.

Ranma Saotome

Lychee initially has a hostile-tinged indifference to Ranma, who returns the sentiment, but considers working with him to try and prevent the marriage of Akane and Kirin a goal worth cooperating for. They form a loose friendship during their team-up, and she is inclined to view him quite favorably after the wedding is stopped and he is indirectly responsible for her wedding Kirin.

Non-canon Appearances

Lychee briefly appears with Jasmine in Chibi form during the Where Do We Go From Here (You and Me) anime opening with multiple other characters who appeared in the series.


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  • Lychee is named after the fruit of the same name, a similar naming convention that was used for the Chinese manga characters Plum and Lime.
  • Her seiyu provided the voice of Harumi from Maison Ikkoku and Yuko Haga from The Tragedy of P in Rumic Theater.