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May I Cut In? (野望のデート Yabo no deto?) is the 148th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Wishing Sword Arc.


Ranma, Genma, Akane and Nabiki sit around talking about what Ranma should wear for his date with Kuno. Nabiki tells Akane the date probably will not go smoothly. Akane begins to have visions of Kuno drugging Ranma so he can have his way with her.

Plot Overview

Ranma prepares for her date with Kuno.

Having sent Kuno a message asking they go out on a date Ranma (who's currently in his female form) begins searching through Akane's clothes for something suitable to wear. After explaining the situation to Akane, Genma tells Ranma that he's heard that Kuno has already used two wishes so has to get the Wishbringer before Kuno uses the final wish. In response, Ranma reassures her father that she'll do anything to be a full-man again, even if it means becoming the "prettiest l'il thing" ever seen!

Whilst Ranma thinks of all the possible locations their date may be and how she'll get the sword, Nabiki walks in and tells Ranma that she's being too naive if she believes a date with Kuno will go that smoothly. This prompts Akane to imagine Kuno and Ranma missing the last train home, resulting in Kuno taking the tipsy Ranma to a bar where he spikes her drink before taking Ranma home to have his way with her.

As Akane screams at this thought, Ranma turns around and demands Akane leave her out of her sick fantasises before continuing on deciding on what to wear.

The next morning at 4:05 am, Ranma happily continues sleeping when suddenly Kuno bursts into the room and declares that it's time for them to leave.

Hearing the noise, Akane and Soun rush over to confront what they believe to be a thief in the house. Ranma, meanwhile, awakes in a daze, prompting Kuno to flick her under the chin and call her a little sleepy head; only for Ranma to slam her elbow on Kuno's head and ask him if he realises what time it is.

Seeing that Akane has now arrived to investigate what's going on, Kuno can't help himself but turn to her and present her with a bouquet whilst sorrowfully tell her that today his heart belongs to the pigtailed girl. Suddenly Kuno takes out the Wishbringer and nearly declares that his final wish will be to date her instead, fortunately, Ranma manages to get ready for the date and kicks Kuno in the back of head moments before he completes the wish.

With the pair of them ready, Ranma and Kuno head out to a beach where they watch the Sun rise over the shore. At that moment Ranma realises that if there's only one wish left, then only he or his father can be cured, not both of them. Having this in mind, Ranma quickly decides to not waste another moment and begins chasing after Kuno (who's running towards the local lighthouse) in order to grab the sword first. As Ranma does, however, she notices that Genma is running alongside her in order to so the exact same thing himself.

Kuno feeds Ranma a Rice ball she laced with sleeping powder.

As Ranma kicks Genma into the ocean in an attempt to slow him down, Akane arrives at the beach in order to ensure that Kuno doesn't try to force himself on Ranma.

Meanwhile, Ranma continues her chasing of Kuno when she pretends to trip up in the sand. Kuno immediately runs back to his precious pigtailed girl, giving Ranma the chance to pretend to hug Kuno in the hope of grabbing the Wishbringer. Unfortunately for Ranma, Kuno misinterprets her advances and suggests they read each other's diaries first so that they get to know the others intimate feelings. Slightly irritated, Ranma barely manages to stutter out how much a gentleman Kuno is...

Some time later and Kuno and Ranma prepare to enjoy a picnic on the beach which Kuno had made earlier. Ranma swiftly laces one of the Rice balls with sleeping powder, unfortunately, Kuno takes the rice ball and force feeds it to Ranma. After turning away and commenting that he hopes he wasn't too forward, Kuno looks back and sees his pigtailed girl sound asleep.

Seeing this Kuno decides to let his date sleep for a while, but quickly succumbs to his inner desires and moves in to kiss Ranma until Akane appears and hits him over the head with a mallet.

Ranma declares that she'll make Kuno make the wish for her.

Shortly after Akane wakes Ranma, she (Ranma) sees Genma (back in his human form) running off with the Wishbringer. Ranma wastes no time in trying to give chase, but Kuno grabs her, telling her not to be afraid, which forces the angered Ranma to send Kuno flying. Due to this delay, Genma successfully unsheathes the Wishbringer and wishes to be free of the panda. A bright light then engulfs the pair, but the Wishbringer then declares that the voice is not verified, leaving the wish invalid.

Having seen this, Akane quickly deduces that this must mean that only the owner of the Wishbringer can have their wishes granted. With this information in hand, Ranma takes the Wishbringer from her father and declares that her "darling Kuno" will just have to make her wish for her. Ranma then continues by returning the sword to Kuno whilst Akane looks on and tells herself that she does have something to worry about after all.

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  • Kuno wanting Ranma to read his diary is similar to exchange diaries which were popular in the 1990's as a way for couples to share intimate thoughts with each other.


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