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Martial Arts Cooking is not one specific style in the world of Ranma 1/2, but instead a fan-created nickname that is applied collectively to an assortment of styles that share the same basic underlying theme of weaponizing the food, utensils, ingredients, and cooking methods of a specific kind of cooking.

A possible alternative title for this "style" would be Martial Arts Cookery'.

Martial Arts Takeout is a semi-related style with its own unique practitioners and history.

Base Concept

Whilst the precise origin of each of the different schools of Martial Arts Cooking is unique to that school, and mostly unknown, they all share the same basic idea. Practitioners utilize ingredients, utensils, food items and even cooking methods as means to attack and defend themselves in battle. This style may have evolved from ninjitsu, given its reliance on ambush tactics and camouflaged weaponry.

Known Practitioners

  • Ukyo Kuonji - Martial Arts Okonomiyaki
  • Ukyo's father - Martial Arts Okonomiyaki
  • Hayato Myojin - Martial Arts Takoyaki
  • Crepe Joe - Martial Arts Billig (Crepe-Making)
  • Cooking Priest - Martial Arts Cooking
  • Nameless Martial Arts Sushi Practitioner

Noteworthy Locations

  • Manpukuji Temple - A temple whose priests are seemingly dedicated to mastery of Martial Arts Cooking as a whole.

Special Techniques

  • Giant Spatula: Ukyo and her father favor the use of a massively oversized okonomiyaki spatula as a melee weapon.
  • Throwing Spatulas: Smaller spatulas are used as throwing daggers by both Ukyo and Crepe Joe.
  • Rubber Cement Batter: A technique wielded by Ukyo, and later by Ranma in imitation of Ukyo. A batch of batter mixed with rubber cement is used to create a natural glue trap.
  • Yakisoba Rope: Extremely rubbery yakisoba noodles are used as a whip or rope to entangle and ensnare foes from afar. Used by Ukyo.
  • Exploding Tempura Flakes: Only used when Ukyo has backed an opponent into an area with sufficient heat. She shakes a mixture of tempura flakes and gunpowder over her opponent, creating a stinging smokescreen filled with small explosions.
  • Batter Dragon: Ukyo's most powerful attack in the anime, this technique animates a mass of raw okonomiyaki batter that lunges at her target like a giant snake, swallowing them in its mass before exploding in a surge of heat, leaving them encased in the center of a giant flash-friend okonomiyaki.
  • Crepe Bombs: Crepe Joe's basic attack, he flings crepes with explosives or other unpleasant tricks tucked away inside of them.
  • Golden Crepe of Death/Golden Death Crepe: Crepe Joe's most powerful attack; he encases a victim in a massive crepe that acts like a rubber straitjacket. It then fills with C4-laced whipped cream and explodes.
  • Giant Takoyaki Skewer: Hayato uses an enormous takoyaki skewer as his weapon of choice.
  • Barrage of Eight Hundred Blows: Hayato throws a barrage of high-speed takoyaki balls at his target.
  • Octopus Jar Drop: Hayato attempts to smash an octopus fishing jar over his enemy's head.
  • Dance of the Restraining Dried-Fish Shavings: Hayato uses dried-fish shavings to restrain and slow his opponents.
  • Takoyaki Spin: Hayato uses his giant takoyaki skewer to spin an opponent around.
  • Octopus King's Big Ball Drop: Hayato's special technique designed to counter Ukyo; when attacked with a giant okonomiyaki, Hayato uses his oversized skewer to wrap it around himself into a cushioning ball and then attempts to crush his foe under his new weight.