Mōko Takabisha being used to counter Shishi Hōkōdan

Mōko Takabisha (猛虎高飛車 also known as Pride of the Fierce Tiger?) is a special type of ki blast attack used by Ranma to counter Ryoga's Shishi Hōkōdan. Unlike Shishi Hōkōdan, Mōko Takabisha uses person's overconfidence to generate the ki. This technique was used by Ranma when he discovered that the level of depression that he needed to maintain the ki blast was not sufficient compared to Ryoga. In the manga, Ranma is able to create a "Double Mōko Takabisha" that fires two equally strong chi blasts. In the live action special he can already use the Mōko Takabisha by the time he arrives at the Tendo Dojo, but struggles to master it in his female form.

Manga Version Edit


Ranma producing a much smaller blast

Mōko Takabisha is first mentioned and used against Ryoga in the chapter Lion Versus Tiger! Unlike the large blasts of Shishi Hōkōdan, Mōko Takabisha produces a smaller ki spheres. Like Shishi Hōkōdan, it is based on the amount of emotion used to generate the ki. Shishi Hōkōdan uses depression, and Mōko Takabisha uses confidence. When Ranma gets hit with the final form of Shishi Hōkōdan, his confidence falls and produces a much smaller ball.

Anime Version Edit

Mōko Takabisha is first mentioned and used against Ryoga in the episode From the Depth of Despair, Part II. In the anime version it is seen as a bright yellow blast, in contrast to Shishi Hōkōdan's pink. How it works is the same as in the manga counterpart.

Trivia Edit

The anime version has the two blasts change color depending on the user, not the type. When Ranma uses Shishi Hōkōdan, it still comes out as yellow.

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