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Me is Kuno's Daddy, Me is (ミーが九能のダディです Mī ga Kunō no Dadi Desu?) is the 78th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

A shocking development occurs in Furinkan High School; could it be that the Principal is actually Kuno's long-lost father?

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Plot Overview

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Principal Kuno Tatsuyuki Jinnai Scott McNeil
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Sasuke Sarugakure Shigeru Chiba Robert O. Smith
Genma Saotome (panda) N/A N/A
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan



  • At the end of the episode Ranma breaks the 4th wall by asking Akane what's the point in the episode. This is one of the few episodes where the 4th wall breaks. This is only in the dub; in the sub Ranma only ponders what the point of the contest was about.
  • This the only episode where the exchange students ever appeared possibly moved back to whatever nation they came from after the episode
  • The order of events are put together from different chapters of the manga counterpart. In the manga, Principal's lament about his son occurs in Journey Into the Principal's Office chapter, where Ranma washes up in his girl form and gets the information. This happens soon after the Principal's return.
  • In the dub, after making his own comparison with the Principal and his father, Kuno chides Sasuke for even suggesting the two are the same. In the sub, he requests his servant to actually find out what happened to his father. As a side effect of the last change, when Sasuke appears before Kuno during his training, the line asking Sasuke on his progress was left out.
  • Ogawa, the Chemistry Club leader that tried to take Ranma out back during School is a Battlefield! Ranma vs. Ryoga, makes another appearance as one of the students from Ranma's class. In the dub he is now voiced by Brad Swaile instead of Doug Parker.


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